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Minutes of May 15, 2007 (Draft, Subject to revision)

Call to order: 7:05 p.m.

Present: Geni Goebal and her dad. Kathy Defusco,Connie Wallace, Mary Henry , Steve Valleau , Shannon Sasso, Julie Herrick, Christa Brey, Kerry Galeaz.

Review minutes: April 17, March 20, February 12, 0f 2007. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Christa Brey. A 2nd was made by Steve Valleau .

Request for lemonade stand. Geni Goebal's request to operate a lemonade stand at the Lamoine Beach Park was moved up on the agenda. The committee asked Geni about her stand last year. She noted that she enjoyed it and made a little money. A short discussion followed by a vote of 6-0 in favor of allowing Geni to operate her stand.

Flattop 5K Race Committee review of this year's race. Connie Wallace Chair of the race committee shared with everyone the details of the race. About 180 runners registered and the net profit was approximately $1600.

She noted that the cost for timing services this year offset the higher race fee and we netted about the same as last year. A short discussion regarding the race course followed and everyone agreed to keep it the same next year. Connie suggested we consider a 1 mile fun run for the kids. Julie and Christa thought this would be great. Kerry Galeaz shared the demographics of the runners and noted that it draws a fairly local crowd and suggested that we place more flyers in other areas in the Bangor area to attract a higher number of registered runners. It was also noted by all that the feed back from the runners has been very positive and that the race is becoming a favorite of many. Connie then presented a $400 check to the Parks commission for their role in the race and said the other $1200 will go to the designated scholarship fund.

Cleanup and Paint Day at Lamoine Beach . June 2nd was picked for the date at 8:00 am. Paint colors were discussed and picked. Greenbriar for the picnic tables, post, and bathroom . Chateau brown for the big sign and trash cans. Julie Herrick said Jay Brown at the State Park offered to have her paint the 2 big signs at the Park if we removed them. Everyone accepted the offer. Kerry suggested having the trash cans, grills, and big sign posts pressure washed prior to painting due to their present condition. He received an estimate of $220 from Harmon's. Kerry noted that it was not in the budget and if we went over we could use money in the Parks Fund to cover it. A vote of 6-0 in favor of pressure washing followed.

Other matters for discussion: Steve Valleau and Kerry Galeaz were present for cleanup and woods clearing at Bloomfield Park on May 1 st . Steve and Kerry mentioned more brush clearing was needed later this year. They also met with Jo Cooper, Cynthia Donaldson, Stu Marckoon, and Stuart Branch regarding the proposed location of the new road into the Park. Stuart Branch showed everyone the layout and answered questions. Jo cooper stated that the next step was to get put this on the Selectman's agenda to authorize a survey. Stuart Branch offered to split the cost of the survey. Also, Christa asked about the progress of placing rocks on the stray road at Lamoine Beach to stop driving on the beach. Kerry mentioned that Jay Fowler was notified and would be out there soon.

Next Meeting Date: June 21 st , 6:30 at Bloomfield Park .

Adjourn at 8:10

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Herrick, secretary