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 Minutes - May 18, 2017 (Draft, subject to correction)


Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were: Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Gary McFarland, Robert Christie, Nathan Mason, Kathleen Rybarz; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Shellfish joint advisory representative Richard Fennelly Jr., Technology Committee chair Bill Butler, Code Enforcement Officer Rick Gallegos, Local Plumbing Inspector Michael Jordan, School Committee Chair Michael Jordan, Appeals Board Chair Griff Fenton, Shellfish Representative Jim Norris, Assistant Fire Chief Joe Reynolds, Comprehensive Planning Chair Fred Stocking, Planning Board Chair John Holt, Lamoine 150 co-chair Cynthia Donaldson, Comprehensive Planning Committee Secretary Anne Labossiere, School Superintendent Katrina Kane, Parks Commission Chair Cathie Goebel, and Recreation Committee Chair Greg Stone.

AgendaNo change to the printed agenda was proposed.

Minutes – May 11, 2017 – Gary moved to approve the minutes as printed.  Nathan 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 23 – Selectmen signed the expenditure warrant in the amount of $243,746.14.  Stu reported about $232,000 was for the school department, and noted the large check to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles was for the fleet of Emera trucks registered. 

Cash & Budget Report – Stu reported he will have to transfer $200,000 from the investment management account to the checking account to cover the payments.

Dental Insurance – Stu reported that the town clerk/tax collector requested to add dental insurance to her coverage at 100% employee expense.  Gary moved to approve the request. Kathleen 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.  Jo signed the letter to Maine Municipal Health Trust to request the change.

Board Chairs/Department Heads Meeting – The boards/departments represented gave updates of their operations as follows:

Technology Committee – Bill Butler said the school wiring project is still waiting to be finalized.   He said the Tech Committee met with representatives of the Sewall Company last week and await a proposal on consulting services to possible assist in wiring outlying areas of town.

Conservation Commission – Ann LaBossiere said the Commission is looking for funding to continue the GET WET program.  She said they were able to produce reusable grocery bags.  There is a subcommittee studying shore access, they will sponsor a composting presentation, have been involved in helping develop a park on Mud Creek Road, and will sponsor a program on birds in June.

Planning Board – John Holt reported the Planning Board is processing various applications, and the re-hearing of the Kittredge Pit expansion is being done at separate special meetings.  He said the board is updating the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and the lot size table in the Building and Land Use Ordinance.  He said that will be ready for public hearing soon.

Appeals Board – Griff Fenton said the board meets when they get an appeal.  He said they continue to work on a specific Appeals Board Ordinance.  He noted that a number of cases have pointed out contradicting ordinances.  He noted that a hardship variance was virtually impossible to obtain but the state has relaxed some of the standards, and perhaps the town could adopt that change.  He said he had a concern that a 1986 ordinance regarding multi-unit housing apparently is nowhere to be seen.  He also noted that the outcome of the consent agreement involving Broughman Buildings is perplexing. 

Recreation Committee – Greg Stone reported the committee continues to be very busy and they are offering a tumbling class for which 29-students have signed up.  He said there will be a Family Fun Day on June 3rd, which will include a tumbling exhibition and pickle ball.  He said the Slow Ride Sunday program will continue.  He said they need program space.  He noted the attempt to make an ice rink last winter failed.

School Department – Katrina Kane said they have a great staff and a wonderful relationship with the town.  She said this is the 3rd year since the town broke away from RSU 24.  She said the student population has risen by 30 in the past two years, so the school is growing.  She said that presents financial challenges for high school tuition and special education.  She said they’ve had to eliminate one full time position in the K-8 program, moving that job to replace a retiring teacher.

Shellfishing – Jim Norris said there are a lot of small clams in the flats, and little diggable area.  He said worms have been raising havoc on mussels and clams. He said predators are the biggest issue and that cannot be controlled, but they will try to trap more green crabs.  He said pollution is also an issue.  He said part of Raccoon Cove is closed because of a septic system that will soon be fixed.  He said Lamoine Point is also closed, and that’s a serious issue.  He said there is a lot of dog waste on Lamoine beach, and that can quickly shut down an area.  He asked that something be done about dogs.  He said the clam community has a concern about the proposed park on Mud Creek Road as dog control will be needed.  He said the state is promoting aquaculture and pollution along the coast must be addressed.

Code Enforcement – Rick Gallegos said he was in attendance to merely observe.

