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Minutes - March 6, 2014 (Draft, subject to correction)

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present were: Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Nathan Mason, Bernie Johnson, Gary McFarland; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Selectman candidates Robert Christie, Heather Fowler, members of the public David Sanderson, Walter Grenier, Kathy Gaianguest, Catherine DeTuede and Assessor Jane Fowler. Selectman Cynthia Donaldson had informed the board prior to the meeting that she would be unable to attend.

Agenda Review No changes were proposed to the printed agenda and addendum.

Minutes of February 13, 2014 Stu reported Cynthia had found one very minor error. Jo moved to approve the minutes with the correction. Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Expenditure warrant 16 Selectmen signed warrant 16 in the amount of $448,962.27. Stu noted that $400,000 was a transfer to investments, and that two payrolls were included.

Cash & Budget Report Stu reported that he had added a percent collected line to the revenue report. Bernie asked if a percent of the year passed could be added. Stu said that shows up in the expenditure report.

Checking Reconciliation Stu said he had e-mailed the checking account reconciliation to the board. Selectmen had no questions and signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the reconciliation report.

Tax Acquired Property Stu said the Selectmen have to decide whether the persons living in the tax acquired property on Douglas Highway should be evicted. Jo said she didn't want the town running a rental property. Gary asked if the attorney had recommended eviction. Stu said he had, but he was not sure of the occupancy status. There was a discussion about preventing damage to the property and it was noted that the property was insured. There was a discussion about an eviction deadline and the procedure. Jo moved to have an eviction notice served and giving the persons occupying the property 30-days to vacate. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

The discussion then turned to disposition of the property. It was noted that an e-mail was received from an abutting property owner in regard to a possible line dispute. Jo moved to auction the property and to ask the town attorney to handle the auction at the appropriate time. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.  

Petitioned Town Meeting Question Jo said the board had agreed to table the matter until a good date could be set. Stu said the Planning Board had tried to schedule a public hearing on March 26, but that date was not available at the school, so the secondary option is March 27, 2014. Gary asked what date the primary was in June. Stu said it's the 2nd Tuesday (June 10, 2014).

Kathy Gaianguest asked if that that would mean the Planning Board would have to wait for the June meeting. She said this seems to be taking a long time. She asked if the desire of the people would be honored.

Jo asked Ms. Gaianguest if she preferred an open town meeting to a referendum. Ms. Gaianguest replied that she would prefer an open town meeting as soon as possible after the annual town meeting. A discussion followed regarding the required Planning Board hearing date. Jo suggested setting the special town meeting for April 10, 2014 with the Planning Board hearing set for March 27, 2014.

Catherine DeTuede said she read the Selectmen minutes while traveling in Europe and found the February 6, 2014 minutes troubling. She said the Comprehensive Plan issue was brought up and that was sent to the attorney who determined that the petitioned question would be legal. Jo said the Selectmen were not trying to delay setting a town meeting date on the petitioned question, but want to make sure that everything is done properly. There was a brief discussion about the timing of various events.

Jo said the Selectmen could set the town meeting date at their next meeting (March 13, 2014). Bernie asked if a referendum vote would require a hearing. Stu said it would require both the Planning Board hearing and a hearing held by the Selectmen.

Veterans' Graves Care Jo noted there was a draft contract in the Selectmen's packet. Stu said he crafted it himself as apparently there are no other towns that have a written agreement with a cemetery association to maintain Veterans' graves. Jo said she understands that Ellsworth pays a percentage of maintenance fees to the cemetery association. Stu said he would inquire about how Ellsworth works. He noted that Richard Fennelly had some comments on the draft proposal, including some workers comp language. Jo said the Board would look over the draft and discuss it at a later date.

Stu noted that LD 1662 which is before the Legislature makes provisions for such agreements. He noted that the law changed a couple of years ago that made the towns responsible for maintenance of graves in ancient burying grounds.

Website Stu reported the Cable TV committee met and will recommend that an off-site hosting company be used for the town's website as opposed to hosting it on the town's server. He said the committee meets next month and should have more information then. He said the server appears to be working at the moment.

Generator Stu reported the Cable TV Committee has recommended purchase of a generator and transfer switch using funds from the CTV fund. Jo moved to proceed with the project. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0. Stu said he would contact Colwell Diesel. Nathan strongly suggested including the cold weather kit with the installation.

Cable TV Committee - Jo noted the Cable TV Channel has made a big difference in folk's ability to know what is going on in town. She asked about other methods for getting the word out. Stu said the CTV committee is looking at streaming options on the internet. Jo said she would see that as a priority.

Stu said he suggested to the folks who met as the Cable TV committee the previous night that it might be time for a change in mission and to become a technology advisory committee, formally appointed by the Selectmen. He said the CTV committee was in favor of that idea.

Fire Truck Stu reported the fire truck would be delivered on Saturday, March 15, 2014. He said there will be an item on the next warrant to pay for it.

Smart Phone Stu reported the CTV committee recommended that he carry a smart phone, especially in relation to his role as emergency management director. He said an unlimited government data and text plan with 400-minutes of phone time costs an extra $20/month. Jo moved to approve of the smart phone option. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0. A brief discussion followed in regard to the types of phones available.

Road Postings Stu asked if the Board wished to post the local roads again this year. He said enforcement is potentially an issue, as state police and county sheriff enforcement is unlikely. Jo moved to post the following local roads Asa's Lane, Mill Road, Shore Road and Buttermilk Road. Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Stu noted that Jay Fowler very kindly used his large loader and pushed back the snow banks at the town office. He asked Jane Fowler to extend his appreciation.

Emera operation on posted roads Jo moved to sign the annual form allowing Emera (formerly Bangor Hydro) to operate maintenance trucks on posted roads. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Private line maintenance waiver Stu said he would not recommend that the town waive maintenance by Emera on the lines leading into the transfer station and salt/sand shed. Selectmen agreed.

County Wind Fund Request for support for Fuel Assistance Jo said the town received a request to support a request from an organization called OneHancock that the wind farm money be used for a fuel assistance fund. She said she spoke with John Bradford of the organization and explained that the Selectmen would not be able to comply with their March 3, 2014 deadline. Nathan said it appeared that the OneHancock group wanted all the wind money to go toward fuel assistance. Jo explained the politics behind the county commissioner's requests for ideas for the fund's use. The selectmen had no interest in supporting the OneHancock request.

Municipal Review Committee Resolve Stu said the resolve supports exploration of options for trash disposal after the agreement between numerous communities and the PERC plant expires in 2018. He said there does not seem to be any cost associated with passing a resolve. Jo moved to sign the resolve. Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 3-0 (Johnson abstained).

Town Meeting Selectmen signed a resolve honoring the 2013 citizen of the year who will be announced at the annual meeting next week.

Contract with Pavement Management Services Gary moved to sign the paving management contract with Roger Picard's company. Nathan 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0. Selectmen signed the contract.

Children's Group Meeting Stu reported that Cynthia asked that it be announced that the children's' group will meet on March 27, 2014 at 4:30 PM at the Lamoine School.

Joint Meeting with School Committee Stu said Gordon Donaldson of the school committee had expressed interest in using the town hall for meetings so they could be televised. He said the next school board meeting is March 13, 2014, and so is the organizational meeting for the Selectmen. He asked if the Selectmen wished to have a quick joint meeting with the School Board. There was no objection.

Returnables Numerous applications have been received for the proceeds of the returnables at the transfer station. Jo read the list and moved to assign the following:


Month Assigned

Lamoine School Cheering

June 2014

Lamoine School Sports Program

July 2014

Girl Scout Troop 796

August 2014

East Lamoine Cemetery Corporation

September 2014

Lamoine Historical Society

October 2014

Gary 2nd . Vote in favor was 4-0.

Cheering Bernie noted that both the Lamoine Pee Wee and School cheer team will compete this coming Sunday at the state meet in Bangor. Stu said Lamoine has won it division in one form or another for the past 13-years. There was a discussion about having video of the event to put either on the cable channel or the Facebook page.

Planet Aid Box Stu reported that transfer station manager Bill Fennelly favored receiving a Planet Aid Box for collecting clothing. Jo said that sounded good. Stu said he would try to get more information.

Vault Shelf Maintenance Stu reported the town received an offer from the folks who installed the shelves in the vault for an annual maintenance contract for $250. He said that seemed kind of steep and recommended it not be purchased. Selectmen agreed.

Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall Stu said he put a brochure for the traveling wall in tonight's materials. He said it would be tough to find an appropriate spot to display it in town.

Next Meeting - The Selectmen will meet next on March 13, 2014, possibly with the School Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen