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 Minutes - September 21, 2017

Chair Jo Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Present were Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Nathan Mason, Gary McFarland, Robert Christie, Kathleen Rybarz; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Planning Board chair John Holt, Recreation Committee chair Greg Stone, Nicole Chan and Ellsworth American Reporter Jack Dodson.

Agenda Review - No changes were proposed to the printed agenda and addendum.

Minutes – September 7, 2017 – Bob moved to approve the minutes with one minor correction.  Gary 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0 (Mason abstained)

Expenditure Warrant 7 – Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $102,484.57.  Stu reported about $79,000 was for education.  He noted that a charge to McDonald’s was his fault – he used the wrong debit card and will deduct the charge from his next paycheck.

Jo asked who maintains the streetlights, noting that a light in Marlboro has some issues.  Stu said if she got him a pole number he would contact Emera Maine.   Bob asked about the water testing kits from Amazon.  Stu said he purchased two of them plus shipping. 

Cash & Budget Report – No questions were offered regarding the reports.

Audit – Stu reported that Ron Bean of Jim Wadman’s office was here on Monday to do up field work on the annual audit.  He also noted that Mike Rogers of Maine Revenue Services was here on Wednesday to conduct the state tax assessment audit.

General Assistance Ordinance – Jo opened a public hearing on the proposed changes to the General Assistance Ordinance at 7:05 PM.  Stu noted the annual figure update rose a few dollars in each category.  Jo moved to close the hearing at 7:06 PM. 

Gary moved to adopt the updated GA Ordinance.  Bob 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0, Selectmen signed the updated ordinance sheet.

Amendment – Building & Land Use Ordinance – Jo noted copies of the proposed change to the land use table were provided to the Selectmen.  John Holt read the first and last paragraphs of a memo as follows:

“The Planning Board has spent considerable time developing amendments to the Lot Standards & Structure Setback Table, which is Section 4(I)(2) of the Building & Land Use Ordinance.  I trust you have copies of our most recent effort which the board approved at its September 11 meeting:

It is our request that you reflect upon these recommendations for a month or so.  Then, if you feel these changes are in the best interest of the town and should be put before the voters in a Town Meeting, the Planning Board will call a required Public Hearing to present the matter before the residents for their input prior to any Town Meeting. “

He said there are four changes and the most complicated has to do with road frontage requirements and to try to allow for broader land uses.  He said the Planning Board was in no rush.  He said if the Selectmen find it appropriate to move this onto the March 2018 town meeting warrant to let them know and the Planning Board will proceed with the customary required public hearing to start toward an ordinance change.

Recreation Committee – Stu reported there were several concerns about the Recreation Committee expressed as the soccer program was beginning. 

Recreation Committee chair Greg Stone said he was away during soccer registration and some things did not get done as expected.  He said he just got back to town last week, and has not had a chance to talk with the committee.  He said he would like to sit down with the committee and figure out what happened and how to fix it.  A brief discussion followed about YMCA and youth programming.

(at about this point in the meeting the Cable TV channel ceased operating)

Mr. Stone said the recreation committee had been going OK up to this point.  He said he knew he would be away during the beginning of soccer and a key committee member resigned because he relocated.  He gave a brief explanation of the process used previously.  He said the Rec Committee would meet next Wednesday to discuss things. He said perhaps some compensated help would be in order. 

Nicole Chan said she did not want to blame anyone and would like to help solve the problems.  She said there have been some issues she has seen in the more than one year she’s been involved in the rec program, including some structural things and organizational matters.  She said the vision for the program has not really been the practice and urged the Selectmen to have more of a connection with the rec program on the ground level. 

Gary asked Mr. Stone if he wished to meet with the committee before meeting with the Selectmen.  Mr. Stone said that was accurate, but anyone is welcome to attend the committee meeting, and he encouraged Mrs. Chan to attend next Wednesday.  He said it would be appropriate to have a committee meeting before bringing something to the Selectmen. 

Gary asked if the school board is in the loop with the rec committee.  Mr. Stone said the school board is involved only to the extent of getting the OK when using school facilities.  He said there is a strong liaison with Patti Haslam being on the rec committee. 

Nathan said when the Selectmen first established the committee it was in reaction to coordination of facility time at the school.  He said he thinks the rec committee has struggled because it is trying to do too much.  He said there needs to be somebody in charge, and he realizes it is a volunteer committee.  He advised the committee not to bite off too much.   Mr. Stone said he agreed with Nathan, and he had been coordinating things with the school and administrative assistant Betty Eaton.  He said it’s been a struggle.  He said everyone wants the program, but few are willing to help.  A brief discussion followed.

(At about this point in the meeting the Cable TV channel was rebooted and started operating again).

Jo said the Selectmen do not need to micro-manage the committee.  Mrs. Chan thanked rec committee member Jason Trenholm for his efforts.  She noted that she’d not received the YMCA schedule.  She said maybe having someone in charge is a good idea, but it’s more than a registrar position that is needed.  She said the local rec program is losing people because of difficulties with the organization.  She said it could be much bigger and better.  Bob said sometimes the ball gets dropped, and the town has to face it and fix it.  He said the rec department was envisioned for the entire community, and it’s important for the community’s well-being.

Code Enforcement Officer – Transition Agreement – Nathan moved to sign agreement with Rick Gallegos accepting his resignation as Code Enforcement Officer but agreeing to serve until a new CEO is hired, but no longer than November 1, 2017.  Mr. Gallegos will continue to serve as facilities maintenance director.  Gary 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Gravel Pit Restoration Issues – Stu reported to the Selectmen that the three pit issues that have been before them recently had made some significant progress as follows:

Gott – Little B&H Pit – The property owner has signed a letter stating that pressure treated lumber and OSB was removed prior to covering and planting.  He said that was the only outstanding issue with that pit.

Jordan – King Pit – Stu reported that Planning Board Chair Holt had visited the pit on which a stop work order was issued because the promised vegetation had not grown.  He said the visit followed a phone call from Patrick Jordan saying he had put down loam and replanted and that it was now growing.  He said Mr. Holt confirmed that, and he would recommend that the stop work order be lifted.

MacQuinn – Asher Pit – Stu reported that a message, pictures and other materials had come in the previous say from MacQuinn’s agent, Steve Salsbury, and extensive planting work for restoration had been completed.  He recommended that the pit be observed in a couple of weeks to make sure the planting had been effective.  

He said essentially all three pits had complied with town requests.   No further action was taken.

CEO Search Committee – Gary reported the Search Committee had a good first meeting.  He noted there were two applications, and that the committee extended the deadline to October 1st.  He said the committee will meet again on October 3rd. 

Water Testing – Blunt’s Pond – Jo noted a test kit was on the table tonight.  Bob said he will report on the test results when he gets a chance to complete it. A brief discussion followed.

Salt/Sand Shed – Stu reported that the engineer has received a report from the engineer who inspected the broken trusses and awaits the final report from Mr. Kiser.

Requests for proposals – Stu reported that he had drafted three requests for proposals, including Solid Waste transportation, recycling, and snow plowing.  He said he broke the solid waste and recycling into separate RFP’s, and the recycling would allow for a zero-sort proposal.  Bob noted that the snow plow RFP includes a performance review in the sample contract.  Stu said he extensively re-worded the plowing contract to highly encourage a salt-priority program.  He asked the Selectmen to review all three RFP’s for a future meeting so they can be sent out and due back around the first of next year.

Lamoine Quarterly- Stu said he’s not yet started the next edition, but would shortly.  He said the subscription base is pretty low as he’s not sent out subscription reminders in a while, but there are fewer than 30-copies mailed out now.  He said most of the access is on line, picked up at the town hall, or sent home with school students.  Selectmen said they favored keeping the print edition going.

Community Center/Aging – Jo asked if anything had been done about setting up a community center committee.  Nathan said the Board talked about forming one in the fall. Jo asked if the Selectmen were ready to appoint a committee.  Kathleen said she’s had some people express interest, but they’re not yet available.  Jo said there is some energy around the community center idea, and it plays well into the all ages concept.  She asked have it placed on the next agenda and to ask around for interest in serving.  A discussion followed regarding recruitment of committee members. 

Jo said she’s been working on initiative regarding aging in the Ellsworth and Blue Hill area, and said she was curious if this might be more of a regional issue.  She mentioned a couple of events that are upcoming. A brief discussion followed.

Bob said he attended an event in Augusta the previous say, and he read from the inventive solutions portion of some programming material.  He said an intergenerational community center concept where older folks and younger folks mix seems to work well.

Elected Officials Meeting Issue – Stu said he would mention the age friendly community idea to the League of Towns meeting when putting together the agenda for the meeting in Somesville in October.

Board nominees – Municipal Review Committee – no names were suggested.

Garden behind fire station – Stu reported the fire chief was in favor of a school garden to be located behind the fire station.  The Selectmen had no objection.

Next Meetings – The Board will meet on the following dates:

October:  5 & 19

November: 2, 16 and 30

December: 14

January 4 & 18

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst.