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Minutes of March 20, 2007 (Draft, Subject to Change)

Call to order: 7:10 pm

Present: Robin Emery, Tom Kirby, Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Connie Wallace, Steven Valleau, Mary Henry

Flattop 5K meeting: There is an assignment of jobs by Robin. Such as, Christa will solicit fruit and granola bar donations from local stores. Karen Hall will get he cake for the night before the race from Frank's Bakery.

The meeting for setting up before the race will be at 7 pm March 30 at Robin Emery's house, 11 Lamoine Beach Road.

The marine patrol will be the lead vehicle. They should be there at 9 am.

Update on Town Meeting Items: The good news is that we got everything we wanted. Stuart Branch and Kerry walked the Blunts Pond Road which we can all do after the Flattop.

Upcoming Items on the Priority List:

      Jay Fowler will move the rocks at Lamoine Beach

     Flattop 5K

     Pick date to do painting

     Reflector sign

Bloomfield- move rocks

- clean up

- Picnic tables.

Special Permit Application Approved for Ham Radio Operators

Kiosk Update: The committee discussed the fun facts section of the signs as well as the ecology panel and what colors we might use on the panels.

Date for next meeting: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 7 PM in the Town Hall.

Adjourn: 8:00 pm        

respectfully submitted, Steven Valleau