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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes - February 21, 2007

The committee met on February 21, 2007, called to order by Jo and we approved minutes submitted for meeting November 29, 2006.

Members present: Jo Cooper, Reggie McDevitt, George “Skip” Smith, Kathy De Fusco, Marion and Walt McFarland.

Public in attendance: Brett Jones.

Location and discussion about “ Butler pit”, correction to committee made and should be known as “ Hagen pit”.

Stu Marckoon made copies of site wastewater disposal system application, dated October 3, 1991 for the committee's research on Memorial Site location by flag at Town Hall.

A resident inquired if the the Memorial was to be dedicated to all veterans, Civil War to present. We stated this is purpose of our Memorial. We do not intend to have names but Brass plaques of all Branches of the Service with Our Thanks, Pride and Respect for all that they have done.

Skip will inquire to several people about the surrounding granite producers and ask Jay Fowler to come to next meeting to give us probability of installing the site without interference to the septic area. A vote on the location was not made at this time. Research is needed by architects for the design and placement. We have composed a sketch of the Memorial but not voted on yet. Kathy will ask Wieninger Monuments to be present with material and help in the design formalities.

Jo will present a letter to the Town at Town Meeting on March 7, 2007 from the committee of our intents and put copy in the next quarterly.

Jo would like the public to know anyone wishing to be on the committee, please call the town hall or be present at our meetings. Everyone is welcomed.

Meeting adjourned at 815 pm.

Next meeting scheduled on March 21, 2007, 7 pm @ Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Secretary