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Minutes of November 18, 2010

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen Richard Fennelly Jr., Gary McFarland, S. Josephine Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon. Selectman William Brann had notified Stu that he would be unable to attend.

Minutes of November 4, 2010 – Richard moved to approve the minutes as presented. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0, Cooper abstained.

Expenditure Warrant 10 – Selectmen signed the warrant for $197,884.87. Stu noted the school payment made up $174,000, plus plowing and trash disposal were included. Cynthia asked about repairs to the speed trailer. Richard asked about the Hancock County RCC bill. Stu explained both bills.

Cash & Budget Report There were no questions or comments regarding the written report.

Investment Management Report - There were no questions or comments regarding the written report.

Annual Town Meeting Date – Stu said a lot of credit on the town meeting attendance analysis report should go to Town Clerk Jennifer Kovacs who compiled the available numbers form the past years. Cynthia distributed a print-out of the responses to questions 5 and 6 of the survey taken in June. There was a short discussion about the survey responses. Jo said the report shows the most number of people attending is in March. Richard said he was surprised that the numbers showed the better attendance was in March, he was thinking it might be May. Cynthia noted the meeting date had been moved to April to try to give more time for the school system to come up with figures.

Jo moved to set the annual town meeting in 2011 to March 15 and 16. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Safety Works Progress – Stu reported that slow progress is being made at the fire station, and good progress at the transfer station. Richard suggested that the transfer station inspection sheet be filled out once per month. Stu said he could ask the transfer station manager to do that.

Jo said the fire department seems to be taking a lot of time, and the town often takes its fire department for granted. She said there are stringent demands on firefighters, and she appreciates the work of the volunteers.

Business Development – Selectmen agreed at a 6:30 meeting with the Planning Board on December 14, 2010 would be OK.

Stu reported that he compiled the responses from the facilitated forum on May 20, 2010 into a computer file after finding the large sheets of paper while cleaning his office. Selectmen asked what “domino beachhead approach” meant. No one seemed to remember.

Vote for Municipal Review Committee Director – Jo moved to cast the vote for Chip Reeves of Bar Harbor. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Appointment of Registrar of Voters – Jo moved to re-appoint Jennifer Kovacs as Registrar of Voters for a 2-year term to run from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Budget Workshop – Transfer Station Manager Compensation– Jo noted the Budget Committee had suggested that the Selectmen come up with a plan for compensation. Cynthia said it was because the proposed budget figure was based on an assumption that the current employee would get a $0.50/hour raise again in the next fiscal year. The request was to clarify where the Selectmen were trying to get with the salary. She said the plan was to bring it into line with the previous manager's compensation.  Jo said the compensation needs to be fair. Stu said with the next proposed increase, it'll be close to the state average. Cynthia said that is where it ought to be, and then the cost-of-living increases applied to other employees could be applied. She said the Budget Committee request was more about clarity. Richard said some work needs to be done on the job description. There was a brief discussion about editing the job description.

Health Insurance – Stu said MaineCare had recommended that the town seek another carrier for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector. He said he met with MMA's representative, and that town meeting would have to approve of joining the MMA Health Trust. He said it was still OK for him to be reimbursed on his wife's plan instead of going through MMA if it were approved.

Richard noted the new federal health care bill limits the employee's contribution to 5% increases annually (in grandfathered organizations). Jo asked if the Board was being asked to decide tonight. Stu said he's looking for direction for the town meeting warrant. Richard asked if the town should go through the motions of analyzing more options. Cynthia asked how the Board would pick a plan. Stu suggested it would be in the negotiation process.

Selectmen informally agreed to proceed with seeking membership in the MMA Health Trust, and to place the issue before the annual town meeting.

Revenue Budget – Stu reviewed the overall budget document, noting that the information from the Parks Commission and several non-municipal agencies is still outstanding. Use of surplus and the Road Fund were briefly discussed. The documents before the Selectmen will be presented to the Budget Committee at their next meeting.

Transfer Station Holiday Hours – The board had no objection to the Transfer Station manager and Administrative Assistant setting reasonable hours for the transfer station.

Next Meeting Issues – Stu reported receiving correspondence from a gentleman concerned about maintenance of the Mosley grave off Seal Point Road. He said that issue, the status of responsibility for the Marlboro Cemetery, and interest income distributions from the Forest Hill and East Lamoine Cemeteries would be on the next agenda. There was no objection.

Stu reported he had completed re-writing job descriptions in a standardized format as well as re-writing the General Office Policies, and that both sets of documents as well as the current set were in the materials handed out tonight. He asked the Selectmen to review and edit for next meeting.

Other – Gary said a firefighter requested that people put their house numbers on both sides of their mailboxes so that their homes can be easily identified on emergency responses. After a brief discussion, it was decided this is a publicity issue, and would be in the next Lamoine Quarterly.

There was a brief discussion of the automatic mutual aid response to a fire call in Lamoine earlier in the week.

Next Meeting – The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen is scheduled for December 2, 2010 at 7PM

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:48 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.