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Minutes of March 18, 2008

Call to order: 7:05 PM

Present were : Parks Committee Members Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Richard Brey, Julie Herrick, Nathan Mason, & Sara O'Connell. As well as 5K Race Committee Members Robin Emery, Tom Kirby and Connie Wallace.

Review of Minutes: Kerry moved to approve the minutes from 2/19/08. Rich Brey made a second motion. Vote in favor was 6:0.

5K Race Committee: Robin reported that 49 adults and 10 kids are registered for the race so far. This number is a little lower than years past but because of the snowy weather they expect more people to register the day of the race. Just about everything is taken care of for the race. Robin wanted to make sure all the details were addressed:

o Pictures during race day = Rich

o Finish Line = Kerry, Tom and Sara

o 1 mile time announcer = Christa

o Registration Table = Karen (Connie's sister), Patty (Tom's wife), and others TBA

o Robin is going to re-mark the course on Friday

o Food = Christa and Julie

The port-a-potties are all set, and Robin is getting the buoys professionally lettered. Tom is still looking for raffle prizes. Kerry said he would get some oil changes gift certificates to raffle off.

The next meeting for the race is on Friday March 28th, at Robin's house @ 7:00pm to get everything prepared.

Kiosk Construction: Nathan presented the construction costs to build the kiosks. Unfortunately the cost for putting copper on both roofs was $350. This does not fit into the budget so the roofs will be covered in shingles. He is still looking for the best place to get 10' round cedar posts. Kerry is going to ask George Crawford about getting round posts as well. Without the cost of the posts, the remaining materials cost $200 to build each kiosk. The budget is $500 per kiosk.

Bloomfield Park : Kerry presented the cost comparisons for the Bloomfield park project. The cost proposal was from Jay A. Fowler. The cost to fix the current entrance, existing road and parking area is $4287. The cost to fix the entrance, and create the new road and parking area is $10,292. The difference is $6,005 to create the new road and fix the access issue for good. The committee thought this was a small price to pay for the future benefits it will offer for years to come. This will be voted on at the Town Meeting on April 2nd.

Next Meeting The next monthly meeting is April 15th, 2008 at 7:00pm at the Town Hall. Before that meeting there is the 5K Race meeting at Robin's house on 3/28 @ 7:00pm, the 5K Race on 3/29, and the Annual Town Meeting on 4/2 @ 6:00pm.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30pm. Kerry, Christa, Richard and Sara stayed afterward to finalize the plans for the kiosks.

Minutes prepared by,

Sara O'Connell, Secretary