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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of January 3, 2008

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathleen De Fusco, Jay Fowler , Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walton McFarland.

Merle Bragdon recorded our meeting.

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Jo. Minutes from November 28, 2007 meeting were read and approved.

Marion had contacted Richard Saunders from local VFW and stated they do donate and will possibly work with us to obtain other funding. Also contacted Val Perkins, Principal of Lamoine Consolidated School and states the children should take an interest in helping with our memorial. Val also knows the person in Tremont who has helped with other funding for memorials. We like to thank Lamoine School for putting an article in the Friday paper for the children to bring home to parents and grandparents.

Jo wanted to know if anyone had followed up with the schools interests, the Lamoine Quarterly will have an article in for the January issue, and had anyone started letters to the editor of local papers or contacted local TV stations. She has been working on a grant application from the Maine Community Foundation, needs to follow up with Stu for certain figures and mission statement.

Reggie had spoke to Morgan from the Galen Cole Family Foundation and stated we need to get a letter ready and sent stating our requests for funding. The bench is available to Lamoine from the Cole Foundation. Reggie had a pink brick for us to look at.

Jay has spoken to Fred Weininger about the bases for memorial, flags and benches. The bases need to be structurally sound from their conservation. He will get back to committee after working on figures of the concrete amounts.

The committee voted 6-0 to ask the Selectmen to send to Weininger Monuments the balance in our fund for his most recent bill of $7120.

Balance to date in fund is $4916.26.

Marion & Walton had brought in the jug Ellsworth Giant Sub for us to count. I will deposit on Thursday.

We discussed getting some pictures from Weininger's of the granite for possible newspaper article.

Next meeting scheduled for January 23, 2008, 7 pm @ Town Hall.

Our thanks to Merle for taking time out of his busy schedule to record our meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 755 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y