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Minutes of October 15, 2009

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Present were: Selectmen Gary McFarland, Cynthia Donaldson, Richard Fennelly Jr. , S. Josephine Cooper; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Fire Chief George Smith, and Deputy CEO/Assessor/Road Commissioner Michael Jordan

Agenda Review – Stu suggested moving an item on the addendum to the discussion with the fire chief. There were no other changes to the agenda.

Consideration of Minutes of October 1, 2009 – Jo and Cynthia submitted some minor corrections. Cynthia asked what the lease amount with Jennifer Reynolds was. Stu said it was $100 which is in the contract. Cynthia asked if that should be reflected in the minutes. Stu said that decision was made at a previous meeting (9/3/09). Jo moved to approve the minutes with the minor corrections. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0 (Fennelly abstained).

Expenditure Warrant 8 – Jo asked if we knew if the county tax bill and the school bill would come due on the same warrant. Stu said the school bill is due the 20 th of each month, and the county tax bill is always due by October 31 st . He said he was aware it would happen. Cynthia asked how overtime is determined. There was a brief discussion about federal wage and hour requirements and whether there is a differing local definition. Stu noted there is no policy in effect that would differ from federal overtime requirements. Jo asked about the bill to Fred Weininger. Stu said it was for paving bricks that will be installed before the snow falls.

Selectmen signed the warrant for $297,932.13.

Cash & Budget Report – Richard asked about the percentage of the budget that has been spent vs. the percentage of the fiscal year that has passed, and whether one time expenditures caused the percentages to differ. Stu said that was accurate, noting the county tax bill is now paid in full, even though a quarter of the year has passed.

There was a brief discussion about where excise tax collections stand. Stu noted that they're pretty even with the percentage of the year that has passed.

Checking Statement – Selectmen asked what “new egg” was. Stu said it's a software and computer hardware supplier and increased memory for the computer in his office was purchased.

Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the review of the Checking Account reconciliation.

Meeting with Fire Chief – Fire Chief George Smith reported that in consultation with K&T Environmental Equipment Co., it was determined that the market value on Engine 402 was not very high. He said the department thought they had a sale to the Town of Roque Bluffs , but that fire department found a newer, bigger truck for free. He said there have been no offers, though Selectmen Fennelly expressed some interest. Chief Smith said he would like to see the vehicle remain as a fire truck. He said the only offer they've had is from K&T which might consider a trade for some consideration on the cost of building the new truck.

Richard asked if the truck had been put out for bid. Stu said there had been some very limited advertising and he's not seen any interest. Richard asked how the department would consider any offers without it going out to bid. He said he'd want some understanding from K&T what consideration might be offered, otherwise, it seems open ended. Chief Smith said he didn't have anything more to report from K&T. Jo suggested getting an offer from K&T. Richard said it should be put out to bid, and all offers opened at the same time. There was a brief discussion about marketing the bid process.

Chief Smith reported that when the new truck chassis was ordered, the wrong seat was specified. He said the center of the seat that came with the truck does not have a center that will come out. He said a new seat configuration is needed and it costs about $1,200. He said K&T is checking with different companies for an appropriate seat. He said they're trying to offset the cost. He said even with the additional seat cost, the project is still under budget.

Richard asked what K&T wants with the truck. Chief Smith said the Town of Crystal is interested, but has no money. There was a brief discussion of K&T's role in marketing the truck.

Jo asked if Chief Smith needed some action from the Board. Chief Smith said he was looking for approval to continue. He said the fire department intended to purchase the proper seat. Jo said as far as the process goes for selling the old Engine 402, bids should be sought. She asked if Chief Smith wanted a formal vote. Chief Smith said he just wanted the board's blessing to continue. He said he would put the truck out for bid. There was no objection from the Selectmen.

Cynthia asked about the budget report on the truck. Stu said the other $10,000 in funding will come from the fire department when the truck is delivered.

Radio Changeover – Chief Smith reported that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is requiring emergency services to convert to narrow band broadcasting on the public safety frequencies by 2013. He said two of the radios in the fire trucks are also not compatible, along with 15-to-20 pagers and most of the portable 2-way radios. Jo asked what the bottom line was. Chief Smith said there is nothing the department can do. Jo asked how much it would cost. Chief Smith said portable radios and pagers are about $450 each. Richard said that could be factored into the budget.

Chief Smith said he had contacted Brown's Communications and given them the go-ahead to start the licensing process for Lamoine's frequency. Jo asked if she understood the fire department has a license now. Chief Smith explained the present license would continue until the new narrow band license is required, and that is for the town frequency only – not the county fire system.

Gary asked how much the conversion was likely to cost. Stu said he would estimate between $12,000 and $15,000. Richard said the chief should get figures to the Budget Committee. Cynthia said the purchases could be phased in. Michael Jordan said if the county fire radio system should change in the next year ahead of the scheduled date, everyone would have to change their radio systems. A short discussion followed. Richard suggested the board should write to the Regional Communications Center discouraging an early change over. Chief Smith said he and Stu were planning to attend a meeting on October 26 th in order to get more information. He said there might be some grant money available in the future, and the department has already received 5-pagers through a county EMA grant. There was a brief discussion about the various frequency changeover options.

Stu noted that money from the cell phone tower rental could help cover the costs. Chief Smith said he should know by November what the costs will be.

Maine Biz Subscription – Jo said she didn't get a chance to read the paper, but didn't think it was something needed at the town hall. Richard said he could get a copy from his work if needed.

Silver Star Day – Stu reported he printed out more information on the Silver Star initiative for wounded veterans. He urged the Selectmen to read it over and it would be on the agenda for next meeting.

Meeting Schedule with Boards/Committees – Jo said she thought the schedule looked pretty good, and it should be put onto a calendar. Cynthia said she thought there was discussion about meeting twice with the Planning Board. Jo said April is a good time to meet with the Planning Board, but if they wanted, they could request another meeting during the year. Cynthia said she was comfortable with the schedule as long as it's made clear that any board can request a meeting with the Selectmen at any point. Stu said he would send out a memo with the schedule and reminding boards they're always free to ask for a meeting with the Selectmen.

Automobile Graveyards – Stu reported that no paper work has been received from Pro Auto, and the automobile graveyard permits expire on October 31. He said he had asked that the hearing be tonight and that Pro Auto have its paper work in 2-weeks prior, but that hasn't happened. Jo said the Board had better hold the hearing on November 5, 2009. There was a short discussion about the process of renewing permits, and what happens if they expire without any sign of renewal. Stu said he would send Pro Auto a friendly reminder.

Road Update – Road Commissioner Jordan reported that 5-bids came in for the Needles Eye Road overflow culvert, and the project was awarded to John Goodwin Jr. He said he picked the plastic culvert option. He said the project should start next week. He said Goodwin would be shutting down the road for 1 to 1 and ½ days. Stu said to keep him informed so the public and public safety agencies can be kept informed.

Mr. Jordan reported that Jay Fowler has started work on Shore Road and would keep plugging along with the flood repair list. He said Richard McMullen was assigned projects on Clamshell and Cos Cob avenues and that should be done by the 1 st week of November.

Cynthia asked about riding the roads with Nankervis Trucking and MDOT. Mr. Jordan said he called the MDOT and they've not yet connected. Jo noted that some driveway culverts on the state highways were paved this week. Gary confirmed that happened on Wednesday.

Cynthia asked about the annual list of pre-approved contractors, and how that pops up. There was a brief discussion. Stu said he uses Microsoft Outlook as a tickler. He said this particular issue could come up at the annual meeting with the road commissioner.

Economic Development – Richard asked about how the list of businesses was generated. Stu said he reviewed each address from his personal knowledge. Jo said the Selectmen said they would have a forum for existing businesses and the listed businesses should be invited. There was a discussion about how to identify the self-employed such as PCA's and house cleaners. Jo said a date should be set. Stu asked what the goal of a forum should be. Jo said maybe the board could get some advice on that from Ms. Toth and Ms. Jobe who met with the Board previously. Cynthia said maybe a questionnaire could be developed. There was a discussion about using “Survey Monkey”. Jo said the next step should be to say that we've developed a list, and would like to get together so that a format could be developed and some questions could be asked ahead of time.

Road Name – Jo moved to approve the name of Boris Boulevard in the Walker Farm subdivision. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0, Selectmen signed the naming order

Parks Commission Appointment – Jo moved to appoint David Grasso to the Parks Commission Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0, the appointment papers were signed.

Shellfishing Committee Update – Jo said she's seen a lot of e-mail about this. Others said they've seen the e-mail as well. It was noted there would be a regional meeting on October 22nd . Stu said the November 2nd meeting would be in Sullivan. He said there has been a draft ordinance developed.

MRC Board Nomination – No one was nominated for that board.

Hodgkins Trust – Selectmen reviewed the initial report from the Hodgkins Memorial Trust. Cynthia asked how often that comes out. Stu said it should be quarterly. He said the trust requires the balance be printed in the town report.

Other – Jo said that Reggie McDevitt has written a letter to Senator Susan Collins asking for some large military item to place next to the Veterans Memorial. Stu asked where the authority for that came from. Jo said Mr. McDevitt had polled the Veterans Memorial Committee. Stu said that's not the proper way to act. He said there should be a public meeting and an open vote by the committee forwarded to the Selectmen for recommendation. He said the Veterans Committee was slated to meet next Wednesday but he had not heard whether that meeting would take place. Jo said she would check to see if there were enough committee members available to meet.

Next Meetings – The next board meetings will be:

    1. November: 11/5/09, 11/19/09
    2. December: 12/3/09, 12/17/09
    3. January: 1/7/10, 1/21/10
    4. February: 2/4/10, 2/18/10

Executive Session – Jo moved to enter executive session pursuant to 1MRSA §405(6)(E) to discuss communications from the town attorney. Gary 2nd . Vote was 4-0 at 8:11 PM. Out at 8:25 PM.

After coming back into public session, Jo moved to offer a consent agreement to Ronald and Marie Simons, trustees in regard to a Shoreland Zoning Violation. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

There was a brief discussion of the proposed agreement and the Code Enforcement Officer's involvement in the process.

Selectmen then entered a budget workshop in advance of the Budget Committee meeting on Monday the 19th .

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.