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Bob Christie Kathleen Rybarz  
 Minutes - October 5, 2017

Vice Chair Gary McFarland called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present were:  Selectmen Robert Christie, Nathan Mason, Gary McFarland, Kathleen Rybarz, S. Josephine Cooper (arrived 7:07 PM), Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Fire Chief George “Skip” Smith

Agenda Review – Chair Jo Cooper had informed the board she would be late and requested that code enforcement items be postponed until she could arrive.

Minutes – September 21, 2017 – Nathan moved to approve the minutes as written.  Bob 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0.

Expenditure Warrant 8 – Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $99,112.16.  Stu reported roughly $72,000 was for school expenses.

Cash and Budget Reports – There were no questions regarding the printed reports.

Checking Account Reconciliation – Selectmen signed the form expressing satisfaction with the review of the reconciliation which had been sent via e-mail prior to the meeting.

Excise Tax Report – The Board reviewed the printed report.  Stu said the trend of significant excise increases continued for the first quarter of the new fiscal year.

State Valuation – A brief discussion ensued about the proposed state valuation for the town at $272,400,000.  No action was necessary.

(Selectmen Cooper arrived at this point)

Investment Strategy – Stu reported that First Advisors had suggested investing some of the town funds differently in order to see a bigger yield.  After a brief discussion no action was taken.

Budget – Stu reported the Budget Committee will hold its organizational meeting on October 23, 2017.  He asked if there were any large items contemplated other than a possible ladder truck purchase.  Jo said it would help to have the capital improvement plan.  Nathan noted the town hall foundation fund and the 150th celebration.  Jo said there has been a lot of talk about a community center.  It was noted that the town hall foundation might be the start of a community center effort.

There was a brief discussion about the potential search for an alternate Budget Committee member.

Ladder Truck – Fire Chief Smith reported that he was in contact with the broker for a truck in the Vancouver British Columbia area and made an offer of $100,000 for the ladder truck, plus shipping costs.  He said the truck was listed for $149,000, and the broker accepted the offer the chief made.  He said the truck would come with a pump and ladder certification form.

Stu reported three people traveled to Squamish, BC to look over the truck earlier in the week.  Chief Smith said the truck was in excellent condition, possibly in better shape than Ellsworth’s ladder truck, and there was no rust on it. 

Gary asked if the plan was to use the same broker to sell Lamoine’s truck.  Chief Smith said the department met last night and would like to dispose of Tanker 404, the oldest truck in the fleet, and retain Pumper 401.  He said with the town’s permission, they would look for a buyer for Tanker 404. He said the fire department corporation would provide the 10% down payment, and the proceeds of the sale of Tanker 404 would be used to lower the town’s cost for the new truck.  He said that would be about $92,000. A brief discussion followed on the condition of Pumper 401.

Gary asked if the proposed ladder truck would fit inside the fire station.  Chief Smith answered that it would. 

Jo asked there has been any thought at all about building a new fire station, and a discussion followed about a future community center. 

Bob asked about training on the new truck. Chief Smith said the broker and Ellsworth fire would both provide training. 

Nathan asked how high the ladder is, and whether it would fit on Lamoine’s roads.  Chief Smith said it’s a 75-foot ladder, and while some roads would be a squeeze, it would fit on them. 

Stu said the next step would be for the Selectmen to authorize the fire chief to make the down payment.  A brief discussion followed. 

Bob said to him it was a safety issue.  He said most of the town seems to support the fire department.  Kathleen noted that one injury to a firefighter would potentially cost more than the truck. 

Gary moved to authorize the Lamoine Volunteer Fire Department to make the 10% down payment on the truck.  Jo 2nd. 

Nathan referred to the former Columbia Falls fire department which has now become a regional fire station and asked if there has been consideration to regionally purchasing fire equipment.  He mentioned the town’s rescue boat and suggested getting together with other towns to purchase apparatus.  A lengthy discussion followed.

Nathan said the town seems to be spending a lot of money on fire equipment, with the ladder truck being the latest.  He said he was concerned about cost, and whether the mutual aid partners are not purchasing apparatus because they know that Lamoine will.  A discussion about regionalization followed.  Nathan said the town is blessed to have the volunteers that it does.  Jo said she would like to talk with other communities to see about cost sharing.

Vote in favor was 5-0.

Regional Officials Meeting – Stu said the meeting is a week from tonight at the Somesville fire station.  Joe and Bob said they would try to attend.

CEO Search Update – Gary gave a brief update of where the search committee stood with their process.  He said they would meet with applicants on Monday, October 9th.  Nathan asked if there were multiple applicants. Stu said there were two candidates the committee chose to interview.

Release – Pit Reclamation – Stu explained that Doug Gott & Sons, Inc. has requested the town issue a release from the notice of intent to reclaim a gravel pit filed at the registry of deeds because it creates an encumbrance on the property. Nathan asked if that released the former permit holder from all obligations.   Kathleen said the town is to inspect the pit in a year to ensure vegetation is growing.  There was discussion about adding a clause subjecting the release to a final inspection.  Selectmen instructed Stu to communicate with Gott’s agent regarding the vegetation inspection.  No action took place

RF Jordan – Stu said the Planning Board chair has reported that the revegetation on the former King Pit was growing and adequate.  He said that would mean that the restoration is in compliance and the stop work order could be lifted.  Nathan moved to request the Code Enforcement Officer rescind the stop work order.  Gary 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Asher Pit – Stu said he was not sure of the status of the vegetation at this time.  No action was taken.

Building and Land Use Ordinance Table – Stu briefly outlined the changes proposed by the Planning Board at the previous meeting.  Gary moved to inform the Planning Board that they are authorized to continue the ordinance amendment process. Jo 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Recreation Committee – Nathan moved to appoint Nicole Chan to the Recreation Commission, her term to expire in June, 2018. Bob 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Deputy Animal Control Officer – Stu reported that ACO Shannon Byers was in need of a backup for a few weeks and recommended Diana de los Santos who is Bar Harbor’s ACO and a backup in Trenton.  He said he spoke with Ms. De los Santos earlier in the day and she is agreeable to do that.  Jo moved to appoint Diana de los Santos as the Deputy Animal Control Officer.  Kathleen 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Requests for Proposal – The board said it has reviewed the draft RFP’s for trash hauling, recycling and snow plowing and found no changes to make and said it would be OK to move forward. 

Lamoine Quarterly Stu reported he had only been able to complete 3-pages thus far but would endeavor to get it done and e-mailed for editing next week. 

Electronic Sign – Stu reported the sign should be installed next week.  Selectmen said they would like to do a small ceremony to publicize the installation/unveiling. Stu said he would try to pin down a time for that to happen.

Sheriff’s Patrol – Selectmen reviewed information from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department regarding patrol contracts and took no action. 

Salt/Sand Shed Engineering Report – Stu said the report arrived earlier this week and the repair looks relatively simple.  He said he gave a copy to Richard McMullen and Mr. McMullen indicated that he could probably do it.  There was no objection.

Appeals Board Ordinance – Selectmen received a draft ordinance from the Board of Appeals to make the appeals process universal for all ordinances.  He asked that the Selectmen look it over and bring comments.  He said the Appeals Board has asked that the draft be distributed to all appropriate town boards for comment.

Cable TV – Stu reported the CTV switcher at the town hall malfunctioned while he was dusting out the inside and it has been sent away for repair and should be back next Tuesday.  He said the machine had overheated during some recent meetings and that’s why it did not properly televise the previous Selectmen’s meeting.

Stu reported that Connectivity Point had been to the school earlier in the day and believes that have resolved the issue keeping the system from operating properly. 

Possible Land Use Ordinance Violation – Nathan asked about a pair of pictures printed and placed in the packet.  Stu said it was in regard to a building placed on a property off Shore Road for which no permit was obtained.  He said a Notice of Violation has not yet been written by the Code Enforcement Officer.

Executive Session – Jo moved to enter executive session pursuant to 1MRSA 405(6)(a).  Nathan 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0 at 8:27 PM.  Out at 8:38 PM.

Special Meeting – The Board set Tuesday, October 10, 2017 to hold a special meeting for an executive session and to possible appoint a new Code Enforcement Officer provided there is a recommendation from the CEO Search Sub-Committee. 

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:39 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen