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 Minutes - September 27, 2018


Vice-Chair Gary McFarland called the meeting to order at 6:42 PM.


Present were Selectmen Gary McFarland, Kathleen Rybarz, S. Josephine Cooper, Nathan Mason (arrived 6:43 PM); Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, Town Clerk/Tax Collector Jennifer Kovacs, Comprehensive Planning Committee Chair Fred Stocking and Ken Smith.  Selectmen Robert Christie had notified the board at the previous meeting that he would be unable to attend.


Comprehensive Planning Update – Comprehensive Planning Committee Chair Fred Stocking said there would need to be a public hearing prior to submitting the Comprehensive Plan to the Board of Selectmen in order to schedule a special town meeting.  He said the committee has proposed holding the hearing at the Lamoine Consolidated School on November 12, 2018, which is a federal holiday. 


Mr. Stocking noted the hearing date is just before the proposed board chairs date to meet with the Selectmen on November 15, 2018.  He said the Comprehensive Planning Committee would preside over the hearing unless the Selectmen wished to.  He said it’s the committee’s hope to finish up the plan draft tomorrow morning and to finalize it next Thursday.


Mr. Stocking said the committee would gather comments at the public hearing and decide if changes are needed. He said if the changes are not substantive, with reasonable notice the committee would print the changes and with reasonable notice hold another public hearing.  He said once the changes are done, the matter can go to town meeting. 


Mr. Stocking said once the town approves, it becomes the Comprehensive Plan of the town, and it would be submitted to the State of Maine for certification approval.  He said if the State is OK with the plan, the town would become eligible for state grants. 


Kathleen asked if Veterans’ Day is a problem.  Gary said it shouldn’t be – the plan is to hold a small ceremony in the morning.  There was no objection from the Selectmen.  Discussion followed regarding town meeting timing.


Employee Recognition – Town Clerk & Tax Collector Jennifer Kovacs-Lord was recognized for her 15-years of service to the Town of Lamoine.  Nathan presented her with a certificate and cupcakes were shared as Selectmen noted her stellar service to the community.


Recycling – Ken Smith reviewed a cost analysis of compacted versus non-compacted recycling and explained a pair of spreadsheets he developed.   His recommendation was to install a compactor in order to significantly decrease the shipping frequency for the recycling containers. 


Mr. Smith said he talked with officials in the Town of Otisfield which just started compacting recycling a few months ago, and they were very pleased with the outcome.  He said he would like to travel to Otisfield to evaluate their system.  A discussion followed regarding the expected tonnage being recycled.  Another brief discussion followed about ways to reduce contamination. 


Jo said it was OK with her if Mr. Smith wished to drive to Otisfield.  Stu said the town would reimburse him for mileage and meals.  Nathan said it would be helpful for Mr. Smith to look over the entire transfer station layout in Otisfield.   


Minutes – September 13, 2018 – Gary moved to approve the minutes as written.  Nathan 2nd.  Vote in favor 4-0.


Expenditure warrant 7 – Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $267,579.07.  Stu noted the county tax bill and school warrants were included.  Jo noted the county budget is now available for review.  Nathan asked about the bill for boat maintenance.  Stu said it was for routine maintenance.  Jo asked why there were two invoices for the shoulders on Seal Point Road.  Stu said McMullen Landscaping did work over two billing periods.


Cash and Budget Report – There were no questions regarding the printed report.


Foreclosed Property – Stu reported the town attorney has arranged for service of a notice to quit.  Nathan noted the effective date is October 1st.


General Assistance Ordinance – Nathan opened the public hearing at 7:15 PM.  Jo asked what changes were proposed.  Stu said it was the annual poverty figure update from the State of Maine.  There were no other comments.  The hearing closed at 7:16 PM.  Nathan moved to adopt the amended ordinances.  Kathleen 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0, Selectmen present signed the ordinance.


Town Meeting Schedule – Kathleen reported the Planning Board had a few minor references to change in the proposed Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.  She said the cluster housing change that is being proposed to the Building and Land Use Ordinance is a major one.  Stu explained the current cluster housing standard requires municipal water and sewer, but none exists in town.  He said the new standard would require shared water and sewer which could open up the town to cluster housing.


Nathan said until the Planning Board is finished, a town meeting date cannot be set.  Kathleen said the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance has some big changes that the state wants and explained what some of those are.  She said the State has reviewed the draft ordinance and approved the draft version.  She said the town ought to consider doing something sooner rather than later. 


Nathan said he would prefer to have the special town meeting for the Comprehensive Plan to be an issue unto itself.  He said the Selectmen could set date(s) at the October 11, 2018 meeting. 

Appointment – Technology Committee – Gary moved to appoint Justin Zinke to the Technology Committee as recommended by that committee.  Jo 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0.


Smoking Policy – Jo said the problem with any public policy is enforcement.  A discussion followed on whether to change the current policy.  Jo said she favored something similar to the amended policy offered by Healthy Acadia entitled the Smoking and Tobacco Use policy.  Nathan said there should be no smoking on any town property.  Discussion followed regarding enforcement and signage.  Selectmen requested that Stu draft a policy for consideration based on the Healthy Acadia policy. Stu noted that Marlboro Beach had not been included in the proposed Health Acadia policy.


Municipal Review Committee – Cash Fund – Stu noted that the town received payment of $104,836.94 from the Municipal Review Committee which was for withdrawing from the organization.  He suggested moving the withdrawal funds to a separate bank fund.  There were no objections.


League of Towns – Elected Officials Meeting – Kathleen said she would like to attend the meeting on October 18th in Somesville.  Stu said he would let the League of Towns know.


MDOT Speed Sign – Gary moved to request a speed monitoring sign from MDOT.  Jo 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0.


Sheds – Nathan said the Recreation Committee has expressed some interest in using the storage sheds moved onto the former Anderson property.  He said if the Rec Committee wishes to use them, they will need to be maintained.  He requested that the Rec Committee discuss them at their next meeting.  He said if there is no interest, the town could try to sell the buildings.


Staffing – Selectmen asked about payroll services. Stu said he checked with the town’s bank and it’s $50/pay period, and he’s not sure that it will save all that much hassle.  Jo said the proposal for an additional person at the town office seems reasonable, but she doesn’t love the idea of adding a position.  The board discussed possible job descriptions and whether the proposed position could start as part time.  Stu said assessing help and board support would play into the proposed job description. Kathleen suggested website maintenance.  After extensive discussion, the board asked Stu to formulate a job description.


Budget Needs 2019/20 – The board discussed adding the following to the 2018/19 Budget:


Lamoine Quarterly – Stu reported he has not yet been able to start drafting the quarterly.


Letter from Lamoine Beach area property owners – Nathan said he was glad to get the feedback from the people who own property next to Lamoine Beach.  Jo asked if there was any action to take.  Stu said they requested a sign delineating public and private property.  Nate said the website could offer some public education.  Kathleen mentioned a brochure that is available about public and private waterfront rights. Gary suggested linking to that on the website.  There was a brief discussion about updating the kiosks at the parks.


Ladder Truck – Stu reported the fire department’s ladder truck will not be here by October 11th.  Jo suggested the meeting on October 25 be held at the fire station instead. 


Cluster Housing – Selectmen reviewed an e-mail received from a Florida man interested in development cluster housing and inquiring if the Building and Land Use Ordinance changes proposed would be sent to town meeting soon.  Nathan signed a letter that was drafted as a reply to the inquirer. 


Notice of Violation – Stu reported that the Code Enforcement Officer has sent a Notice of Violation to the owners of several shorefront lots that alleged serious vegetation cutting violations.  Kathleen said the town should take the alleged violations very seriously.


Needles Eye Road Situation – Stu reported he and the Animal Control Officer responded to a complaint of stray cats at a Needles Eye Road residence.  He said the man living on the property reported his water was not working.  He said he reported the situation to the caretaker for the home, and it would apparently be addressed next week.  He said the ACO was able to capture the mother cat, but at least two kittens were living in a lumber pile and were very elusive.


Harbor Ordinance Proposed Amendment – Stu said he would like to propose an amendment to the Harbor Ordinance to deal with delayed acceptance of moorings by those on the waiting list.  He said he is waiting for input from the Harbor Master.


Scholarship Award Thank-yous – Selectmen received thank you letters from Hodgkins Scholarship award recipients Samantha Mason and Zachary Galeaz.


Next Meetings – The Board will meet next on October 11 at the town hall, October 25 at the fire station, November 15 (Board chairs meeting) and November 29 at the town hall.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen