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 Minutes - October 11, 2018


Chair Nathan Mason called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


Present were:  Selectmen S. Josephine Cooper, Nathan Mason, Robert Christie, Gary McFarland, Kathleen Rybarz; Administrative Assistant Stu Marckoon, and Appeals Board/Comp Plan Committee Member Michael Jordan


Agenda No changes were proposed to the printed agenda.  There was no addendum.


Minutes – September 27, 2018 – Jo moved to approve the minutes as written.  Gary 2nd.  Vote in favor was 4-0 (Christie abstained).


Expenditure Warrant 8 – Selectmen signed the warrant in the amount of $216,025.47.  Stu explained that the ladder truck payment is on the warrant so a check will be ready when the truck arrives in a few days.  Nathan asked about the Meridian Ambulance payment will be changing its name or corporate structure given the changes at the now Northern Light (former Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems) operation.  Stu said he was not sure, but he got a W-9 form from Meridian.


Budget Reports – Stu reported he has closed out the budget year 2017/18 finally.  He said there will be audit adjustments.  There were no questions about that fiscal year or the current 2018/19 fiscal year reports. 


Checking Account Reconciliation – Selectmen signed the statement expressing satisfaction with the September 30, 2018 checking account reconciliation which had been e-mailed prior to the meeting.


Excise Tax Quarterly Report – Nathan said the numbers look good and asked if collections are still brisk.  Stu reported things in October tend to slow down and that’s the case this year so far.  There was an inquiry into number of transactions processed.  Stu said all the voided forms are included in the number of transactions, and since the state conversion to an electronic form, the number of voids is far fewer than typing out the multi-part form.


Foreclosed Property – Stu reported that he spoke with one of the heirs of the foreclosed property and it’s their intent to catch the payments up to date, but they wanted a deadline to do so.  Kathleen said she would like to see something by the next meeting on October 25th and payment by the end of the month.  Jo said the end of the month seems reasonable.  After discussion, the board was of the consensus that an update is due on the 25th and payment up to date by the end of the October.


State Valuation – There was a discussion regarding the State of Maine town valuation which for 2019 will rise to $279,250,000.


Comprehensive Plan Funding – Stu reported there was a concern by the Chair of the Comp Plan Committee that printing costs would exceed the amount that was encumbered.  He said if that happened, the printing costs could be absorbed in the administration budget.  He said the cost to print the final draft before the public hearing was less than expected.


Town Meeting DatesComprehensive Plan – Stu said he would advise waiting until after the November 12, 2018 public hearing before putting the matter to a town vote.  He said the Board expressed a desire to have the town meeting where approval is sought to be a single issue meeting.


OrdinancesStu reminded the board that ordinances may be adopted either by referendum or at open town meeting, and if a referendum is the option, a public hearing must be held ahead of time.  Selectmen indicated a desire to have the ordinances put to open town meeting.


Michael Jordan said he has a problem with the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance because there is no map provided.  He said if there is going to be a new map, the public needs to be able to see it. He said he inquired about any zoning changes and got 4-different answers.   Kathleen said there was a hearing in September, but no map was provided.  Bob said a Shoreland Zoning map is required by the state, and it’s unclear whether the new ordinance will use the current zoning map or make some changes.   Mr. Jordan said he heard that Archer’s Brook was added, but he was not sure which part, and without a map, it’s impossible to see what the ordinance envisions. 


Gary moved to postpone setting a meeting date until such time as the Planning Board has prepared a map to accompany the proposed ordinance.  Nathan 2nd.  Vote in favor was 5-0.


Stu reported the Board of Appeals plans to finalize its proposed ordinance later this month.  A lengthy discussion followed, including about the impact on existing ordinances.  Kathleen suggested that the Appeals Board Ordinance draft be supplied for the department heads/board chairs meeting. 


Nathan asked if there was any feedback regarding the proposed amendment to the Harbor Ordinance.  Stu reported he supplied the Harbor Master with a copy and an oral explanation, and the Harbor Master indicated that it sounded OK but wanted to look it over.


Budget – Stu said the budget adjustments had to do with Code Enforcement and the possible installation of a compactor for recycling at the transfer station.  A brief discussion followed regarding the withdrawal payment from the Municipal Review Committee, the rate reduction from the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company, progress on the Fiberight plant and recycling.


Selectmen did not set any dates for town meetings.


Notice of Violation – Stu reported that Code Enforcement Officer Rebecca Albright met with the principals of K&T Rentals the previous day in regard to the violation at the Sunset Bay subdivision.  He said the notice gave them until October 15th to obtain a plan from a forester and until November 15th to implement the plan.  He said that CEO Albright granted K&T a 1-month extension following the meeting.


Smoking Policy – Stu reported he attempted to draft an updated smoking policy.  There was a discussion about smoking inside vehicles at town facilities.  Mr. Jordan asked who would enforce the policy.  Stu said the draft would refer violations to the Board of Selectmen. He said he would like to circulate the draft policy among the employees for comment.


MDOT Speed Sign – Selectmen noted that the Department of Transportation replied that “we’re in”.  A brief discussion followed on possible locations for the sign.


Lamoine Quarterly – Stu reported he made good progress on the publication earlier in the day and would e-mail a draft for comment soon.


Ladder Truck – Mr. Jordan confirmed the new ladder truck would start making its journey east next week, and should be at the fire station for the next Selectmen’s meeting.


Budget Workshop – Selectmen reviewed a preliminary draft of the Administration Budget.


County Budget - Jo asked for opinions on a proposal to include a school resource officer in the County Budget and whether payment for such was included in the Lamoine School’s budget.  A brief discussion followed.


Girl Scout Thank-you – Selectmen signed a thank you card to local girl scouts Casey Jordan and Lilly Philbrick for planting the mums at the Veterans’ Memorial.


MDOT Plans – Bob inquired about the markings on Route 184 and Route 204.  Gary said it was a result of a culvert inventory.  Stu said he was told that the marked culverts will have work done in the summer of 2019 so that roads will be ready to pave in 2020.


Next Meetings – The next meeting of the Board of Selectmen will be October 25, 2018 at the Lamoine Fire Station.  The board will meet November 15th with department heads and board chairs, November 29th and December 13th.  The Board discussed having only one meeting in December, reserving a 2nd date if needed.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM.  Following adjournment there was informal discussion on the draft Comprehensive Plan


Respectfully submitted,

Stu Marckoon, Adm. Asst. to the Selectmen