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Minutes of March 26, 2008

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathleen De Fusco, Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walton McFarland.

Meeting called to order at 715 pm by Jo. Minutes of meeting on January 23, 2008 were read and approved by committee.

Jo had received a phone call before the meeting, from Mike Gleason of Bangor , stating we must make sure that the brass medallions of the service branches are placed correctly on the monument in the order of historical founding. Jo stated we appreciated Mr. Gleason's time in bringing this to our attention and contacted Fred Wieninger, our monument supplier, to make him aware of this. This stemmed from our recent broadcast on the local TV of Susan Farley's meet with Jo and Marion about the project at Town Hall on March 18 th , 2008.

I found a copy in the town vault of headstones listing of Lamoine Veterans and gave each member a copy. This will be helpful for our book dedication in the office of our hero's.

No updates from Reggie on the Rural Beautification project from the State.

I had requested a copy from Jo of the letter to the Galen Cole Foundation and the grant application to Maine Community Foundation for our records and Town Hall. None was available at this time.

Mr. Wieninger had requested we change our brick order form to remove slashes from the form, it was interfering with the lettering of bricks. The committee discussed and agreed to use the form that Stu Marckoon had changed for us. New form copied for future use.

Long discussion on how we can make the dedication of the Memorial a Town event. Some discussion was made on the timing of the event, whether to have the dedication after the Memorial Day or Fourth of July holidays. We did not want to have on the exact dates but following, so everyone would be available. We decided we need to have a sub-committee formed to take charge in formation of the event. Possibilities of people that maybe available to be on the committee, Hubene Brodie, Stu Marckoon, John Holt, Dick Saunders, Dick Fennelly Jr, Cynthia Donaldson, Angie Butler, Mary Henry, Edna Coyne, Susan Hodgkins, we will try to contact all, to see if they are available. Some of the ideas passed around were to have a speaker, veterans, music, and color guard. We thought of the possibility of having something after the dedication at the school.

Reggie wanted to amend our voting of using pink and gray bricks for the path, but we reminded him, we had already voted at our January 23 meeting, to use the pink as a border. He also relayed his fear that as the Article 10 of the Town Meeting warrant reads, we may be personally responsible to pay the town back for the lending of money. Jo stated she would verify with the Selectmen. One of our brick donors had bought 9 additional bricks for Veterans who cannot afford or are passed and they have no one to get them a brick and Reggie had mentioned a few names. We had stated this had already been discussed in prior meeting. He also feared the monument is too close to the building and we should move the monument 50 feet to the North. We will revisit this with Fred. Also asked to have the committee's secretary send a letter to the Lamoine Volunteer Fire Department, requesting their participation in a benefit project. I will get that done.

We thought it would be advantageous to have someone available at Town Meeting on April 2 nd , 2008 to have brick forms and a few finished engraved bricks to show the towns people. I will check with Fred to see if any are ready for then.

Just wanted to note to the committee, the Kindergarten Class of Lamoine Consolidated School is having a popcorn sale for the next few Fridays as their fundraiser for their Veteran's Memorial Brick.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Tentative next meeting date April 23, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y