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Lamoine Parks Commission Minutes

April 17, 2007 (Draft, Subject to Change)

 Lamoine Parks Committee Meeting April 17, 2007

1. Call to Order 7:15

Present: Shannon Sasso, Christa Brey, Julie Herrick, Kerry Galeaz chair, David Herrick and Steve Valleau

3. Paint Colors- The consensus is that the big sign should remain the same brown.

Mary suggests that t we use plastic boards for ease of maintenance. Steve will price different options.

Christa suggests that we store the tables for the winter to reduce weathering.

The color favored for the tables is Greenbrier.

4. Blunts Pond and Lamoine Beach cleanup

Saturday June 2, 2007 8 AM, Alternate date June 9, 2007

This will involve sanding, priming and raking.

There was some discussion about having the beach sign steam cleaned. Although a hydraulic lift was considered some one will contact Michael Jordan about using scaffolding for cleaning and painting the big sign.

Christa reminds the committee that we need a new Swimming at Own Risk sign at the pond.

5. Blunts Pond Date-

May 20th is ruled out because it's Julie's birthday. Tuesday May 1st 8:30 am is chosen because Shannon, Kerry, Mary and Steve have that day off. Bring chain saws, blue tape and rakes. This is a possible meeting time with selectmen.

6. Sign Installation-

Christa suggests we get quotes of old-timers such as Marion Stocking and Reggie McDevitt.

 Kerry showed his panel layout. There is general approval; of the plan. Julie suggested that we use a parchment color for the background.

For the history panel someone wonders how long the churches sunrise services have been going on.

Steve still hasn't done the map and panorama.

Kerry would like a Frenchman Bay background on a panel.

7. Other matters-

The regular meeting date of the 3rd Tuesday of every month is good for everyone.

Julie Herrick is elected secretary unanimously.

8. Next meeting date is Tuesday May 15, 2007 7PM

9. Adjourn 8:18 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Steven Valleau