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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of April 23, 2008

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathy De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Reggie McDevitt, Marion and Walton McFarland.

Public present: Stuart Branch, Carleton Brodie, Angie Butler.

The committee met on April 23, 2008 , meeting called to order by Jay Fowler, Jo Cooper was not present at beginning of meeting, at 708 pm. Minutes from meeting on March 26, 2008 were read approved by 5.

Agenda reviewed by committee to let guest speakers present to us their thoughts on the process of fund raising with dinners, dances or benefits.

Stuart had many suggestions for us on how to put together a supper for funding. Suggested a week night is better for turnout. Told us how to approach local businesses to possibly donate items for suppers and how to set up. He also suggested approaching the Sons & Daughters of the Revolution. Mr. Edward Branch will be called. They are always willing to help committees.

Angie brought up the idea of an internet auction, which worked well for people on Mount Desert . She will e-mail us paperwork for getting in touch with the company. Her suggestion of a dance, targeting adults or family night was a great idea and something we will look into. Flash in the Pan was also mentioned but they need a year in advance for booking. She mentioned Bill Da Butler is open to helping out with his DJ's services.

Carleton Brodie was present from Reggie's efforts to get the subcommittee going for the dedication of the memorial.

We the committee appreciate and thank those guests present for their help and great ideas in moving forward with our commitment to getting this done.

Jay and Reggie discussed the idea of moving the memorial to the north and west more, but Jay states to go north there is not enough land and to go west the memorial would be to close to the parking lot.

Jay has his measurements ready to do the base work for the monument. He brought to our attention that the flag poles we had wanted to put behind the monument may interfere with the well pipes that will be investigated more. Jay will contact Fred Wieninger from the monument company to coordinate timing for base work and verify the pallets of brick needed. We thank Jay for stepping in to run the meeting until Jo arrived.

Reggie tried to contact Rob Eaton and Dennis Damon about the beautification project and Mr. Gary Williams called Reg back to say he did not know of this project but will look into any grants or funding to help us out.

We voted and approved on the following:

To approve the branches of service medallions on monument in order of founding, Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines and fax the okay to Fred W.

Fred W. putting dedication date, the year only of “2008” on the memorial.

Fred W. to order 2 pallets of gray brick if needed to complete path.

Fred W. to order the 160 pink bricks if needed for double border and lettering.

Approved bill for first 10 bricks completed by Fred W. and give to the Selectmen to pay.

To not accept brick orders with business names or phone numbers, we feel this is not what this memorial is about.

Marion will contact, Jay Barnes for information on landscaping for the memorial.

Fred had talked to Reggie to verify the wording on the monument and we had voted at a past meeting to strike the word “THOSE” from the wording and state “LAMOINE HONORS ALL WHO SERVED”.

Jay had discussed with us that the person who had bought 10 bricks at the beginning of our brick program for funding, would like his sons to be included in the 10. We verified with Jay, it was the donor's request to purchase the 9 remaining for Veterans who do not have family to speak for them or cannot afford a brick. We concluded if it is the request of the donor to do as asked, we will certainly honor that.

Our request to the Maine Community Foundation for a grant was denied.

Reggie will contact Cole Family Foundation and get back to us.

Committee will draft a thank you letter to the Lamoine Volunteer Fire Department for their brick order and effort to help us with fund raising efforts. Also a letter of appeal to be drafted and sent out. Skip Smith the Fire Chief has extended to us their help with postage and labor to stuff the envelopes when appeal letter is completed. We gratefully thank you all.

Edna Coyne donated to the committee a copy of the names of Veterans buried in Lamoine at the various cemeteries. Thank you Edna, it will be helpful to us in the future to acknowledge our Veterans.

Next meeting for the Dedication subcommittee is Wednesday, April 30, 2008 , 7 pm at Town Hall. Please make sure you have contacted the people you have invited to be on this committee. Jo will be there.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 5, 2008 at 7pm, Town Hall after the school committee meeting, their meeting is at 530 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco