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Minutes of June 25, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM

Present were: Selectmen Bernie Johnson, Cynthia Donaldson, Gary McFarland, Jo Cooper, Nathan Mason; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Planning Board members Gordon Donaldson, Jim Gallagher, John Holt, Chris Tadema-Wielandt, Donald Bamman; Members of the public Richard McMullen, Russell Boynton, Jr., and Kathleen Salkaln.

Meeting with Candidates for Planning Board Jo said there were two people interested in the Planning Board seat currently held by John Holt whose term expires on June 30, 2013. She said the newer members of the Board of Selectmen did not know Mr. Holt and Richard McMullen well and wanted to meet with them before making an appointment.

The Selectmen and Mr. Holt discussed his visions for the Planning Board and his reasons for wanting to continue to volunteer his time.

After speaking with Mr. Holt, there was a discussion on the appointment process and the desire by some Selectmen to interview all appointee candidates prior to appointment or reappointment. Planning Board member Don Bamman asked if the gravel ordinance issue was a factor. Nathan said the ordinance is an issue, but he was trying to be objective and base his decision on the direction in which the town is headed. Planning Board member Jim Gallagher said the Selectmen are violating their own process that is posted on the town's website in regard to reappointments. Mr. Bamman said there was no vacancy declared. The Selectmen expressed interest in the appointment process being a topic for future discussion.

The Selectmen and Mr. McMullen discussed his desire to serve on the Planning Board and as a town board volunteer. Mr. McMullen said he presumed that if he were appointed, it would be as an alternate member. A discussion of alternates and full voting members followed.

Candidate for Parks Commission The Selectmen met with Russell Boynton, Jr. It was noted that Mr. Boynton performs contract work at the parks and a potential conflict of interest would arise should he sit on the Parks Commission. Mr. Boynton said he would prefer to be paid for his work and noted several projects that he has done in the past at the parks.

Local School Advisory Committee Jo moved to accept the resignation of Tammy Dickey from the Local School Advisory Committee. Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Planning Board Appointment Jo moved to reappoint John Holt to the Planning Board for another 5-year term. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-2 (Johnson, McFarland opposed). Jo said she would like to ask the Planning Board for input regarding an additional alternate member position, and noted to Mr. McMullen the Local School Advisory Committee has a position open. She thanked him for his interest in serving the town. Nathan encouraged Mr. McMullen to apply for future board openings that might occur.

Local School Advisory Committee Appointment Kathleen Salkaln arrived at the meeting and gave the Selectmen her background in education. After a lengthy discussion about the Committee, Jo moved to appoint Mrs. Salkaln to a 1-year term on the Committee. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Parks Commission Appointment Jo said she did not feel comfortable appointing Mr. Boynton to the Parks Commission because of the conflict of interest question. She said if things changed or her wished to be appointed to another position, the Selectmen would be glad to consider his involvement.

Other Selectmen signed the revised contract with Michael Jordan as Code Enforcement Officer which had been unavailable for signature at the June 20, 2013 meeting.

Expenditure Warrant 26 Selectmen signed expenditure warrant 26 in the amount of $12,621.23. Stu noted the fiscal year end payroll and mileage and withholding taxes made up most of the warrant.

Appointments Process Cynthia asked that the appointment process be placed on the next agenda, time permitting.

Campers Bloomfield Park Stu said the town office received a call about people reportedly camping in tents at Bloomfield Park. He said he checked the park at 4:30 PM and did not find any evidence of tents there. He said if that does happen, he would ask the campers to leave, explaining that they do not have permission and it is prohibited by ordinance, and should there be a problem, he would ask law enforcement to be involved.

Next Meeting The next regular meeting is July 11, 2013.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:07 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen