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Minutes of August 6, 2009

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM

Present were: Selectmen Kermit Theall, Richard Fennelly Jr. , S. Josephine Cooper , Cynthia Donaldson (Selectman Gary McFarland was not present and had called to say he was unable to attend); Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Walt & Marion McFarland, Jean Donovan, Carol Duffy, Kelly, Robyn, David and Mary Henry , Mr. Henry's parents, Mrs. Henry's father and guest, Irene Laney, Priscilla Hukki, Dale Tudor, William Fennelly, Paul Muise and Michael Arsenault.

Agenda Review Stu noted there was a small addendum to the agenda

Award Presentation Kelly Henry Miss Henry told the Selectmen about her experience in the Modern Woodmen of America speech contest. She finished 4 th in the nation. Dale Tudor of Modern Woodmen presented Miss Henry with a medallion and plaque which drew applause and congratulations from all in attendance. (When asked by Jo about any political aspirations given her speaking abilities, Miss Henry said she would like to be President!)

Jo noted that one of the goals of the Board was to acknowledge and applaud positive accomplishments of Lamoine's young people.

Expenditure Warrant 3 Selectmen signed warrant 3 for $152,227.61. Stu noted the paving bill and crack sealing bills were on the warrant.

Minutes July 23, 2009 Richard noted a couple of typos on page 4. Jo moved to approve the minutes with the corrections. Kermit 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0

Cash & Budget Report Richard asked if the expenditures for truck 405 were for one of the trucks that will be disposed of. Stu said it was the truck in question would not start and the battery was not getting a charge, and the repair shop installed a switch the least expensive way possible.

Richard asked whether the town had realized any additional revenue from the cash for clunkers program. Stu said there are a few that have come in requesting duplicate registrations, and the excise money won't likely kick in for another week or so, as new vehicles have 14-day plates. He said there did seem to be a number of new plates in town.

Checking Reconciliation Stu reported he did the reconciliation on Monday, as the month closed last Friday after the packets were delivered. He noted two minor errors in the account that have been corrected. Selectmen studied the reconciliation report and signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the review.

Cash Flow Report Stu said since finding out it's not improper to withhold payment to the school department until funds are available, there is some sort of relief. Richard asked whether it would be appropriate to set a policy on when bills are paid such as a net 30 policy He said that could help smooth out the cash situation. Stu said he generally will schedule payment of bills on the due dates indicated by the companies.

Jo said there are limited options on ways to improve cash flow. She said the delay in school payments is OK, and much as she doesn't like it, delaying paving makes sense. Richard noted that EPS/GPA education funds are no longer coming into the town. Jo noted the suggestion that tax due dates be moved to August instead of October. Stu said the Assessors should be consulted on that idea.

Jo asked if there was a projection on the upcoming excise tax referendum. Stu said he assumed the worst case projection that the vote would pass. Richard said that's probably a prudent assumption.

Jo asked what the Board needs to do at this point. Stu said nothing but the report was prepared to get thinking about budget projections. Cynthia said the report should go to the budget committee. Stu suggested meeting with the committee in September.

Truck Loan Stu noted the loan is due to close tomorrow and we should be receiving a check for $35,000 shortly.

CPI Pine Tree Waste There was a brief discussion about the calculation of the CPI increase for 2009/10 by Pine Tree Waste, and whether it works out to 1.9% or 2.0%.

Urban Rural Initiative Program Selectmen signed the Maine DOT form to receive funds from this program.

Richard gave an update on his discussion with MDOT on the culvert on Jordan River Road . He reported they will be replacing the undersized culvert with a 5-foot box culvert in alignment with the brook. Stu asked if there was an ETA and whether the road would have to be closed. Richard confirmed there would be a road closure during installation, and it should be done in September.

Sign Request Buttermilk Road Paul Muise of Buttermilk Road said the section of road he lives on was recently paved. He said the speed limit is 45-miles per hour, but it's become a race track. He said he's nearly been clipped twice while walking with his guide dog. Mr. Muise said he spoke with Stu about the request for the signs. He said the State of Maine will supply the signs, but the town has to put them up. Michael Arsenault, a neighbor of Mr. Muise, said there's a motorcycle that drives by on occasion at 90-miles an hour. He said he's called law enforcement about that.

Jo said she's not opposed to putting up the signs. She said the signs don't actually do anything. Stu said he was not aware that the state supplied such signs. Kermit asked whether a speed limit sign might be more effective. Mr. Muise said the speed limit ought to be 35-MPH. Mr. Arsenault said there were not enough homes along that stretch of road to lower the limit. Jo said Buttermilk Road has become a convenient shortcut where people zing right along. She said the sign is not likely to accomplish what Mr. Muise desires.

Mr. Arsenault said he tends to pay more attention to advisory signs than he does a speed limit sign. Richard said it's not a big deal to put up a sign. He said there is a potential for vandalism. Discussion followed regarding speed limits, traffic levels, and pedestrian concerns, as well as the effectiveness of such signs. Kermit said if this is approved, anyone who asks for a sign will have to get one. He said he couldn't think of seeing any other such advisory signs around. Mr. Arsenault said every advisory sign he's seen has not been vandalized. Jo said her concern to Mr. Muise is not to put him in more of a situation than he already is in.

Jo moved to purchase the signs. A discussion followed about the wording and placement. Cynthia noted that an advisory sign for a deaf or blind person is different than a "children playing" sign the former is distinct to a designated area. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-1 (Theall opposed).

Request of Frenchman Bay Riders Snowmobile Club William Fennelly said the club has grown to over 50-members and they have events at the building on Blunt's Pond with guest speakers, and they've run out of parking. He said they would like to increase the parking area. He showed a drawing and a series of pictures to the board of where the increased parking would be.

Jo said it's not the Selectmen who determine where a parking lot in the Shoreland Zone can be expanded, but is in the jurisdiction of the Planning Board and Code Enforcement Officer. Mr. Fennelly said he and Ken Smith flagged the proposed expansion area. Richard said a fringe benefit of more parking is a wider open area which could decrease vandalism. Jo suggested the Snowmobile Club go through the permitting process.

Stu said there is no formal agreement between the snowmobile club and the town in regard to the land use. Jo said the club is an asset to the town and she's glad to hear it is growing. Mr. Fennelly said they're thinking about inviting ATV riders to join, with a goal of expanding trails to eventually reach to the old railroad line in Hancock. Richard noted that line now extends from Route 182 to Calais . A discussion of the parking needs followed.

Stu said he would like to have authority to contact the town attorney for clarification on whether the Selectmen have the authority, without town meeting approval, to enter a land lease agreement with the snowmobile club. There was a discussion about whether there was any wording in the deed from the Whitcomb Family to the Town in regard to the club. Selectmen had no objection to contacting Tony Beardsley.

School Advisory Committee Appointments There was a brief discussion about who was interested in serving. Priscilla Hukki was present and introduced herself. Jo moved to appoint Rev. Hukki (1 year), Tammy Dickey (2 years), and Bonnie Marckoon (1 year) to the Local School Advisory Committee. Kermit 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Shellfishing information Stu reported a large amount of information has come from the Department of Marine Resources about cooperative shellfishing regulation. Kermit asked if the spreadsheet was accurate showing 103,000 pounds of shellfish was taken from Lamoine. Richard said the town has very productive flats, but there's not much of a chance to take more because they're dug when the clams are 2-inches long. He said if the flats were successfully managed, the yield could be higher. There was a general discussion about how the spreadsheet figures are derived.

Broadband Grant Jo said she brought the grant opportunity to Stu's attention after the last meeting. Stu said the grant process looked far more complex than he is familiar with, including lots of acronyms. Jo said she spoke with the City of Ellsworth 's Economic Development Director Janet Toth about a company called Axiom. She said Ms. Toth is being encouraged to work with neighboring communities and she would like to meet with Lamoine and bring someone from Eastern Maine Development Corporation with her. Stu said he spoke with Ms. Toth and gave her the September meeting dates. Cynthia suggested scheduling the Budget Committee at a different meeting than that one.

Other Appointments Stu said he'd not had anyone express interest in the Planning Board or Parks commission openings. There was a brief discussion about when the Park kiosks would be ready and installed.

School Lot Delineation Kermit said we should move ahead with the project. Richard said the next step would be to get a survey with an accurate plot plan. He said when the Selectmen met with the parties involved, the agreement from the school superintendent was to put the line where we want. He said interested board members should meet on site with the fire department and lay out the lot. He and Kermit suggested that Steve Salsbury do the survey work. Kermit said the concern stated at town meeting was that there is enough room for the fire department and parking. Stu asked how it would be paid for. Richard asked what the expected cost would be. A short discussion followed Stu and Kermit said it would likely be $2-to-$4 thousand dollars. It was agreed the money should come from the Education Capital Reserve.

Lorimer Road Drainage Jo said a property owner spoke with her about a drainage ditch that needs work on Lorimer Road . Stu said he had Mike Jordan look at it, and he felt that it could be hand shoveled to fix the drainage relatively easily vs. bringing in an excavator. Jo said the shovel approach should be tried first. There was discussion on how to communicate the decision. It was agreed Stu would write it up in memo form.

Lamoine Baptist Church Certificate Selectmen signed a certificate recognizing the 200 th anniversary of the founding of the Lamoine Baptist Church . Richard noted that he got married in that church.

VZW Alternate Access Richard said he was trying to understand what the concern was. Jo said Mr. Googins had expressed some concern about the access road and whether he would still have access to his property. Stu reported that Verizon's attorney will draft up an alternate access agreement shortly.

Other Cynthia asked the Board to take note of the Planning Board minutes.

Next Meeting The next regular meeting of the Selectmen will be on September 3, 2009.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.