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Minutes of September 4, 2008

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM

Present were: Selectmen Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Cynthia Donaldson, Richard Fennelly Jr. Brett Jones, S. Josephine Cooper; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Kathleen DeFusco, Deputy CEO Michael Jordan, Al & Sue Randall (AA Randall & Sons), Merle Bragdon (CTV Technician), and Wanda Jordan (Nankervis Trucking)

Agenda Review – Stu noted there were 3 items on an addendum.

Minutes of August 21, 2008 – Cynthia asked to clarify that Steve Salsbury would be present for the September 18, 2008 meeting. Stu noted that Chris submitted some corrections as well. Jo moved to approve with the corrections. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 5 – Selectmen signed warrant 5 for $41,650.62. Stu reported that the bill to Pavement Management Services was included, and the paving was done nearly within budget. He said the bill for Home Depot was for a garage door and service door that he and Brett had picked up this week.

Cash & Budget Report – Stu reported the bills and receipts for FY 2008 are complete and he plans to close out the books and make the proper account adjustments in the next two weeks.

Meeting with Nankervis Trucking – Richard asked if there were any issues with the salt sand shed. Wanda Jordan said it's not as big as they'd like but can live with it. There was a very brief discussion about the types of trucks used to bring salt to the facility. Brett asked how many times the shed was filled last winter. Ms. Jordan said it was never filled completely. She said they got 3-4 loads of salt.

Jo asked if they were OK with the upcoming plow season. Ms. Jordan asked if there was any chance of getting a fuel raise. Jo said the Board had been nervous about the price of diesel. She asked what Ms. Jordan would propose. Ms. Jordan said they'd figured out the number of gallons used last year, and the cost is presently $1.58 per gallon more. She said it works out to about $12,000 difference. Richard asked if the cost of diesel has come down. Ms. Jordan said it's fallen slightly.

Chris asked about other costs. Ms. Jordan noted the cost for plow steel has doubled. Brett asked how many blades they go through in a winter. Ms. Jordan said they change them 3-to-4 times a year.

Stu said the Board could opt to re-negotiate the contract, and there is a fair amount of money in the road fund that would cover the $12,000 for this year. Jo said that might be advantageous. Brett said an escalator tied to the price of fuel should be built into the contract. A short discussion followed on how to build that into a new contract. Selectmen asked Stu to draft up some options.

Jo asked if a Seal Point Road landowner had gotten in touch with Nankervis in regard to lawn damage. Ms. Jordan said they had not. Richard said he found the memo regarding salt chemistry from Egyptian salt interesting. A short discussion followed.

Meeting with AA Randall re Town Hall Renovation- Sue Randall showed a brochure with color samples for the commercial click-tile flooring. Selectmen had their 1 st choice as “summer butternut” and the 2nd choice was “red oak”.

There was a brief discussion about the fire alarm system that was omitted from the bid. Ms. Randall said they would check with their electrician to see if a system where 3 smoke detectors are installed and tied to a phone dialer could be done.

The Board and the Randalls discussed the starting date. The Randalls would like to start in a couple of weeks. A draft contract was briefly discussed. Chris said he would review the language and get back to Stu with any needed changes. Selectmen asked Stu to pick a color for the Formica for the counter top. Selectmen asked Ms. Randall to come up with a payment schedule. Ms. Randall said they'd like to have some money up front in order to be able to purchase materials.

The Board agreed that once the contract was reviewed, it could be signed in the next week or so.

Phone System – Stu showed the Selectmen what he had in mind for a phone system from the WB Mason catalog. He said there would be 6 phones with intercom, hold and caller ID systems. Selectmen left it up to Stu's judgment. He reported that he had been in contact with Time Warner about converting the phone line to their less expensive service.

Planning Board Member/Resignation of Selectman Tadema-Wielandt – Stu reported no one offered to serve on the Planning Board other than a letter from Chris. Chris noted that he knows he would have to resign as a Selectman in order to serve on the Planning Board and passed a letter of resignation to Jo. There was a brief discussion on how to fill Chris's spot on the Board of Selectmen. The consensus was to tie it to the special election in December on school consolidation. Stu said he believed that date would be December 9, 2008. A short discussion followed in regard to where Chris preferred to serve.

Jo moved to accept, with great regret, Chris's resignation, effective October 6, 2008, and to appoint him to the Planning Board effective the same date. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Tadema-Wielandt abstained).

Assistant Town Clerk/Tax Collector Appointment – Diane Carter, a nominee of the search sub-committee introduced herself and gave a brief resume of her employment. Jo moved to appoint Mrs. Carter to the positions of Assistant Town Clerk, Assistant Tax Collector, Assistant Excise Tax Collector, Assistant Treasurer, and Deputy Registrar of Voters. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Tax (Lien) Abatement – Stu reported that the property tax assessed to John Bonaccorso, who is now deceased, was actually done so in error in 2007. He said Mr. Bonaccorso had given his land back to Wesley Bentivoglio, and Mr. Bentivoglio had been assessed for that acreage. He said a lien had been filed on the Bonaccorso piece based on the tax commitment. He said the error was picked up during this year's tax commitment work.

Jo moved to abate the assessment and discharge the lien. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0, the abatement form was signed.

Policies – POLICY REGARDING SMALL AMOUNTS OF UNCOLLECTED PROPERTY TAX – Jo moved to approve this policy as drafted. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Policy Regarding Use of Public Bulletin Boards/Display Areas – Jo moved to approve this policy as drafted. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Public Property Use Policy – Cynthia asked if a policy on uses of various town properties could be bundled. Jo said it could be pretty simple. Brett asked if the idea included all town property. Cynthia said the original idea was prompted by the large crowd at the Democratic Party Caucus. Stu said he could put together something, but it would not be high priority right away.

Road Treatment Insurance - Stu said MMA is offering this insurance for salt polluting wells. There was a brief discussion about how many miles of road the town plows. Brett said he believed not having this insurance is a reasonable gamble. There was no interest expressed by the board for purchasing this insurance.

Bloomfield Park Road – Chris said he spoke with the surveyor and thinks the prudent thing to do is to get a release deed from the Madrell heirs to clarify ownership of a triangle of land. He said the survey showed the distances were inconsistent. He said Parks Commission Chair Kerry Galeaz will speak with the Branches and they'll get the signatures. He said it won't take long to prepare the deed and the easement is already prepared. He said it's a matter of getting everyone together. He said he would try to get this done next week.

School Consolidation – Cynthia reported she was not able to attend the August 28, 2008 meeting but Sherry Davis was there and took good notes. She said Jina's Gym is listed as excluded property but the fire station and the athletic fields are not and that absence is notable. There was a brief discussion about the Jina's Gym funds which are called a non-scholarship trust.

Cynthia reported that Lamoine's debt would be assumed by the RSU if it's approved, and a brief discussion followed about education debt in general. She reported the public meetings are set for September 10, 2008 at 6:30 PM at Ellsworth High School and September 15, 2008 at Sumner High School . She said the next RPC meeting would be on September 17, 2008, and at that time they will vote on sending the draft plan to the Commissioner of education.

Cynthia said there has been a fair amount of discussion about tuition rates and school choice, and what happens if the RSU is not approved. There was discussion about how bills are paid, and putting the draft plan on the website. Cynthia said the timing of the last meeting was terrible, coming just before Labor Day. She said a small group attended and it was a close vote. She said there is some attrition on the RPC. A brief discussion followed on incorporating the public input into the final document.

Veterans Memorial – Jo reported the dedication will take place on September 13, 2008 at the memorial site at the Town Hall. She outlined the plans for the dedication ceremony. Richard reported he was unable to arrange for a National Guard flyover. Stu reported the shuttle bus would cost $175.00. He said the Hancock County Sheriff's Department would charge $200 for traffic control. Selectmen asked if the fire department could be used. There was no interest in using the Sheriff's Department. A discussion about the itinerary followed.

Jo noted that fundraising goes on, and the committee plans to meet after the dedication to discuss that.

Request from Hancock County Planning Commission - Selectmen asked that the request for membership on a search committee for a Brownfields Grant Administrator be forwarded to the Conservation Commission.

Paving Update – Stu reported the paving is done at the adjusted price agreed to at the previous meeting. Jo moved to approve the modified contract with Lane Construction. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-1 (Tadema-Wielandt opposed).

Dangerous Building – Stu reported that he visited Berry Cove Road and the building declared dangerous and ordered to be removed has indeed been removed.

Next Meeting – The next meeting will be September 18, 2008 with the Budget Committee on the agenda.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.