Shellfishing  - Joe Reynolds said they’ve had a shore cleanup the past two weekends, and he pulled 9-bags full of garbage from Lamoine Beach.  He noted that dog waste bags are ending up on the beach.  Stu said apparently the collection cans are missing and he will order new ones.

Plumbing Inspection – Michael Jordan reported a home off Maxwell Avenue is waiting for the weather to improve to be able to fix a failing septic system.  He said the home owners have not been polluting all winter as they’ve not been home.  He said the past few weeks have been very busy for both Code Enforcement and Plumbing Inspections.

Parks Commission – Cathie Goebel said the Girl Scouts were planning to help clean up Bloomfield Park next weekend.  She said a new park proposal on Mud Creek Road will need a trash can.  She offered a letter from the Pinkham Family to donate land for the new park.

Community Center – Brett Jones said the community center idea is appealing, and he envisions a multi-use building. 

Comprehensive Planning – Fred Stocking said the committee is entering its final stage.  He said they’ve hired a consultant and they hope to have a community meeting in the fall. He presented a short report to the Board of Selectmen.  He said the plan will include discussion about a community center, the aging of the population, suggestions about elder friendly ordinance, growth rates and noted there are still a lot of subdivision lots available.

Shellfish – Richard Fennelly presented the board with a handout.  He asked if the Shellfish Warden could enforce cleaning up dog waste, and suggested that a flyer be handed out with dog licenses about cleaning up waste.  He suggested an article for the Lamoine Quarterly, and possibly posting a sign at Lamoine Beach.  He noted there are new boundary markings for Raccoon Cove.

Lamoine 150 – Cynthia Donaldson reported the committee has generated a lot of ideas, and will need to pare those down.  She said the celebration will start in September 2019 and run through August 2020.  She said February 2, 2020 is the official 150th birthday of Lamoine and they hope to have an event where people take pictures of what was happening in Lamoine that day.  She recapped the committee’s work to date and said they welcome ideas.  Jo Cooper said action plans are needed.

Dick Fennelly asked if anyone knew where there might be a picture of the old Lamoine School.

Freedom of Access Act – Stu reviewed (briefly) an article in the Maine Townsman about common violations of the Right to Know Law.

Cable TV – Stu reviewed how the CTV system works and doesn’t, noting that he has to come up with an end time for each program.  He noted that a new CTV manager has been hired.

Community Center – Stu noted that the Selectmen approved appointing a Community Center Committee.  Brett said all the groups represented should have a seat at the table.  Cynthia said the center should serve a wide swath of the population.  Ann LaBossiere noted that a community garden visit is planned for May 31 in Hancock, and perhaps that concept could be part of a center.  Greg said the challenge is space, especially during the school day, and noted the town has only one gym.  Fred said there should be space for seniors, little kids, a library, and accommodations for the historical society, storage and theater.  John Holt asked if there was any thought about where a center should be located.  Jo said that would be part of the committee’s agenda.  Brett said the portable classrooms at the school are obsolete, and a community center might push the school’s needs down the road.  Jo asked what would happen if the town build a new school instead.  Katrina said they’re trying to address school issues.  Brett said Lamoine has been talking with Hancock about a possible combination school.

Ordinance Development – Stu circulated a memorandum suggesting that possibly a separate committee might be in order to craft ordinances and changes.  Griff said he would like to tackle that.  Fred said that probably would not work as well as diagrammed.  John Holt said unless one is very conversant in the ordinances, it would be hard to do.  He said every year there could be sets of corrections and changes to bring before the town.  He said the process to change ordinances is very cumbersome.  He suggested that perhaps there could be changes to that process.  Brett suggested utilizing the Board of Appeals for fixes.

Volunteer Recruitment – Bob Christie said Lamoine has very good committee and community participation.  There was a brief discussion about encouraging more people to serve on committees, including a “shadowing” opportunity.

Alternative Energy – There was a discussion about solar and tidal power.  Cynthia mentioned a community solar farm. Fred said he’s involved with the Climate to Thrive organization and would likely have the energy for that after the comprehensive plan

Other – Stu reported the cold air intake grate has been moved to the front office and the floor replaced in the hall area, significantly quieting the furnace.

Dick Fennelly suggested that a road on the Miro Property could be used for worm digger parking and suggested the town acquire an access easement.  Kathleen said the Shore Access Subcommittee had inquired about that.  A brief discussion followed.

Jo remarked that it was beneficial for all the parties to be in the same room together.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen