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Minutes of Decmeber 18, 2008

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM

Present were: Selectmen Kermit Theall, Richard Fennelly Jr. , Cynthia Donaldson, S. Josephine Cooper, Brett Jones (arrived 7:45 PM); Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, and Deputy Code Enforcement Officer Michael Jordan .

Agenda Review No changes were proposed to the order of business

Minutes of December 4, 2008 Jo moved to approve the minutes as written. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Jones not present).

Cynthia asked that Dennis be reminded to complete the junkyard inspections.

Warrant 13 Stu noted that 50% of the cable TV upgrade is included, as is a bill from Jay Fowler for Bloomfield Park Road , and the School Construction Warrant. He said the check for the school construction warrant would not be released until the Bond Bank check is received. Cynthia asked about the policy on disbursement prior to warrant signature. Stu said the payrolls are distributed and minor debit card purchases as per the policy. A short discussion followed.

Selectmen signed Warrant 13 for $120,017.43.

Stu asked Jo if she would counter-sign a purchase order for the Cable TV equipment.

Cash & Budget Report Stu noted that revenues are starting to lag behind, especially excise tax. He said it appears to be fallout from the national economy. Cynthia asked about the spending trend on solid waste. Stu noted the Pine Tree Waste bills for December have not yet been booked, and about $5,000 will be incurred in the spring for dump monitoring. He said it looks like the volume of waste at the transfer station might actually decrease a bit this year.

Richard had questions about the fund balance report, which shows a negative half million dollars. It was noted that revenues and expenses are included in the mix, and the year is not over yet, and that affects the spreadsheet calculation. Stu said he would try to work on a better formula for the calculation.

Checking Account Reconciliation Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with review of the checking account reconciliation. Richard asked about the check to East Lamoine Cemetery which has yet to be cashed. Stu said he spoke with Bonnie Mouland about it, and she was searching to see if it had been deposited. Richard said if it has not cleared by the end of the calendar year, he'd like to have a new check cut, and he would make sure it was deposited.

Investment Portfolio Richard asked if there was any particular reason Stu was recommending a review of the investments. Stu said Brett had asked for it at the last meeting, and it's a good idea to know how the town's money is being invested. Stu noted that most of the investment package is in the money market account, which pays about 2.8% interest. He said the rest of the package is either bank CD's which are covered by the FDIC or by federally backed bonds. Selectmen briefly looked over the report from The First Advisors

Foreclosure Update Stu reported that everyone who got a foreclosure notice had paid, and the town did not automatically foreclose on any property this year.

Mussel Lease Transfer Richard asked why the lease was being transferred from Great Eastern to Acadia Aqua Farms. Stu said he believed Great Eastern has gone out of business.

School Consolidation Vote Stu reported that the vote passed in Lamoine which cast the most votes in favor of consolidation of the 13 municipalities involved. He said he was proud that Lamoine had the best turnout percentage and rivaled Ellsworth for the number of voters who turned out. He said publicity about the vote did not appear to be a problem.

Cynthia reported that Chrissie Maguire-Harding has agreed to be the interim RSU representative for Lamoine. Stu reported that Lamoine's RSU Director will serve a 3-year term after the election on February 12, 2009. He reported that nominating petitions are now available and will have to be turned back to the town office no later than January 5, 2009. Cynthia explained the nominating process.

Lot Delineation Cynthia reported the meeting took place the previous Saturday. The board opted to wait for Brett's arrival for a more complete report.

Election Bill Stu reported he sent a bill to David Bridgham for the 12/9/08 election. He said that he had heard from Harvey Kelley that the state has run out of money and is not going to pay for the added election costs after all, and that sending a bill to the school department is pretty much the same as sending the bill to the town. Jo said she was upset that the state has gone back on its word to pay for the elections and was tempted to write to Commissioner Gendron.

Lamoine Quarterly Stu reported he has the first four pages of the Quarterly done and available for review.

Snow Plowing Contract Richard said it was kind of Chrystine Emeigh to send an e-mail after the meetings earlier in the fall. He asked whether rounding up or down in figuring the average number of events would be problematic to the contractor. Stu said he doubted it.

Cynthia said she thought the discussion included something to the effect that if the price of fuel went down, the contract cost might slide down in the favor of the town. A discussion followed.

Michael Jordan said Nankervis Trucking never came to the Board asking that this be done. He said the Board started the entire discussion. Stu said that was not accurate, Nankervis approached him last winter. A discussion followed.

Richard noted that the proposal was capped at 5% in excess of the current contract. Jo said she would like to have Brett be here for the discussion and would like to table this until the next meeting.

Stu asked about the thoughts on the concept he proposed. Richard said he liked it. Jo said she thought it was fair. Kermit noted that some contractors are stepping away from snow plowing.

Household Hazardous Waste Stu reported that he suspects the town will get an additional bill over the pre-paid amount because of the amount of waste brought to the annual cleanup at MDI High School . Richard asked where such waste normally is stored. Stu said at a person's home until the collection day. He noted the Hancock County Planning Commission may be looking for a permanent collection site for Washington and Hancock Counties .

Meeting with Conservation Commission Stu reported the Commission picked the January 22nd meeting to confer with the Selectmen.

Budget Stu reported the Budget Committee meeting was held on the 15 th and the recommendation meeting is next on January 5, 2009. Jo said Hubene Brodie ran most of the meeting and did a very good job.

Town Report Bid Specs Richard asked if there had been interest expressed in bidding on town reports. Stu said there has. Jo said the specs look good to her. There was no objection to releasing the bid for the report.

Citizen Recognition Event Richard said if Brett doesn't arrive, he'd like to table this. It was discussed later in the meeting following Brett's arrival.

Red Zone Wireless Grant (Brett arrived during this discussion). Richard said if the current high speed Internet supplier won't supply it for the entire town, he favors this. He said he thought the town should contact Time Warner. Brett said Time Warner does not have an exclusive franchise to provide high speed internet access. Richard said he didn't think Time Warner should try to block Red Zone's efforts.

Jo moved to sign a letter supporting Red Zone's grant request with the State of Maine . Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0, the letter was signed.

Citizen Recognition Event (revisited) Jo said she thought it was a wonderful idea. Brett said it would be good to do annually. Jo asked if Brett had in mind a family or an individual. Brett said a family this time. Stu asked how they should be recognized. Brett said a plaque and presentation at the open town meeting. Stu said he could include that in the town meeting warrant, along with the Conservation Commission's award.

Plowing Contract (revisited) Cynthia asked Brett if he recalled a sliding scale for fuel costs that could benefit the town if the price were to fall significantly. Brett said he recalled the discussion just being a concern from the board about fiscal stability. He said he believed the discussion was about ensuring service, not about sliding the price up or down.

School Lot Delineation (revisited) Brett reported he, Cynthia, School Committee Member Bob Pulver, and fire Chief Skip Smith discussed the lot and the general idea of the land to set aside for the fire station. He said it would be best to have a survey. He explained in general where the potential lot lines would fall. He said the consensus was to have the east side fall about halfway between the fire station and the school, and reserve a parking area in front of the current portable classroom for the fire department.

Richard said when the matter was last discussed, there was talk about the line going under where the portable classroom sits. Brett said the idea is for the future when the classroom might no longer be there. He said the lot would be somewhat L shaped. Cynthia said there was talk about the rules of exits from the main building and how close that could be to a lot line, and how much space is required. Brett said there was discussion about access rights to the back of the fire station lot. Richard said when the conveyance is done, an access easement could be recognized.

Jo asked what the next steps would be. Brett said getting an accurate mapping of the fire station lot as proposed. Jo asked who would do it. Brett said we could call Herrick & Salsbury to see what the cost would be. Cynthia asked who was going to call about exit regulations. Brett said he believed Mr. Pulver would take care of that.

Town Meeting Warrant for February 12, 2009 Selectmen signed the warrant for the special town meeting to elect a director for RSU #24.

Resignation Parks Commission Jo moved to accept with regret the resignation of Shannon Sasso as an alternate member of the Lamoine Parks Commission. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Selectmen signed a letter to Ms. Sasso and asked to advertise the opening.

Registrar of Voters Stu reported the Registrar term actually runs 2-years from January to December, and this is the year the term expires. He recommended re-appointing Jennifer Kovacs to the position. Jo so moved. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0, the appointment paper was signed.

Budget Committee Meeting There was a very brief discussion about the budget committee meeting from December 15th .

Fire House Phone Stu said he called Time Warner Cable to see if something could be done to convert the phone at the fire station to cable, as the One Communications line is costing nearly $70/month now. He said he wanted to run this by the fire chief first. There was no objection from the Selectmen

Infrastructure report Jo circulated a report from the American Society of Civil Engineers ranking Maine 's infrastructure.

Other Brett said he was concerned that the Planning Board does not have any specific criteria to act on in regard to home occupation permits. He asked if they had any intention of presenting such an ordinance to the Town Meeting this year. He said it seems to be an arbitrary decision making process that is not well defined in the ordinance. A lengthy discussion followed about the process, and having the Planning Board come up with language to add to the Building and Land Use Ordinance for review criteria. There was some discussion about oversight of Planning Board members, having a joint meeting, and dialogue with the Board.

Brett asked if the Planning Board was working on language this year. Michael Jordan said the Board knows they have to fix the ordinance, but it has not been a top priority. He said the Board has a workshop scheduled in January. Jo said it could be communicated to the Planning Board that the Selectmen think it would be worthwhile to take a look at home occupation permits.

Brett said the process needs to be made fair, across the board. Jo said this should be on a future agenda to meet with the Planning Board about. Mr. Jordan said he didn't think there would be any way to get the matter on this year's warrant. Jo said the Selectmen would like to talk to the Planning Board about it.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.