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Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of January 23, 2008 (Draft, subject to revision)

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathleen De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walton McFarland.

Public present: Peggy De Luca and Fred Wieninger.

Meeting called to order at 705 pm by Jo. Minutes of meeting on January 3, 2008 were read and approved by committee.

Fred Wieninger of Wieninger Monuments was present to address some our questions about the Memorials foundation, brick layout, types of bricks for inscribing. He brought pink and gray bricks with inscription done, and the payments made. We had asked Fred to design a layout with the pink bricks at front of monument to see the contrast of colors and having decided that the placement of the pink would take up about 1/3 of walk and the coloring would not look good. The committee voted 4-2 to leave the walk gray and use the pink for a border. Fred stated it would be more convenient for him to have brick orders sent to him 10 at a time. He would verify with us before inscribing if he had any questions on the lettering.

Jay reported on his conversation with Fred about what was need for the foundation and that they decided on what was needed for the concrete and base. Jay estimated the cost of concrete and labor would be around $955.00. He states there maybe a possibility of getting the concrete donated from businesses. I brought up that 1 of our fund donors had place an order for 10 bricks, 1 for them and the other 9 go to Veterans that cannot afford a brick or who has died and does not have a voice to get one. He stated he had spoken to his wife about getting a list of Veterans in our area and Jane was willing to help us with that.

We discussed asking the Selectmen to put on the Town Meeting warrant for additional funding or possibly to fund our committee for the memorial 2nd payment due and we would repay loan as we received funds. It seems the granite companies were slow for the winter and we received the order sooner than expected and Fred had to pay for the stone.

Jo had notified us that Dick Fennelly, Jr. had addressed her with the idea, if we had a major donor, using the benches as an example, asking a minimum of $5000.00 per bench and having the inscription placed on the top, rear of bench. Fred stated he has already inscribed on the front curve of benches the wording, “LEST WE FORGET” & “THOSE WHO SERVED”. The committee agreed it was a possibility. She had finished the grant writing and sent in the grant of $5000.00 to the Maine Community Foundation, but Mr. Cole is away for a few months, so has not finished that grant.

Marion stated the Post Commander from the VFW has left the area for the winter and did not get back to her. She had contacted Val Perkins, Principal of Lamoine Consolidated School and he told her, he was buying a brick. The Lamoine Patrons notified him they have a goal of $1000.00 to be donated to our committee. They were sending a check of $500.00 for 10 bricks, 1 for the Patrons and 9 for classes Kindergarten through Eighth grade to be inscribed. They were planning a Movie Night and Dance shortly and would donate a portion of their proceeds to Memorial Fund. They also let Marion know, they would appreciate any help, drinks and snacks. Our committee will donate time and help with items needed. Marion and I will contact Susan Farley of the local TV station and see what we would need to get the word out to the public.

Reggie stated the state has a Highway Beautification fund and would check into what we would have to do to receive any funding from that.

After reporting last meeting, that I was taking bottles to Lamoine Redemption to help with funding, we had two residents offer their bottles and cans to us. Lamoine Redemption offered to me the idea that residents can drop off the bottles and cans and asked to have it put in the Memorial Fund. We voted 6-0 to follow up with that. We also thought it would be helpful to have this notice put on the website and run on the local government channel. Also, when pictures are available of the progression of the Memorial done the same way.

A motion was made and seconded and voted 6-0 to have Wieninger Monuments paid at intervals of $500.00, with the Selectmen's permission.

The idea of having a Raffle for funding was discussed. Jay said he would offer a load of gravel. More discussion in next meeting will follow.

Letters of Thank You to major donors had not been written by Jo yet.

Next meeting date scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, 2008.

Meeting adjourned at 850 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco