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Amnesty Offered for Street Sign Return

(Lamoine) – The Lamoine Board of Selectmen is offering to allow the return of street signs and posts that have been “appropriated” from town with no questions asked until January 1, 2012. Folks may leave the signs at the Lamoine Town Hall anonymously either during business hours or after closure by placing them on the doorstep.

The street signs and posts are expensive to replace – approximately $100/each. In early November approximately 14 signs were taken from the Shore Road and Lamoine Beach Road area, and over the years, numerous signs have disappeared. Not only is it a budgetary concern, it's a public safety concern. The signs are vital for helping direct ambulance, police, and fire departments to scenes of an emergency.

Lamoine's signs are either green with white lettering or blue with white lettering, and often are marked with a “Town of Lamoine” label. The amnesty program is a chance for parents and students who may have brought a “souvenir” home to decorate a room, to avoid prosecution. Questions may be directed to the Town Office at 667-2242.