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 Minutes - April 19, 2018

Chair Nathan Mason called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present were:  Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Nathan Mason, Gary McFarland, Kathleen Rybarz, Robert Christie; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Conservation Commission Chair Larissa Thomas, Appeals Board Alternate member Michael Jordan, and member of the public Wynne Guglielmo

Agenda Review/Addendum – No changes were proposed to the published agenda or addendum.

Minutes – April 5, 2018 – Jo moved to approve the minutes with one minor typo correction.  Gary 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Expenditure Warrant 22 – Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $134,463.02.  Stu noted the school and snow plowing expenses made up the bulk of the warrant.

Cash and Budget Reports – Bob asked about boat excise tax collections being under budget.  Stu said the bulk of watercraft excise is collected in May and June and the “expected” column simply applies the percentage of the year that has passed to the total budget.  Bob asked about Recreation Committee Revenue.  Stu said the committee has run some of their programs through other agencies, so there is less revenue coming in, but fewer expenses as well.

Installment Agreement – Stu reported that he tried to make contact with the party who agreed to make payments on a foreclosed property.  He said the phone number he had on file was not functioning.  He said the first payment due on April 15 has not been received, so he will write to the person.

Landfill well testing – Bob moved to accept the proposal from MAI Environmental to test the landfill perimeter wells.  Jo 2nd.  Stu reported that the testing was budgeted last year but didn’t take place because of a miscommunication.  He said the testing was not budgeted for this year but is for next year.  He said there will be plenty in the solid waste budget to cover the cost. Vote in favor was 5-0.

Appeals Board Appointments – Jo noted that one of the candidates for the board was unable to attend the meeting this evening.  She said she’s excited to see multiple people willing to serve and asked if any of the candidates were willing to serve on the Budget Committee. 

Larissa Thomas asked about the functions of the Budget Committee.  Jo said there are important things coming up.  Kathleen asked if the Appeals Board should have more than one Alternate Member and a brief discussion followed.  Nathan noted that three people have applied for full membership.  Mrs. Thomas explained the reason for her desire to serve.  Current Alternate Michael Jordan said he was interested in becoming a full member.  Kathleen noted that applicant Karen Hood was unable to attend the meeting tonight.

Gary moved to appoint Michael Jordan as the full member until June 30, 2021 and Larissa Thomas as an alternate member until June 30, 2021.  Jo 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.

Citizen Request – Speed Limit/Infrastructure Committee – Wynne Guglielmo said she hears a lot of concern around town about speeding, especially on Lamoine Beach Road and Shore Road.  She said she would like to start a committee to study the speed limits and issues around them.  There was a lengthy discussion about how fast people drive and the various speed limits around town. 

Stu said the Maine Department of Transportation and the State Police Chief set the speed limits.  He said speeding drivers are a law enforcement issue, and the town has no local police department.

Jo said she’s not against looking at the posted speed limits, but a sign is not likely to make much of a difference in driving habits.  Another lengthy discussion followed.

Ms. Guglielmo said she plans to ask the state police to use her driveway to set up for speed monitoring.  Jo said she doubts that they would take her up on the offer for a significant amount of time.  She said she would hate to have a committee got to a lot of effort with no effect.    Kathleen said there are ways to catch people speeding without patrols. 

Ms. Guglielmo said she would like to gather data in a scientific way to present to MDOT.  She said there are also issues with improper passing.  Nathan said that’s an enforcement issue.  Jo said a speed monitoring camera is a good idea.  Nathan said if people are speeding, they’re breaking the law, and that requires more enforcement.  He said it’s no secret that people are speeding.  More discussion followed. 

Jo said public safety is the town’s duty.  Bob said he’d like to see compliance with the posted speed limits, but another committee would likely be a waste of time.  He said the Selectboard agrees there is a concern about highway speed, but he’s not eager to form another committee.  He suggested that Ms. Guglielmo could communicate data to the Board of Selectmen.  Ms. Guglielmo suggested that she might start a petition to present to the MDOT and State Police.  Bob said he’s sure the state police get a constant stream of speeding complaints.  There was a discussion about how to look into lowering and enforcement speed limits and past experience of how it has worked. 

Nathan suggested inquiring about certain sections of road to request MDOT do a density study for an appropriate speed limit.  Jo said re-engineering and construction of wider roads with bike paths would help tremendously, but the state has no money in its budget to do so.   Kathleen suggested that a task force could be formed if need be. 

Stu asked if it was correct to summarize that Ms. Guglielmo or a citizen group could communicate concerns to the Board of Selectmen regarding particular stretches of roads. Several board members agreed that was accurate.  A brief discussion followed about problem areas.

Stormwater Issues – Bob said the Comprehensive Planning Committee has looked at stormwater matters, and those are generally issues in communities where there is a lot of paved and impervious area.  He said the committee did not find any serious issues in Lamoine.  A brief discussion followed.

Local Business Directory – Ms. Guglielmo asked if that matter could move forward.  Nathan said if a citizen wants to create an on-line business directory, the town’s website could easily place a link to it.  Ms. Guglielmo said she and others could start a list and they’ve had an offer from a new resident to help do a website.  Kathleen said she’s begun a database of sorts.  She said they would have to ask each business whether they wish to be included.  Kathleen and Ms. Guglielmo said they would work on it.

Recycling – Nathan said the first weekend was a grand success.  He asked if there is too much material for a weekend, would the overflow have to go in the trash dumpsters.  Stu said that would be correct.  There was a lengthy discussion about compaction.

Bob said there is concern about the height of the roll-offs being difficult for some people to reach.  Michael Jordan said a compactor would likely require 3-phase power.  Bob said the town has to gather information about how much material is coming in and compaction options.  There was a brief discussion about plastic bags. 

Jo asked about a possible future multi-town operation being located at the transfer station, possibly involving Hancock and Trenton.  There was a brief discussion.

Stu asked if the town was interested in obtaining additional household recycling bins.  After a brief discussion, the Board asked that this be referred to the Conservation Commission.

Solar Array – Stu reported he spoke with Revision Energy in Waldo County earlier in the week.  He explained that they would like the town’s power bills for the past year or two to determine how big an array to build.  He said the power “sold” to the grid would be offset against the electric consumption by the town buildings, and private investors are sought to pay for the project so the investors can take tax credits, then eventually the town would purchase the array. 

Selectmen asked to keep moving forward.  There was a brief discussion about the location of a solar array and mowing the capped landfill.  Stu said he would work on getting the power bills scanned and to Revision with an aim toward meeting with them at a later date.

School Budget – Stu said the Budget Committee meets Monday with the School Committee, but he’s not received any information from the school department yet.  He noted this is school vacation week.  Jo asked if the numbers on the draft warrant were accurate.  Stu said no, those were last year’s numbers.

Cable TV – Stu reported the channel at the school is hooked up but not yet active, and there are still some issues with the system that’s been installed on our end.  He said the channel will be active very soon.

Stu reported that Spectrum has written to the town to say that a digital upgrade will require everyone to have a box to see the CTV channels.  He said the town hall and fire station will both need “the box”.

Lamoine Quarterly – Stu thanked the board for their editing assistance and noted the paper is printed as of today.

Request from Planning Board for Warrant Articles – Nathan said he’d like time to digest the proposed amendments to the Building and Land Use Ordinance and Gravel Ordinance suggested by the Planning Board.  Stu said he put the draft on the proposed warrant.  He suggested that if any Selectmen had concerns they directly contact the Planning Board Chair.

Road Projects – Selectmen briefly reviewed a memorandum outlining road projects that need doing.  Stu said he followed up on road concerns received over the winter to generate the list and planned to do a full road ride in the next few weeks for a more extensive list.  Nate expressed concern about the height of road shoulders that got plowed up during the March storms.

Fire Truck Sale – Selectmen reviewed a purchase and sale agreement to the Town of Winter Harbor Fire Department to purchase Tanker 404 when Lamoine’s new ladder truck arrives.  Gary noted the sale price was more than he had expected.  Mike Jordan said there was a fair amount of interest in the tanker.

Next Meeting – Several members said they were tied up on May 17th and the board opted to meet the night before (May 16) following the special town meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen