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(l-r ) Gary McFarland, Richard Fennelly Jr., Jo Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson
Minutes of January 3, 2013

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM

Present were: Selectmen Richard Fennelly Jr., Gary McFarland, S. Josephine Cooper; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon. Selectmen Cynthia Donaldson had informed the board she would be unable to attend.

Agenda Review There were no changes to the printed agenda.

Minutes of December 6, 2012 Jo moved to approve the minutes as presented. Richard 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

Expenditure Warrant 13 Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $23,826.58. Stu noted that Selectman Donaldson had stopped by earlier in the day to sign the warrant.

Expenditure Warrant 12 There were no questions regarding the warrant in the amount of $206,781.68 which was signed individually on December 20, 2012.

Cash and Budget Report Richard asked when the excess tuition bill is paid. Stu said generally in May or June when an accurate amount is available. Richard asked when the rent income from the cell phone tower increases. Stu said it's every 5-years and this is the 3 rd year of the lease. He reported that he received a couple of phone calls from a company wondering if the town is interested in selling the lease. Selectmen did not express any interest in doing so. Stu said he asked the caller to send a proposal in writing but has not seen anything thus far.

Checking Account Reconciliation Jo asked about the bank error. Stu explained that the bank had deposited a taxpayer's lien payment into the town's checking account twice, and that the second deposit was backed out today. Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the reconciliation report.

Foreclosed Property Jo moved to send a letter to Pamela Ouellette offering to sell back the parcel of land acquired for non-payment of the 2010/11 property taxes, and giving her 30-days to redeem it. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0, Jo signed the letter.

Emergency Operations Plan Jo said she planned to give further review to the plan in light of the school shooting in Newtown, CT. She moved to adopt the changes proposed by Stu with the understanding that the document can be amended as needed. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0.

Lamoine Quarterly Stu reported that Cynthia had dropped off a number of edits and he has made those. Jo said she's confident that the newsletter will be fine and noted that the town produces a really good publication. Stu said he would get it to the printer tomorrow.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Update Gary reported the withdrawal committee has not met since the last update. He said they have applied for another extension with the Commissioner of Education. He said the committee will likely meet again soon, and they are very close to an agreement with the RSU. He said the Ellsworth withdrawal committee might have met with the RSU and they are also very close. He said the next step would be to come up with a proposed common voting time, possibly in June.

Budget Update Stu reported the Budget Committee meets on Monday and will make recommendations for the town meeting warrant at that time. He said the Selectmen will meet after that, and he would presume the recommendations would be the same.

Town Meeting Warrant Stu reported that Richard planned to submit articles regarding proposed changes to the Shellfish Ordinance. He said the Planning Board has discussed making the gravel and site plan review ordinance question into one consolidated change and planned to check with Maine Municipal Association to see if that would be proper. He said he hoped the warrant would be ready for signature by the first meeting in February.

Town Report The initial draft of the town report was printed for the Board to take home and review. Stu noted that he found several corrections that were needed while reading it over earlier in the day.

Town Report Printer Selectmen said they would like to get a price from the printer that has been used for the past several years, and if it's not a huge increase to use the same company. Stu said he would check on the price.

Publicity for Town Meeting Stu reported he called Downeast Graphics and Printing about campaign type signs, but they've not gotten back to him with a price. He said he also would draft up a flyer to send home with the students at the Lamoine School.

Bike Maine Event Stu reported that the Maine Bicycle Coalition plans some sort of event that will take bike riders across Mud Creek Road and Route 204 into Trenton sometime in September.

Emergency Management Mitigation Plan Selectmen signed a resolve supporting the update of the Hancock County EMA Mitigation plan as requested by the County EMA Manager.

Excise Tax Report Selectmen reviewed the written report and noted that the 2012 amount collected rose slightly. Richard asked if this could be a pretty good economic indicator. Stu said the excise collections pretty much reflected the economy for the past few years.

Town Clerk Stu reported that Town Clerk Jennifer Kovacs was out for the day and will be headed to maternity leave later this month. He said the office might not be able to open on Saturday depending on when the baby arrives. He said he would keep the board posted.

Next Meeting The next regular meeting for the Board of Selectmen is January 17, 2013 at 7PM.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen