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Town Facility Closure Plan


The Maine Center for Disease Control and the Governor have recommended extreme efforts for social distancing be implemented statewide.  The Lamoine Municipal Government, while small in nature, will implement the following, effective March 20, 2020:


Close the Lamoine Town Office to public use until at least April 1, 2020.


Virtually all municipal services can be accomplished at other than the town office setting with some creativity.   The following municipal services delivery options will take effect:



Alternative 1

Alternative 2

Vehicle Re-registration

On Line Rapid Renewal

Telephone Renewal

New Vehicle Registration

Telephone Processing for transfers

Intercom*/Mail slot

IF&W Registration

On-line for renewals- BOATS

ATVs & Snowmobiles


IF&W New Registrations

Intercom*/Mail Slot


IF&W Licensing

On Line only


Property Tax Payment

On-line payment


Dog Registration



Transfer Station Stickers

Hand out at Transfer Station


Photocopy & Fax

Discontinue offering


Voter Registration

Request by phone, mail


Building Permits



Code Enforcement

In person inspection by appointment


Plumbing Permits



Plumbing Inspection

In person inspection by appointment


Ordinance Consultation

Telephone only


Mooring Renewal

Mail only


Shellfish License

Telephone only


Vital Record Requests

E-mail application, telephone


Lien Payments

Telephone only


Real Estate Inquiry



Notary Services

Discontinue offering


Burn Permits

On Line (state system)


General Assistance

Telephone only


Telephone:  (207) 667-2242.   If the town office is not staffed, call forwarding will be turned on and the administrator's cell phone will ring.  Some information is only available by computer at the town office, so it may not be immediately available.

Mailing address is:  Town of Lamoine, 606 Douglas Highway, Lamoine, ME  04605

*Intercom has been ordered and will only be available after installation.  Knock on the door until such time.  If someone is here, we'll talk to you through the mail slot.


Effective March 20, 2020 All Municipal Board Meetings are canceled until at least April 1, 2020


Exception:  The Board of Selectmen may meet in a pre-announced to the media emergency session.  The meeting room will be arranged in such a way that social distancing is maximized.  Any such meeting will be televised live and streamed.