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Lamoine Veterans Memorial Committee

Minutes of March 18, 2009

Members present: Jo Cooper, Kathy De Fusco, Jay Fowler, Reggie McDevitt, Marion and Walt McFarland.

Meeting called to order at 700 pm, by Jo and reported, our meeting is now televised. Minutes from January 21, 2009 meeting were read and approved with correction.

Recent funding was discussed:

The committee met and received a $1000.00 check Wal-Mart, handed to us by Bob Courtot from Wal-Mart. A reporter from the Ellsworth American was there to take pictures of the committee receiving the check. Check handed to Stu after photo's taken. Thank you Stu for taking pictures for the Town. Jay stated Wal-Marts concerns about taking a so long to pick up the check and if we really wanted it. We explained timing and committee attendance had been a problem. We gratefully accepted the donation. The picture will be in March 18th , 2009 newspaper.

Our 50/50 raffle from February 12, 2009 was won by Fred Stocking and we graciously split the amount of $288.00 with him. Thank you Fred for your support.

I picked up a check from Lamoine Redemption for $69.50; proceeds from people designating the bottle return goes to our Memorial.

There was a long discussion on our asking the Town to forgive the balance of the loan to the Town. As of last night the amount was $3599.02, owed and we will continue selling bricks and accepting donations for funding. I brought up that our hard work had received $20,098.22 from bricks, donations and funding. A maintenance fund should be kept open and Marion states she will contact Jay Barnes about the list of shrubs and trees and what maintenance schedule is needed.

Jo stated the committee will receive April's donations from the bottle redemption and thanked me for getting our application in. Jay had a concern about out of town organizations receiving that money; it should stay in the Town. Jo stated it is going to be discussed further by the Selectmen.

I gave an update of the bricks already lettered, about 75, pending to be placed. We need to verify with Fred Wieninger who is going to put bricks in. The committee was divided on whether the committee or Fred was going to replace bricks, with tool needed. I told them Fred has already purchased the tool. I mailed batch #9 to Fred last week. We had talked about having lettered bricks available for Town Voting and Meeting in April, 2009. Jay will check with Fred and possibly pick up the 3 batches of lettered bricks and store at a location.

We talked about Memorial Day 2009 and hoped to have all lettered bricks in place and a small ceremony with the Town. I will check with Hubene Brodie about a wreath.

Jay relayed to us that Joanne Parkinson had offered to donate to us, her craft work for possibly a raffle. We thanked her for that and will try to make that happen soon. We would like to have her item and bricks ready for Town Voting and Meeting in April.

A concern was brought to Jay's and my attention about purchasing a brick for a family member. A discussion followed by the committee and decided we will let the family decide on what they would like on the brick, if they wish to purchase one.

Tentative next meeting date is April 15, 2009 .

Meeting adjourned at 745 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Secretary