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Minutes of March 18, 2010 (Draft, subject to correction)

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen Gary McFarland, S. Josephine Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson, Richard Fennelly Jr., Kermit Theall; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Victor Horton (Maine Resource Recovery Association), Bill Brann, Road Commissioner Michael Jordan, Joyce Levesque & Helen Gordon (Coastal Recycling), Will Dickey, Tammy Dickey and Gillian Morrison

Agenda Review Without objection, the presentation of an Eagle Scout certificate to Will Dickey was moved to the top of the agenda. Cynthia asked to add discussion of a survey regarding town meeting to the end of the agenda.

Eagle Scout Presentation Jo read the certificate of commendation to Will Dickey. She said she had attended Mr. Dickey's Eagle Scout Ceremony the previous Sunday. She said she was really proud of Mr. Dickey, and the Board and audience gave him a round of applause. Mr. Dickey circulated pictures of the recycling bin project that he completed for the honor, and explained briefly how the project was constructed and the process he went through to enlist help for completion.

Minutes of March 4, 2010 Richard said he had a few corrections, including addition of a sentence in the section with the discussion by the Assessors. Cynthia also handed in some minor corrections. Jo moved to approve with corrections. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 18 Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 18 for $212,293.69. Stu noted that Kermit had been in earlier to sign. He said most of the warrant was for schools and snowplowing.

Cash & Budget Report There were no questions about the written reports.

Checking Account Reconciliation Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the review of the checking account.

Zero Sort Recycling/MRRA Victor Horton of Maine Resource Recovery Association (MRRA) distributed a worksheet to the Board. Jo said the Board was looking at information from Pine Tree Waste about no-sort recycling. Mr. Horton explained how MRRA works, and said it's made up of mostly municipal members. He said Lamoine has been a member since 1997.

Mr. Horton explained the spreadsheet to the Board. He said recycling revenues can't be looked at over a 1-year period. There was discussion about diverted costs, the figures from MRRA, and experience with the Town of Brunswick when it converted to single-stream recycling. There was discussion about cardboard, opportunities with Coastal Recycling, and compactors. Mr. Horton noted that Coastal Recycling (in Hancock) is much closer to Lamoine than Bangor. He said they take mixed paper which could increase the tonnage.

Mr. Horton said that single stream recycling would generate no revenue for the town, and would cost the town money to transport and process. He said cardboard is paying well, but it is costly to haul stuff. He said there is not enough tonnage generated locally to build a zero sort facility. He said he does not know of any town that has switched to zero sort that has switched back. He said the economics of zero sorts do not work very well. Jo said that's a big concern. Kermit said it comes down to population.

Jo asked if there were more towns in Southern Maine using zero sort programs. Mr. Horton said there are some. He said people like the ease of use. Jo asked about sending the recycling to Coastal Recycling and if townspeople would still sort the materials at Lamoine's transfer station. Mr. Horton said there are several different ways to haul, including with the roll-offs.

Helen Gordon said there have been major changes at Coastal Recycling and people from Lamoine can use the facility if they wish. She said Coastal receives more deliveries than any other facility in Eastern Maine. Joyce Levesque said the Selectmen are welcome to come take a look at the facility. Ms. Gordon said the facility takes scrap metal, though there is a charge for propane tanks and refrigerators. She said Lamoine would no longer have to pay a fee to get back into Coastal.

Jo said it was interesting to hear about the changes at Coastal. Ms. Gordon said if towns go with single stream recycling, the transportation charges will eventually kill them and there would be no fallback position. Stu asked if Coastal could handle the roll-off containers. Ms. Gordon said they could. Jo said she would like to keep the jobs local. Stu asked about the relationship between Pine Tree Waste and Coastal Recycling. Ms. Gordon said there was a problem when Gouldsboro started shipping unsorted materials to Coastal via Pine Tree many years ago.

Richard, Kermit and Gary said they would like to see the jobs remain local. Stu said he could ask Pine Tree about hauling to Coastal Recycling instead of Bangor. Ms. Gordon asked what Pine Tree was saying about the cost for rejected single stream recycling loads and relayed an experience with a rejected load of recycling from Coastal. There was a brief discussion about universal waste. Ms. Gordon said mixed paper could be added to the recycling mix at Coastal. Selectmen asked to check with the school to find out where their recycling goes. Stu said it might be worthwhile to check the costs of owning and operating the town's own packer truck.

Stu said he still could not make the Pine Tree Waste offer numbers blow him away. Cynthia said Pine Tree's argument was that there would be a jump in recycling, but she's not hearing that from MRRA. Kermit said he was enthusiastic about single stream, but there are not enough people in the area to make it feasible.

Tree Removal Policy Stu said he drafted up a written policy as instructed. Kermit said he saw nothing out of the ordinary in the draft. Richard said there were a couple of minor edits to be made. Cynthia had questions about removal from private roads. Stu said the intent of the policy was to clarify that if an emergency response is needed; i.e. fire, ambulance or police, then the fire department would be authorized to remove a tree from a private road or driveway. There was a short discussion about state roads. Jo said this is not an ordinance but a guideline. A brief discussion followed about private property. Stu said he still needed to run the policy by the fire chief.

MDOT 6-year Plan Cynthia moved to sign the plan as drafted with one minor spelling correction. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Boat Ramp Request Richard said he would like an explanation of the reference by a state official to the requester about their efforts being thwarted by the Planning Board. Jo said she feels the Board needs to respond to that because there were good reasons that the proposals from the Bureau of Parks didn't go through. Richard said there were big plans years ago that were not well received because it hindered commercial fishermen. A short discussion of the ramp design followed as did a discussion of previous proposals that went before the Planning Board.

Cynthia noted that the Bureau of Parks and Lands was very helpful for the sculpture project. She said it was clear the Park wanted to reconnect with the town. She suggested that the Board could communicate with park manager Jay McIntosh when he returns in May and write a brief letter to Richard Brey (the person who made the request to improve the boat ramp). Stu said he would draft a letter for the next meeting.

Town Meeting Referendum vs. Open Richard said he had no time to address the process. Jo said the Board indicated the last time this was discussed that they wanted to begin some sort of process. Richard said he wanted to contact other towns to see how they devised the question they put to voters.

Cynthia said she had drafted some survey questions and handed them out. There was discussion on how to conduct a survey. It was agreed to have a final draft ready for the June 2010 primary. Board members will look over the survey and bring suggestions to the next meeting.

Photocopier Purchase Stu said based on the price and the performance, the staff was recommending the Toshiba copier offered by Kinney Office Systems. Jo moved to approve the staff recommendation and purchase that copier. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Business Development Stu asked where the Board wanted to go with this. Jo said she talked with Janet Toth regarding a meeting tomorrow at Eastern Maine Development Corporation in Bangor. There was a brief discussion about problems receiving e-mail at the town office.

Jo said help is needed to organize a facilitated discussion on business development. She said it would be nice to mention this at town meeting. Stu said he would be happy to contact Ron Beard to see what he could suggest. Selectmen would like to see the discussion take place in May or June.

Verizon Tower Stu reported the power lines have been run to the tower site and he expects things to start happening next week. Selectmen asked Stu to review the language in the lease in regard to non-payment.

RSU 24 MDI High Contract Richard reported the RSU 24 board voted nearly unanimously (with one opposed vote) not to enter a new contract with MDI High School. He said he spoke with MDI Superintendent Rob Liebow at the Local School Advisory Committee meeting on February 25 th who suggested that parents could circulate a petition which could be put to a vote to allow the Selectmen to enter into a contract. He said he an e-mail from RSU 24 Superintendent Bill Webster who said that only RSU 24 has the authority to enter into a contract with MDI.

Stu asked what happens next. Richard said the RSU Board was asked by Superintendent Liebow to enter into a contract contingent on approval in Lamoine at town meeting. He said the RSU Board voted no. Cynthia asked what the next step would be. Richard said any RSU 24 student from a town that previously had school choice could attend MDI. He said Lamoine would be obligated to pay to the RSU the extra cost that it would pay MDI. There was a discussion about how this would affect the tax commitment process.

Cynthia asked if the reason not to enter a contract with MDI was to not pay the 10% surcharge. Richard said that was correct, and that there was no real reason to have a contract. There was a lengthy discussion about the tuition difference and the surcharge in the current contract.

Coastal Cleanup Stu said several groups have approached the MDI League of Towns to conduct a coastal cleanup, and Lamoine might be included. He suggested forwarding that to the Conservation Commission. There was no objection.

AFG RFP Stu said he and the fire chief have developed a request for proposals (RFP) for the Assistance to Firefighting Grant (AFG). He said the Selectmen would not have a role, as the fire department would pick up the 10% match.

Chickadee Lane Notice of Violation Stu reported the Washington Hancock Community Agency has requested an extension for corrections to be made on Chickadee Lane and that the Code Enforcement Officer has responded with approval, but with benchmarks to be achieved. Stu also reported one part of the correction might involve water and septic systems and the Hancock County Planning Commission suggested a CDBG program to assist, but he needed authorization to sign the application. Jo moved to authorize Stu to sign the town up. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Stu noted that if approved, at some point there would have to be a town match.

E-mail problems Stu reported that for some reason not all the e-mail being sent to the town office is making it through. He said Brett Jones has been working on the problem, but the solution apparently is very difficult to find. Stu asked Selectmen to call him if they've sent an e-mail and don't get a response.

Other Cynthia reported she's working on a small booklet to go with the Welcome to Lamoine packet.

Richard asked if the Assessors have made their initial consultation with an attorney on the tree growth penalty matters. Stu said he wasn't sure, but it appears the Property Tax Review Board decisions arrived at the town office today. Richard said he would like to have a copy of that in the next packet.

Next Meetings The next meetings will be on April 1, 2010 (with an informational hearing on the proposed ordinances at town meeting), April 15, 2010 at 5:30 PM for an organizational meeting, and April 29, 2010 for a regular meeting. There will be NO meeting on May 6, 2010.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:52 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.