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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes - May 23, 2007 (Draft, subject to change)

Members Present: Jo Cooper, Kathleen De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Ken Fredette, Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walt McFarland.

Public Present: Dennis Ford

The committee met on May 23, 2007. Meeting called to order at 710 pm by Jo and minutes were read and approved for April 25, 2007 meeting.

Motions made and seconded to approve the following:

  1. “North side of Town Hall for the site of Memorial.
  2. The design rendered by Mr. Fred Wieninger.
  3. Accept Wieninger Monuments for the work.
  4. Curved benches as designed with wording.
  5. Use Vermont stone as recommended.

Motion made and seconded to approve wording on monument as designed with wording change, six (6) yes and one (1) no. Monument will read “LAMOINE HONORS ALL WHO SERVED THEIR COUNTRY”.

Dennis Ford wanted the committee to recognize The Merchant Marines be included. The committee discussed what the status of those who served. Finding the information on the site of . that the WWII Veterans have a “Limited Status”, so we felt there was no question but to include them. After a long discussion on their commitment to the country, a motion was made and seconded to have a plaque added. We thanked Dennis for his interest, comments and taking the time to involve our committee.

We discussed the many ways of fund raising. To date we have come up with cobblestone or pavers, personal pledges, grant writing, voters list, letters to local VFW, American Legion, Elks, Masons, Knights of Columbus, and Ellsworth HS Alumni.

It was agreed by the committee to ask the Lamoine School children to help in various ways. Possibly a concert put on by our school band. Also helping with the landscaping, once the monument is set. We felt this would be beneficial to their education of history and to our hope that they will realize how important our Veterans are to us.

Jo will contact Fred Wieninger by telephone to discuss the decisions made and will look into letter writing for grants. We will send a letter of thank you to Freshwater Stone for their time given and interest.

Next meeting suggested was for June 20 but is subject to change.

Meeting adjourned at 815 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y