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Minutes of August 1, 2013

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen Cynthia Donaldson, S. Josephine Cooper, Gary McFarland, and Nathan Mason. Selectman Bernie Johnson arrived at 7:20 PM as he was responding to a motorcycle accident with the fire department. Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon arrived at 7:05 PM, as he was also responding to the same incident. Also present were Conservation Commission Members Lawrence Libby and Carol Korty.

Minutes of July 11, 2013 Jo moved to approve the minutes as written. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Johnson absent)

Transfer Station Operations Manual Stu reviewed the proposed changes to the operations manual, noting that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection had requested an update, as the handling of fluorescent bulbs had not been addressed in the current version. He said he and transfer station manager Bill Fennelly had reviewed the document, and made several other changes to update the document. Jo moved to approve the new manual. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0 (Johnson absent for the vote but signed the document after his arrival)

Expenditure Warrant 2 Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $291,799.06. Stu noted the school check and the fire truck chassis payment accounted for about $250,000 and the fuel pre-buy was also included. He said property tax money was coming in so there was no need to transfer funds from the investment accounts to cover the warrant.

Cash & Budget Reports Jo noted that the FY 2013 report was pretty close to on the money.

Checking Account Reconciliation Cynthia asked about two returned checks listed in the checkbook. Stu reported they were from the same person and used for vehicle registrations and there has been no response to a letter he wrote to the maker. Cynthia asked about the different date sequence compared to the check number sequence. Stu explained that the checks are printed in batches for each warrant, and the date on the check is the due date, and the checks are mailed on by the due date, but entered into the checkbook in order. She noted that there was a large negative balance in the checkbook for a portion of the previous month. Stu said that was correct, because the check to the school was posted in the printed batch, but not mailed out until after the investment transfer came into the checking account.

Investment Management Reports There were no questions regarding the posted reports on the town website.

Local Road Assistance Acceptance Stu reported the amount coming into the town for MDOT assistance was up slightly. Selectmen discussed the recent paving that MDOT completed on Routes 184 and 204, expressing satisfaction with much of the preparation work and the much smoother and quieter ride along both roads. The Board signed the acceptance document to be sent to MDOT.

Gravel Ordinance Lawsuit Stu noted the Maine DEP was dismissed from the suit filed against the town. He said there is a copy of the decision on file if the Selectmen wished to read it.

Stu noted the Planning Board is discussion several proposed amendments to the recently passed Gravel Ordinance and meets on Tuesday.

Gift to Town Office Stu reported that Walker Road resident Jerry Longer donated a framed print of the USS Portland to the town office. Selectmen had no objection to accepting the gift and signed a thank-you card to Mr. Longer.

Waste Oil Draft Program Stu gave a brief history of the Portland-Bangor waste oil site in North Ellsworth which has resulted in $500,000 being made available in a grant program to be administered by the City of Ellsworth. He said the comment period of the draft plan expires tomorrow, and if there is no objection to the plan, no comment is required. Conservation Commission Member Carol Korty suggested that the town should comment on the draft plan only to get its foot in the door to be eligible for grants in the future. She said she was concerned that the town would be written off as uninterested if it did not comment.

Bernie said the Selectmen could communicate that the plan looks good. Ms. Korty said the comment could be sent via e-mail. Gary said the plan looks good as written. Ms. Korty said if that comment came from the Selectmen, it might carry some weight. Stu said he has suggested to the Selectmen that the program be referred to the Conservation Commission. It was agreed that Stu would write a response to the draft plan indicating the town endorses it, e-mail it to Jo for final approval, and then to the Maine DEP.

Appointment Policy Jo noted that apparently not many communities have a policy on how appointments are made. A brief discussion followed on a draft policy. Jo noted that the Selectboard was following past custom in the way it appointed people to various positions, and the draft does a good job outlining the process. She suggested that volunteer firefighters and other volunteers who are not appointed by the Selectmen be excluded from the policy.

Cynthia noted that she's expressed concern in the past to clarify that a Deputy in a particular position is does not necessarily inherit the position if the person to whom they are a deputy vacates the post. She said it doesn't hurt to have a policy in place.

Bernie said he would like to see open positions more widely publicized. A discussion on how to publicize openings followed, as did a lengthy discussion on volunteerism in general. Selectmen agreed this would be on the next agenda for possible adoption.

Maine Municipal Association Ballot Cynthia moved to direct Jo to cast the ballot on behalf of the Selectmen (there are no opposed races). Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Fire Truck Status Stu reported the chassis would arrive in the next few days, and that the fire chief executed a contract with K&T Environmental for the body. He said there was one change order in the body that will allow the tank to be emptied from either side or the back. He said the fire department has agreed to pick up any additional cost for that beyond budget.

Education Planning Committee Nathan reported the committee has met twice. He said the first meeting selected officials and requested information from other similar communities. He said they got those numbers and also met with the RSU Withdrawal Committee at their 2nd meeting. He said there are some fixed costs, along with some vague numbers. He said he thinks they have the materials to proceed. He noted the next meeting will be Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 4PM at the Town Hall. Stu reminded him that meetings are public and must be posted.

Comprehensive Planning Committee Stu reported this committee has also met twice. Fred Stocking was selected as chair. Stu said he is the secretary, but not a voting member of the committee. He said the committee meets next with a representative from the State Department of Agriculture on August 7, 2013 at 6PM. He reported that the committee has looked at other town comprehensive plans and was particularly interested in South Thomaston's. He said he spoke with the administrator in South Thomaston and found it cost that community $32,000. Cynthia asked what cost so much. Stu said consultants are the bulk of the cost.

Unpaid Demo Debris Bill Stu reported that the man who has not yet paid his bill for bulky waste disposal has not contacted the town office in regard to the offer to pay by July 19, 2013 and waive the interest charge. He asked if the Selectmen wished to pursue collection in Small Claims Court. There was no objection in doing so.

Other Cynthia reported she has started work on the on-line policy statement, and that an informal children's committee effort will start in September. Stu noted there will be a new principal at the school soon, and perhaps that person could be included as part of the effort.

Septage Disposal Contract Stu reported the contract with Haslam Septic had expired at the end of June. He said he contacted the City of Ellsworth to see if there was any interest in entering a capacity contract, and spoke with the City Manager. He said she was reluctant to do so, in that it could open the door to other communities seeking a similar deal. He said Mrs. Beal told him that the city does a lot of business with Haslam Septic and does not wish to compete against them. He recommended renewal of the contract for a year, noting that State Representative Malaby had contacted him with an idea of repealing the requirement in the Legislature. Jo moved to renew the contract. Cynthia 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. Selectmen signed the contract.

Acadia Disposal District Stu reported the Acadia Disposal District which is comprised of several towns including Trenton, has encouraged Lamoine to join in order to lower disposal costs with a possible goal of a regional transfer station. He said he looked over the report, and could not see that it would lower the town's cost or benefit the town at this time, as it adds another level of management to the solid waste system. Jo said she would trust that judgment.

Road and other infrastructure issues Stu reported that he's started writing memos in regard to various road maintenance issues that come into the office and that copies of several matters were in the material tonight. He noted that he had contacted MDOT regarding a muck hole beside Lamoine Beach Road near the beach after putting in stakes and caution tape earlier today.

Pressure Wash Town Office Stu said the siding on the town office is pretty dirty and could use a good washing. He said his plan was to contact a couple of companies that do that and go with the lower price. There was no objection.

Mowing/Shrubs Stu reported he had contacted Richard McMullen who will be trimming back the shrubs on the south side of the building and cutting between the lawn and Route 204 with a bush hog.

Executive Session Jo moved to enter executive session pursuant to 1MRSA §405(6)(a) to discuss a personnel matter. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0 at 8:10 PM. Out at 8:26 PM.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.