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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of July 18, 2007

Members Present: Jo Cooper, Kathleen DeFusco, Jay Fowler, Ken Fredette, Reggie McDevitt, Marion McFarland and Walt McFarland.

Public Present: Chuck McDonald, Daphine McDonald, Nancy Dumas and Gerald Dumas.

The committee met on July 18, 2007, calling the meeting to order at 710 pm by Jo Cooper. Minutes read and approved.

Marion had spoken to Fred Wieninger about the cost and size of bricks to use as fund raising for the memorial. Examples of bricks from the Ellsworth Park by photo were provided to us.

Jay brought to the committee's attention that some residents felt the bricks should only be from Lamoine Veterans. A long discussion followed by the public present and committee members. The committee's suggestion of the brick program was for fund raising.

Committee members discussed who in town might be interested in donating.

Reggie had brought his example of the 2 gallon jug to be placed at different locations for fund raising. He also asked if the letter of thank you had been sent to Freshwater Stone.

Members on the committee will work on creating the list of Veterans from Lamoine and have ready for the next meeting.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

Meeting adjourned at 825 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y