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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of April 15, 2009 (Draft, subject to change)

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathy De Fusco, Jay Fowler and Reggie McDevitt

Meeting called to order at 7 pm , by Jo. Minutes from March 18, 2009 meeting were read and approved, 4-0.

Jay discussed his meeting with Fred Wieninger about cost and placement of bricks, now in Fred's possession. We approved 4-0 to have Fred do the work; his rates are two people @ 65.00 an hour. Motion made and 2nd to approve, 4-0. I told the committee, I would contact Fred of our approval and get the date when the bricks will be placed. The work must be done before Memorial Day, 2009.

We thanked the Town for forgiving the loan balance, but discussed that we need to keep a fund open for any future bills or maintenance on the Memorial. Jo will bring to the Selectmen. Other committees and boards in town have funds, so our thought was to keep a fund open. Marion McFarland is working with Jay Barnes to give us a schedule of trimming for the shrubs and trees at the Memorial.

Another issue we discussed, there were bricks purchased for Veterans who did not have family to get them a brick. We will contact Jane Fowler, Marion McFarland and Edna Coyne for the help in finding out the names. A thought was taking names from all the wars. Also, to make a posting to everyone, if they would like to buy a brick for someone who cannot?

Our funding from the Child's Rocking Chair was another success, thank you to all who helped and contributed. Total from that was $587.03. Thank you to Paul Mac Quinn for letting me sell raffles in front of Mardens. Carleton Brodie was picked from the drawing at Town Meeting, and he graciously returned the chair back to the committee. We talked about how much the townspeople have already done and given to the Memorial, so we thought we would also give back to our town and have decided to donate the rocking chair to the next newborn in Lamoine. Motion made and 2nd , 4-0. The Veterans Memorial also received the money from March, 2009 bottles at Lamoine Transfer Station, amount was $ 191.35. Thank you to the residents of Lamoine.

I let the committee know Hubene Brodie will make our wreath for laying it on Memorial Day, 25th of 2009. We will contact Lamoine Cub Scouts to see if they would contribute their time in doing this. Update to follow, when we have their answer. Time was decided 1000 am on Monday, May 25th . I will ask Stu to help me with publishing the information.

Reggie has not made contact with Mr. Cole yet but is still trying. He also brought up about how the cemeteries are not being kept up. Jo and Reggie will work on this.

We discussed on whether the committee should disband at this time or after the next batch of bricks are done. Discussion followed and the feeling was to continue but did not need to meet every month, possibly 3 times year or more if a situation came up. I was asked if I would give up the duties, no reason to, I felt. I stated the clerks can certainly take a brick order with the payment, verify the information and fax to Fred Wieninger. Jo will discuss this with the Selectmen.

We will send a thank you to Stacey Curtis at The Lamoine Redemption, for taking the initiative to help us with bottle donations at his place of business. He has done a lot for our committee in accepting the bottles and taking time from his business.

I let the committee know Jenny Carney contacted me about redoing Nate's brick with Military information on it. Checked with Fred W. and we can't reuse the brick, so another brick would have to ordered. We will charge her for lettering only. Also John Holt told me we have the wrong date on Silas Coolidge's brick, so I will contact John and get the correct dates and we approved to order a new brick.

Next meeting scheduled for May 20th , 2009 .

Meeting adjourned at 745 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Sec'y