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Minutes of February 19, 2009

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Present were: Selectmen Kermit Theall, Richard Fennelly Jr. , Cynthia Donaldson, Brett Jones, S. Josephine Cooper; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon and Road Commissioner Dennis Ford

Agenda Review There were no changes to the printed agenda proposed. An addendum was added for the meeting.

Minutes February 5, 2009 Cynthia, Richard and Jo submitted written corrections to the minutes that were minor in nature. Richard moved to approve the minutes as corrected. Kermit 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 18 Richard asked how long the education capital reserve has been around. Stu said it was started from the former school bus fund in the 1990's. He said some of it was used for construction of a portable classroom. Richard said he thought the fund balance in the Capital Reserve Fund was $120,000, not $107,000. Stu said the fund was lowered by the loan to the Veterans Memorial project. Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 18 for $53,370.69.

Cash & Budget Report Brett asked what percentage of the fiscal year had passed. Stu noted that information is in the report, and it's 63.81%.

Reconciliation of Checking Account Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with their review of the checking account reconciliation.

Recycling Costs Report - Cynthia said the report produced by Stu was helpful. Richard said he found it interesting, and said he'd played around with the numbers a bit to try to get a read for the current costs given the market for recycled goods. He said the issue should be revisited periodically, and asked why the town would spend $14,000 to recycle when it doesn't need to. He noted the town does not get paid for cardboard Pine Tree Waste sells it. He said the potential value could be between $5,000 and $29,000. He said the town should ask for credit on its cardboard. He said he would like to revisit the issue.

Town Meeting Vote 2/12/09 Stu reported Jon Morren was elected to the RSU 24 Board from Lamoine, garnering 49 of the 56 votes cast. He said Mr. Morren has been sworn in.

Town Meeting Warrant April 2009 Selectmen signed the warrants for the April 7 & 8, 2009 Town Meeting. There was a discussion about what the potential property tax commitment would be given the change in oil prices.

Heating Fuel Stu reported that at a recent MDI League of Towns meeting he found out No Frills Oil was offering a 2009/10 lock in price in the low $2/gallon range, so he checked and confirmed that was the case. He said No Frills offered $2.199/gallon. Richard said he didn't think it would get much lower than that, and moved to enter into the agreement with No Frills Oil. Brett 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0 . Jo signed the documents approving the pre-purchase which will be paid for next July and October. There was a brief discussion about aggregate purchasing power.

Snow Plow Contract Stu reported that Nankervis Trucking had signed the revised contract earlier in the day. Jo moved to sign the contact. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Selectmen signed the revised contract.

Asphalt Price Selectmen briefly discussed the price of asphalt based on a printout of a state report on the costs of asphalt.

Paving Contract Stu reviewed the services provided by Pavement Management Services under the proposed contract. Richard asked if the tonnage was based on the budgeted work. Stu said it was. Jo moved to sign the contract. Brett asked to read it first. Cynthia asked whether provisions had been made to allow other bidders such as Tim Ring to get in on it. Stu said Roger Picard told him he would talk with Mr. Ring.

Brett said he would vote to not sign tonight, as town meeting could opt to not pave this year. Richard asked if the contract could be amended. Stu said he would call Mr. Picard. Jo moved to table any action until March 5th . Kermit 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Meeting with Road Commissioner Jo said the Board discussed the scheduled road work at the last meeting and talked about the idea of skipping a year and possibly not doing any paving next year. She said the town meeting warrant includes an article to pave Buttermilk Road for $130,000. She asked Road Commissioner Dennis Ford if he'd looked into the capital needs schedule recently.

Mr. Ford said it seems to have worked well to pave a little each year. He said the roads are not perfect, no road in Maine could be. He said he would be hesitant about backing off paving one end of Buttermilk because of the increased traffic load thanks to the traffic pattern change in Ellsworth. He said he didn't have any actual figures about the increased traffic.

Jo said she was curious to look at the project list for roads. She said she agreed there was a good maintenance schedule, and asked how much difference a year would make. She asked if delaying for a year would be a good way for the town to hold back on expenses. She also asked if the schedule laid out in the capital improvement plan (CIP) was correct. She asked if Mr. Ford could give some perspective at some point.

Cynthia said any delay in paving would be incremental, and wondered if some paving further down the list could withstand the extra year. Richard said the CIP showed no paving for FY 2014. There was a strong sentiment to revisit the CIP annually.

Mr. Ford said he would like to find out what the state might have going on for road work and if there might be any leverage for improving Buttermilk Road because of the changes in the Ellsworth traffic pattern. He said he would like to see paved shoulders and striping on the road. He said that's a major project. There was a brief discussion about running sewer and water lines down Buttermilk Road , as well as potential grants, housing opportunities and potential zoning ordinance changes.

Jo said the Board could think about looking at the CIP before the next budget season. Mr. Ford said he would try to gather some information. Richard said the prices on the CIP should be adjusted annually to reflect reality. He said once the prices are right, the bottom line could be looked at to try to level off the annual costs. Jo said that should be part of the annual planning process looking at the CIP going out 5 to 10 years.

Town Report Selectmen pointed out errors on draft pages 18 and 90. Stu asked them to look over the report because he hoped to get it printed next week. He said there will be a specimen ballot, and he added some historical society tidbits.

Cable TV Channel Stu reported all the new gear has been installed and he's been working to learn the system. He said he would prepare a memo to the Board chairs to let them know they would be on TV even though there might not be an operator there. He said Brett had rigged things up so that Stu can control the scheduling system from home.

Meeting with School Committee Selectmen said it would be fine with them to meet with the school committee on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7:00 PM following the regular school board meeting. Richard said he talked about a local school committee vs. an advisory committee with a co-worker. There was a brief discussion about what the RSU law allowed.

Richard said he would like to have a discussion about who would pay the difference between the tuition cost and the cost to educate at the RSU high schools for those schools with choice. He said he received a call about it, wondering if it would be the town or the parent of the student who opted to attend a non-RSU high school. He said he wasn't sure it would be appropriate for the Board of Selectmen to decide. It was noted that would be a part of the joint board discussion on the 2nd .

Returnables Program Jo moved to approve the program as finally drafted. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Selectmen signed the program.

Building Use Policy Kermit asked what precipitated the need for such a policy. Brett said it was the Democratic Caucus last year. There was a brief, yet humorous discussion about the situation. No changes were proposed to the policy as drafted. Selectmen felt it might be finalized for the next meeting.

E-mail policy Stu said he had not drafted a local policy yet. There was a brief discussion. Brett said there was a way to have the server save all the town e-mail automatically, and that might make sense.

Contract with InforME Stu said he didn't copy the contract, because it was a lot of paper. He passed around the contracts for the Board perusal. The contract is to provide automobile and boat registration renewal on-line. Jo moved to authorize Stu to sign the contracts. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Hazard Mitigation Grant Stu reported Dennis Ford had found information about a hazard mitigation grant which seems to fit well with the Needles Eye Road flooding situation. Selectmen encouraged him to pursue seeking the grant.

Time Warner Stu reported the town received a check for over $8,800 in franchise fees. There was a brief discussion about the channel changes to the system and contract negotiations with the broadcasters whose channels are being carried by TWC.

Historical Society Grant Stu said he could forward information to Anne Stocking about a grant for historical societies. Jo said she'd seen the information.

Other Selectmen signed a card expressing get well wishes for art teacher Patricia Haugh.

Next Meetings The Board will meet next on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7PM with the school committee. The regular meeting will be March 5, 2009 and March 19, 2009.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.

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