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The town has at its disposal a number of high technology driven resources that can be utilized to operate town government more efficiently and communicate with the public effectively.  All it takes is some imagination, people power and skills that can be learned. To that end, I proposed to the informal Cable TV Committee that perhaps it is time for a technology advisory committee which would make suggestions to the Board of Selectmen regarding items that are beyond the scope of operation of the Cable TV Channel.  Those who have attended the last two meetings have enthusiastically supported such an idea. 

Committee Size, Term:  3-5, appointed by selectmen to staggered 3-year terms.  Serving as ad hoc members would be the CTV manager and the Administrative Assistant.

Meeting Frequency – At least twice a year, possibly at least once per quarter.


  1. Advise the Board of Selectmen regarding the technological operation of the town, including the Cable TV Channel, the town’s website, communications systems, and computer/network operation in the municipal facilities.
  2. Assist the Lamoine Consolidated School with the Cable TV channel setup at the school.
  3. Assist the Lamoine CTV operations manager with show production.
  4. Develop, update, and suggest policies to the Board of Selectmen in regard to technology.
  5. Monitor the Cable TV Franchise Agreement/Ordinance and assist with renewal negotiation.
  6. Prepare a report for the annual Town Report regarding technology activity.

Budget – The tech committee is responsible for suggesting expenditures to the Cable TV to the Board of Selectmen.  Major expenditures (in excess of $500) must be approved by the Selectmen.

Committee Function – The committee will annually select a chair and vice chair.  The Administrative Assistant will serve as the Secretary of the Committee, keeping minutes, preparing agendas, and notifying the public/committee of the same.