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Minutes - November 29, 2006

The committee met on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 and approved minutes submitted for meeting September 20, 2006 .

Members present: Jo Cooper, Ken Fredette, Reggie McDevitt and Kathy De Fusco.

We narrowed sites to front of flag at Town Hall and “ Butler side” of parking area. The location sites have issues. Reggie asked if we had talked to someone in donating area around Lamoine Historical Society. The concern with flag area is the septic site. No discussion with owner at “ Butler side” as of yet. We have come up with a conceptual design for memorial, Jo Cooper is has design. We will contact people in the area to see what the cost would be for a design and landscaping. Jo will contact Skip Smith and Ken Smith for drawings, Ken will contact Steven Ribble from Ames A/E Architects and Kathy will look into Wieninger Monuments.

Reggie had received $26,000.00 estimate for the gray and pink monument idea from Fresh Water Stone, labor and installation was not included. We think around $40,000.00 could be a ball park figure when done. The memorial concept we decided on, is centered pink stone with engraving of lettering, sides gray granite, seat benches at sides, three flags in rear, bronze plates to honor all branches of the services and landscaping. We have not decided on size yet, we need engineering aid from someone.

Discussion about Galen Cole's “Bench Program” to distribute free granite memorial benches to communities around the state. Posted in the Ellsworth American on November 9, 2006 . Jo will contact them at site listed in newspaper article. No contact with Sara Stevens of Congressman Mike Michaud's office about grants.

Ken Fredette made a proposal by e-mail to the committee. Once we have agreed on a location and design, he has offered to start by setting a personal pledge goal and making monthly payments towards the goal, so long as there is at least 10 other's who are willing to make that pledge. We had also discussed a letter writing campaign.

Voting of final location of memorial is set for next meeting.

Proposed next meeting on January 24th , 2007 , 7 pm @ Town Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen De Fusco, Secretary