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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of May 5, 2008 - Draft, Subject to Change

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathy De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walt McFarland.

The committee met on May 5, 2008 @ Town Hall. The meeting was called to order at 708 pm by Jay as agreed to by the committee.

Members read and approved minutes from April 23, 2008 meeting with the changes as noted by Jo.

Jay reports that Fred Wieninger and him had spoke about ordering the 2 pallets of gray brick and the 160 pink as needed. Jay will pick up pallets, so there will be no delivery charge. He will deliver 1 to Fred and store the others. I mentioned to that committee, that Fred had states, when storing bricks do lettering to lettering or back to back.

We reviewed 2 appeal letters to review, done by Jo and myself with the assistants of Stu Marckoon. Reviewing both over, we voted 5-0, to use my draft. I told the committee, I would get the original ready for Jo to sign asap. I will copy, fold and get them to the Fire Department to stuff envelopes and mail.

Marion had spoke to Dick Saunders about brick forms and he told her his meeting was soon and would speak to his members about what they can do for us. He also brought up to Marion, how nice it would look to have the American Flags on poles from Lamoine's welcome sign to Town Hall, he may get flag donations. She was not able to make contact with Jay Barnes about landscaping.

Reggie will contact the Cole Family Foundation about funding and Stu Marckoon about where to purchase flags and holders.

Thank you letters were mailed out to the major donors.

We had a lengthy discussion about incorporating the location of the 3 poles, flags, path and bench bases. We feel the American and State should be on the taller pole in the middle, with the MIA and POW to the sides. Some of us felt it would be better to have them behind the monument. Placement discussion will continue with Fred W. Our concern is the well head and piping, located near the monument.

Jay spoke to a gentleman from East Holden about his conversation with the Wal-Mart Corp. about local funding. They had made a donation to the town and how it was used for the school playground and their monument. I will compose a letter and get Jo to sign and give to Jay to meet with Steve Grass of local the Wal-Mart.

Jo relayed to us the meeting of the people who showed up to possibly be on the Dedication subcommittee. They met on April 30, 2008 @ Town Hall. Public present for that meeting was Jo Cooper, Dick Fennelly Jr, Jane Fowler, Edna Coyne, Marilyn Lockhart, Carleton Brodie, Kathy De Fusco and Stu Marckoon. There were many good ideas presented; have speakers, Color Guard, Veterans, family members of Veterans, band, bugler, newspaper, and local TV channel coverage. Also, bus shuttle from the school because of limited parking at Town Hall. Their next meeting will be Wednesday, May 14. Stu will check with the schools availability. A June 14 th date for dedication was mentioned but the completion of the monument will be the determining date.

I contacted Edward Branch from the Sons of the Revolution about funding and Ed stated they do not. He left for us a booklet of Veterans, the school children of Tremont had made. We liked the idea and will keep it in mind for future funding. I have faxed all completed brick order forms with corrections to Fred W.

Fred W. had faxed several designs of the brick path. The committee did not like the path going straight to the monument, so we will work with Fred on other designs. We did agree in using Fred's example of staggering the pink bricks for Border Pattern 2 and there will be a need to use half bricks for both colors. We also would like an estimate from Fred on the base and placement of bricks for the path.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 th , 2008 , 7 pm @ Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 835 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y