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Minutes of October 10, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen Nathan Mason, Gary McFarland, Bernie Johnson, S. Josephine Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon; Budget Committee Members Marion McDevitt, Kathleen DeFusco, Cece Ohmart, Connie Bender, Robin Veysey; Conservation Commission members Larry Libby, Carol Korty, and members of the public Catherine DeTuede and Rick Gallegos.

Agenda No changes were suggested to the printed agenda and addendum.

Minutes Jo moved to approve the minutes of September 24, 2013 as written. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Gary moved to approve the minutes of September 26, 2013 as written. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 6 Selectmen signed warrant 6 in the amount of $180,273.88. Stu noted $167,000 was the RSU bill. He said the pressure washing bill was also on the warrant as the town hall was washed this week and looks a lot better.

Cash & Budget Report Jo noted that revenues are running slightly ahead. Stu said expenses are too, but that's because a lot of budgets are expended in the summer.

Checking Account Reconciliation Selectmen signed the document expressing satisfaction with review of the checking account reconciliation.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report Stu reported the 1 st quarter for the fiscal year (July-September) was the biggest ever for a 1 st quarter.

Budget Committee Organizational Meeting Budget Committee members and Selectmen introduced themselves to each other. The Budget Committee elected the following officers for the 2013/14 season:

After discussion, the Budget Committee agreed to meet at 6:30 PM on November 18, 2013, December 2, 2013, December 16, 2013 and January 6, 2014.

Stu reported that Selectmen had stated they wished to stay the course of the past few years with no new programs to be introduced. He said that he is looking at some capital needs for the budget, including a new heating system for the town hall, a new copier, a replacement foundation at the town hall, and front steps for the town hall. Selectmen asked that the capital needs schedule be updated.

Conservation Commission Jo said it appears from the communication from the Bureau of Parks and Lands that it is acceptable to expend grant money on private property. Conservation Commission chair Larry Libby said the group hopes to have a grant application ready by early November. He said he spoke with the Code Enforcement Officer who determined that no permit is required for the parking area as planned. He said they do need some state clearance for the project, and the person in charge of the grant program has expressed willingness to review a draft of the application.

Stu asked if the project still required a support letter from the Selectmen. Mr. Libby said it does. Stu read a letter he had drafted up. Jo asked that language be added to clarify that the Conservation Commission is the applicant.

There was discussion about recording a video of the trail, and Stu said he would be happy to do some shooting on Monday as it's a holiday.

Jo moved to sign a letter to accompany the grant application. Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0. (Stu redrafted the letter following adjournment which Jo signed).

Conservation Commission Archives Stu said the Conservation Commission had expressed a desire that their archived materials be stored in a place other than the meeting room. He said if it was to go in the vault, there is a file drawer available, but the commission would not have access during their meetings. He said there is file drawer space in the back room as well. Mr. Libby said the Conservation Commission preferred the vault storage. Carol Korty said the materials were culled from various homes over the years and there is no redundancy in them. It was agreed to store the materials in the vault.

Appointment Policy A brief discussion occurred on language change from the previous draft clarifying that the Selectmen do not have an obligation to reappoint anyone, and what notification there is that a position is expiring. Gary Moved to approve the policy, Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0, Selectmen signed the policy.

Transfer Station Fill In Attendant Cynthia asked if anyone else had expressed interest in the position. Stu said no one had, but if someone was interested, a list of potential folks could be developed if needed. Jo moved to appoint Adam Sargent as a fill-in attendant. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 5-0.

Gravel Ordinance/Suit Stu reported the Planning Board had expressed a concern regarding the gravel permits that expire at the end of the month. He said the Code Enforcement Officer was not sure how to proceed. Cynthia said it appeared from the e-mail string that she saw that no request has come in to extend the permit in place.

Stu said typically when a permit expires, a notice of violation is issued giving the permit holder a certain amount of time to correct the situation. He said in this case, the applications are before the Planning Board, but the Planning Board has not found them complete. Nathan said he would not favor doing anything until the permits expire. There was a lengthy discussion about whether an extension was in order. The Selectmen opted to communicate to the Code Enforcement Officer and the Planning Board that they suggest that the applicants apply for an extension of the present permit. The board noted that enforcement procedures are laid out in the ordinance, including issuance of a notice of violation. A discussion followed on whether a stop work order should be issued.

Automobile Graveyards Stu reported the owner of the two automobile graveyards had planned to meet with him to submit the applications earlier in the week, but has yet to do so. He suggested that no public hearing date be set until the applications are in hand. There was no objection.

Follow up Map 1 Lot 28 Stu said he was not sure what the expectation was to follow up on the meeting with Neil Salisbury at the previous meeting. Jo said she is still unsure what he wants. Stu said legally, there is nothing the Selectmen are required to do. He said the next communication in regard to the tax collection process would be the 30-day notice prior to a lien being placed on the property by the tax collector. Selectmen briefly reviewed the minutes and determined that no further communication was needed.

Lamoine Quarterly Selectmen noted that the Quarterly was published earlier in the week. Stu thanked those that provided editing and feedback, and noted that Cynthia had called on Monday just after he'd sent the file to the printer.

RSU Withdrawal Vote Selectmen noted that an informational forum is set for October 17, 2013 at 7PM at the Town Hall, and the official public hearing is set for October 24, 2013 at 7PM at the school gym. There was a brief discussion about attendance.

Nathan asked how early absentee ballots would be available. Stu reported they have been available since October 3 rd . Nathan asked about the funds left for the Education Planning Committee and whether that money could be used to send a public service mailer to encourage people to turn out to vote. Stu said he would be very leery of that, as even the turnout number could be construed as a political stance. Jo said taxpayer funds cannot be used to endorse a question. A brief discussion followed.

On-Line Policy Cynthia said she is still working to draft a more readable version of the town's website policy.

Floodplain Meeting Stu reported that Lamoine's meeting time on the new floodplain mapping will be Monday, October 21, 2013 at 2PM at Ellsworth City Hall. He said he would try to attend.

Other Business Gary noted that a benefit dinner for the Karst family is planned for Sunday night at 5PM at the school.

Cynthia said she had asked for a follow up on support for little kids by October 15, 2013 in the article in the Lamoine Quarterly, but said anyone could join at any time. There was a brief discussion about some public relations opportunity for the group.

Gary asked about an agreement form that snowmobile clubs use for trails. Stu said that was included in the packet as a form that could be used as a model agreement for the trail grant by the Conservation Commission. Cynthia asked if the Frenchman Bay Riders use a similar agreement form. Stu said he did not know.

Next Meetings The next regular meeting will be on October 24, 2013 at 6:30 PM at the Lamoine School to be followed by the public hearing on the RSU 24 withdrawal vote.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen