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Minutes - August 23, 2007

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM.

Present were: Selectmen Richard Fennelly Jr., Brett Jones, Cynthia Donaldson, S. Josephine Cooper, Chris Tadema-Wielandt (arrived 6:25 PM); Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Road Commissioner Dennis Ford, Jay Fowler, Colene Sharkey, and Engineer Jim Kiser

Minutes of August 9, 2007 – Richard moved to approve the minutes with some minor corrections. Jo 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Salt/Sand Shed award – Selectmen opted to move this item to the end of the agenda to await Selectman Tadema-Wielandt's arrival.

Special Town Meeting Warrant – Stu reported that he had drafted the question for the cell phone tower lease based on several other communities that had dealt with a similar measure.

Jo said the Veterans Memorial Committee might want to have an article to increase the town's contribution to project. She said the estimated total cost will be about $25,000. She said the committee is working on a fundraiser, but there is concern about the timing. Richard asked if the fund has been established. Stu said it has. Richard asked if checks should be made out to the town. Stu said yes.

Brett said if the contract with Verizon is approved, half of the lease revenue could be set aside for parks and possibly this monument project. Jay said as the fund raiser got more complicated the committee didn't think enough contributions would come in. Richard said he was unclear before to whom donation checks should be made out. Jo said there has been some confusion about selling bricks with names on them for a fundraiser. She said the committee has made a decision and it's more clear now on what's going to happen. She asked if it was the desire of the Selectmen to put an article in regard to the memorial on the special town meeting warrant. Richard asked if the Veterans Memorial Committee had a recommendation. Jay said he was thinking about another $3,000. A short discussion followed on the amount needed.

Richard moved to request an additional $5,000 on the town meeting warrant. Jo 2nd . She said the request is from an individual, not the committee as a whole. Brett asked if that would give the committee enough funds to order the stone. Jo said it would. Stu asked where the money would come from. Jo said from the capital improvements fund. Selectmen asked that the article be written open ended. Vote in favor was 4-0. Stu said he would include an article in the draft for the town meeting warrant at the end of the meeting for signature.

Warrant 4 – Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 4 for $121,423.26. Selectmen asked about the septage contract and a rental payment.

Cash & Budget Report – Brett asked about the Cable TV fund and the status of the ownership of the equipment that will eventually be installed at the school. A brief discussion followed.

Brett also asked if the fire department portion of the school lot should officially be separated from the school portion of the lot given the consolidation efforts. A brief discussion followed.

Jo remarked that it was nice to see the expenditures close to budget and the revenues over budget for fiscal year 2007.

Road Bids – Road Commissioner Dennis Ford said at the close of the bid deadline for the road work, only one bid was received and it was far more than the town could afford. Jo noted that in most of Lamoine's history local contractors have been used to fix the roads. She said the concern this year was that the work be done in a timely manner. Mr. Ford said there was a lot of work and the FEMA cleanup on top of that. He said to be fair he sent bids to contractors with Lamoine ties. He said since the bid deadline, three other contractors have been in contact, and he's still accepting bids. He said he got one in today, and another should have his done up by the first of next week. He said at least there is more interest, and the projects stand in limbo until bids are in and he decides what the town can afford to do.

Richard asked if the bidders know that the deadline is extended. He said they should have the opportunity to change their bids. He said his concern was to be fair, and they might have different numbers if they have more time. Mr. Ford said he would extend the deadline to Friday the 31 st and call all the contractors on the list to let them know. He said his hope is to get the work done.

School RPC - Jo asked to review the minutes of the last meeting in regard to the Regional Planning Committee members. A short discussion followed on who would decide who the community representative voting member would be. Jo said she thought the Selectmen were going to make a decision tonight. Cynthia said the four members of the panel have yet to meet together. She said Richard Davis did meet with her and Faith Perkins earlier in the week to get up to speed. Jo asked if the committee members would determine who gets to vote. Cynthia said her understanding was that both community representatives would get up to speed, and leave it at that, and the RPC would sort it out.

Brett said he was concerned that there is too much delegation of that decision which should be made by the Board of Selectmen. Jo said she disagreed. Brett explained his thinking. Richard said the determination of the community voting member came from the school committee and selectmen, and since both candidates were endorsed by both boards, the RPC could work out which one votes. Jo said who's in charge remains the question. Brett said some could interpret this as a fear of making a decision. Jo said she feels the more people who are involved, the better. A brief discussion followed.

Other Business – Colene Sharkey said she was here to represent her husband, and wanted to read a statement. She read the following: “I am pleased to represent 126 Lamoine Voters who have signed a Petition to request a Town Vote on a Referendum item that will insure all Lamoine Voters the opportunity to vote regardless of their ability to attend a Town Meeting. There are Voters through no fault of their own that cannot leave their homes or work in order to vote. Some may be in a hospital or out of State. If this Ordinance is adopted they will all be able to vote by secret ballot in a polling booth or by Absentee Ballot. For those concerned about the social aspect of Town Meetings, rest assured that Public Hearings will be held at a scheduled meeting to discuss pros and cons of the items listed in the Town Report. Respectfully, I present you with this Petition. Robert Sharkey”

Mrs. Sharkey then presented a packet of petitions to the Selectmen.

The meeting briefly recessed, Stu re-drafted the town meeting warrant. The Selectmen signed the warrant which included the article in regard to increasing the appropriation for the Veterans Memorial.

Selectman Tadema-Wielandt arrived

Salt/Sand Shed Bid Award – Engineer Jim Kiser explained the process he used in seeking bids. He said three bids came back as follows:

Mr Kiser said the bids were clean, they didn't contain any conditions. He said he checked with Mr. Fowler in regard to sales tax inclusion in the bid, and it was not. He said Mr. Fowler's bid was from a very qualified company and they will do a good job. Jo said it was great that the low bid is from a local contractor and a known entity. Chris asked if the high bid intended to gold-plate the project. Mr. Kiser said in his experience there is a lot of variability in pricing, but this was a bigger range than typical. He said a range is not unusual. A short discussion followed. Richard noted that sometimes a busy contractor will throw in a bid at a high price.

Cynthia left the meeting at approximately 6:25 PM to attend the RPC meeting at the school.

Jo moved to award the bid to Perry & Jay Fowler. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Stu said he spoke with Perry Fowler earlier in the day and Mr. Fowler had indicated his preference that the town directly pay the subcontractors. Mr. Kiser said he had no problem with that. He said the stumbling block could be the warranty. Jay Fowler said the request was a way to ease the insurance costs. He said otherwise, he would have to increase the price by 12.5%. He said he would accept the liability for the entire job.

Stu asked whether the Board wanted to purchase builder's risk insurance. He said it would cost about $285.00. Selectmen instructed him to purchase it.

A brief discussion followed about the bidding process.

Next Meeting – The next regular meeting will be September 6, 2007

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,


Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.