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Lamoine Board of Selectmen Minutes

March 20, 2008

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Present were: Selectmen Jo Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson, Chris Tadema-Wielandt , Brett Jones; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, and John Walls.

Agenda Review - Chris said he'd like to discuss the town hall furnace and snow plowing issues.

Minutes of March 6, 2008 Stu reported he'd received several edits from Chris earlier in the day which were all grammar and spelling corrections. Jo moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0, Cynthia abstained.

Expenditure Warrant 19 Selectmen signed the warrant for $57,454.33. During the signature process there was a brief discussion about a vehicle fire the day before.

Cash & Budget Report Cynthia asked about the listing of fund balances in the cash report, specifically about the Veterans' Memorial Fund. Stu said those are the listings of the actual cash accounts, and the Veterans account will be adjusted at The First Advisors after the fiscal year closes to match up to the actual fund balance. Cynthia asked about the revenue report and the General Assistance (GA) listing. Stu explained that the GA expected revenue amount is a calculation of 50% of the GA expenditures, so that the remaining amount will read higher than the budget amount because expenditures have run above the GA budget line in the Administration Budget.

Checking Account Reconciliation Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with review of the checking account reconciliation for February 29, 2008.

Jina's Gym John Walls reported that about a month ago a group of citizens met with the Haslam and Neleski family to look for ways to sustain the Jina's Gym fund and to protect the money in the account. He noted that Brett and Stu attended the meeting. He said the group voted to form a non-profit corporation. He said not much could be done with any project until the state gets done with consolidation. He said the group wants to continue with fundraising, and he wanted to update the Selectmen.

Mr. Walls said the group is a fun group of people, and they will meet again on Wednesday night at the Branch home. He said it would be a good idea to address the open town meeting on the status. Jo said that would be a good idea. She said it could be done at the beginning of the meeting at the same time as the Conservation Commission hands out its award. Mr. Walls said the state put the Jina's Gym effort into a tough situation with consolidation. He said no one is comfortable doing much until that effort is completed.

Assistance to Firefighting Grant (AFG) Stu told the Board that he put the not-yet completed application into the packet. There was a short discussion about various items in the application and one minor correction that needed to be done in the narrative. Brett said he favored adding more about the need for the truck to tow the department's rescue boat. Cynthia had questions about the vehicle inventory. There was a short discussion about the percentage of the budget going toward vehicle replacement, and the fire truck reserve. Cynthia noted that the Ellsworth Fire Department had just received a SAFER grant. Stu explained how that program worked.

Request to reconsider petition for Secret Ballot Ordinance Referendum Stu said this was on the agenda to ascertain whether the Selectmen wished to have any more information in advance of taking this matter off the table. Brett asked about the procedure should the petitioners submit a different question to a Notary Public. Stu said the board should take a vote then refer the matter to the town attorney. Selectmen made no other information requests.

Veterans' Memorial Update Jo said she didn't have much to report. She said Channel 5 did an interview on the project. She said the board would meet again next week.

School Consolidation Update Cynthia said she had e-mailed a copy of a publication from the Maine Heritage Policy Center . She said the article was well done and explained how the state had shifted a number of components of General Purpose Aid to Education back to the municipalities as a way of achieving 55% funding. Brett asked if the language in the 55% law passed at referendum a few years ago was vague. He said the state seemed to be changing the rules as a way of achieving the 55% funding. A short discussion followed.

Cynthia said the amendment submitted by Sen. Dennis Damon is still alive in the Legislature. She noted that Skip Greenlaw had sent an e-mail in regard to a consolidation repeal effort.

Jo said there was a newspaper report about an error in calculating next year's GPA. Stu said it didn't make a big difference in the amount Lamoine would be reduced.

Lamoine Quarterly - Stu asked Selectmen when they wished to publish it. He said the paper would normally come out the 1st of April, which is town meeting day. He said he'd put a couple of articles in noting that the town meeting and the FlatTop 5K race coincided with publishing time. Selectmen did not express any desire to publish at a different date.

Town Meeting Preview Stu reported he's completed putting a PowerPoint presentation together for town meeting with lots of pictures. He also noted that the town report computer file apparently substituted the letter Q for the \ symbol. He said the CD displayed properly when he put it in the town's computer. He said he would check with the printer to find out why the error cropped up.

Furnace Chris asked if the town had a service contract on the furnace which malfunctioned on February 29th. Stu said we did, and the staff called the correct company to fix it. He noted the heat was out one morning last week and that appeared to be a problem with a transformer, which was covered under the contract. He said a leak in the oil tank fill pipe was noted during the emergency call, and a plumber came and tightened up the pipe, which was not covered by the contract. Chris asked if the staff knows the correct company to call for a problem. He said they do now he said he was at a conference when the problem occurred and didn't check his cell phone until later in the day.

Snow Plowing Chris said he reviewed an e-mail message from Carol Duffy and Stu's response. He said the plowing job by Nankervis is at least as good as the state's. Jo said it's been a tough winter. She said the complaint at the school was valid. Stu said her complaint should have gone to the principal, and when it did, the principal arranged for removal of the snow bank that caused a visibility problem. There was a brief discussion about snow removal at the fire department and school, a dumping area, and whether DEP approval is required.

Aquifer Protection Ordinance Brett said he planned to look at the proposal from the Conservation Commission and the Building and Land Use Ordinance to see how that matches up. Stu noted that in his brief review it looks like a local permit would be needed in the proposed new zone to put a heating oil tank in a basement.

GET WET Cynthia noted that the students did an excellent job in their presentation the week before. Chris noted that John Peckenham of U-Maine also did a good job.

Criminal Trespass Trial Stu noted that Neil Salisbury was convicted the day before of criminal trespass at the town office. He said the DA's office expects that an appeal would be filed. He said the conviction means that the order drawn up by the town attorney restricting Mr. Salisbury's access to the town hall stood up.

Next Meeting Selectmen noted that their next meeting is April 3, 2008, the night after town meeting. Stu said their 2nd half pay checks would be cut next week.

Candidates' Night Cynthia noted that the PATRONS canceled Candidate's night because a majority of the candidates were unable to participate.

Complimentary E-mail Brett noted that the town had received an e-mail from a man from Texas complementing the website and Stu. Stu said the man was in Lamoine looking for property, and stopped by the Town Office earlier in the day.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.