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Minutes of October 23, 2007 (Draft, subject to revision)

Call to order: 7:10 p.m.

Present : Kerry Galeaz and Christa Brey.

Review of minutes: 21 August, 2007. Minutes were not available so item was tabled.

Bloomfield Park road update and Trout stocking. Kerry Galeaz presented the survey of the proposed road location done by Herrick and Salsbury. Both Kerry and Christa Brey agreed that it is depicted properly. Kerry also reported that Stuart Branch is satisfied with the survey but wants to talk to the abutting land owner again to make sure they're in agreement with granting an easement as well. Kerry mentioned that the creation of a parking area, as previously discussed, at the same time the road is done would be a good idea. Christa agreed. A short discussion followed as to the proposed location. Kerry noted that the Selectman had granted permission to get a budgetary estimate and was waiting for the estimate from Jay Fowler.

It was also noted that the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife's application for stocking Brook Trout had been approved and that stocking could take place in the next couple weeks.

Budget considerations 2008 - 2009 budget: Kerry asked Christa about her thoughts on items need in the upcoming budget. Christa noted that the grills are extremely rusted on the bottom and one has already broken off. She also noted that new trash can tops are needed. Kerry agreed and noted the grills would cost $175 - $200 and the trash can tops $75- $85. Kerry noted most of the general maintenance items should stay the same and suggested a survey of Bloomfield Park due to the potential of future projects. Christa agreed. Kerry noted that someone previously had mentioned a pet waste center/receptacle at Lamoine Beach and suggested giving thought to this as pet waste is an issue. Christa said she thought it was important as well. Kerry said he'd get a draft of the budget together for the next meeting.

Membership: Kerry reported that in addition to Richard Brey, Nathan Mason applied and would be a great addition as well. Kerry asked Christa if she knew of anyone else. She did not. Kerry said he planned to contact Davin and Sara Oconnell to see if one of them would be interested. He noted that the appointments would be on the November 8th Selectman's adgenda.

Kiosk Discussion: Kerry and Christa both discussed the importance of making completion of this project by summer a priority. Kerry and Christa agreed that it's realistic  based on what has been accomplished already. Kerry noted that he would try to find someone to do the building portion. Kerry suggested that after the 3 new members are in place and the Christmas season is over, we start having workshops again. Christa agreed.

Other matters for discussion: Kerry mentioned getting the two Parks ready for winter. Christa felt that we could wait till December to put the cans away and the table at Bloomfield . Kerry suggested storing the cans at the Anderson garage as well as putting a lock on the bathroom at Lamoine Beach . Christa agreed. Kerry noted that we would need raise the tables and cans at the Anderson garage due to the water issue there.

Kerry asked Christa to reconsider the location of the handicap stalls and signs to be installed next spring at Lamoine Beach . Kerry wondered if the opposite side would be better. Christa said she would.

Kerry asked Christa about her thoughts on the meeting with the Conservation Commission. Christa thought it was informative and that we provided them good knowledge about current and potential projects, thoughts, and ideas about these areas. She was excited about the potential of a future trail project together at Blunts Pond. Kerry agreed with all and noted that a joint trail project with FOLC would be great and that the first steps toward this are the easements currently in the works for a 6' walking path next to the road from Asa's Lane into Bloomfield Park .

Next meeting: 27 November, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.