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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of May 28, 2008 (Draft, subject to revision)

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathy De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Ken Fredette, Reggie McDevitt, Marion & Walt McFarland.

Public present: Fred Wieninger

The committee met on May 28, 2008 @ Town Hall. Jo called the meeting to order at 7 pm. Minutes from May 5, 2008 meeting were read and approved 7-0.

Committee approved bill from Fred Wieninger for 2 pallets of gray and 160 pink pavers. Bill was sent to Selectmen to pay.

I reported, I copied 1050 appeals letters/folded and then the Lamoine Fire Department stuffed and mailed around May 9th . Response to our efforts really took off from that point. The response from people sending in their brick orders and donations has greatly increased. We want to thank Jennifer and Stu, for helping with this process.

Jo raised concerns from a resident that the appeal letter sent to tax payers might have been misunderstood in our fund raising attempts. The thought was if you don't buy a brick, they won't be acknowledged. This is not the feelings of the committee. The brick program is for raising the money to build the memorial. We will respectfully have Lamoine Veterans acknowledged, by the brick funding and listing them in Town Hall. Jo updated us with results from the Memorial Dedication committee. Del Merrill agreed to be a speaker. The date of September 13, 2008 was proposed. Our aim is to make the dedication as respectfully as possible.

Jay is following up with Steve Grass from Wal-Mart about the appeal letter given to them for a donation. We verified with Fred about the placement of memorial outside Town Hall. The concerns were well head and water pipes.

Marion spoke to Jay Barnes helping us with landscaping.

Ken suggested maybe another mailing to keep the memorial in mind.

Reggie has not contacted Galen Cole yet.

We had a long discussion on flags, type of pole and bases needed and what the heights should be. Fred had faxed a scaled drawing of 18' ft center pole and 15' ft side poles. Further discussion led to wanting higher poles, and the concerns of flags tangling on poles with wind conditions. We decided the height could not dwarf the monument, so Jo and I will get pricing for the poles, 25' ft center and 20' ft sides, and POW/MIA flags. Fred will fax another drawing with those heights to us. Motion made and 2nd to approve.

Ken will get the American and State flags that have flown over the capitol for the memorial after we find out the size of flags.

We verified with Fred about measurements for the monument, flag poles and bases and pavers. Fred quoted us a price of $4000 to $4200 for laying the pavers. Motion made and 2nd to have Fred do the pavers walk.

Next meeting scheduled for June 25th , 2008 .

Meeting adjourned at 930 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y