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Minutes of May 20, 2008

Call to order: 7:05 PM

Present were : Parks Committee Members Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Julie Herrick, & Sara O'Connell.

Review of Minutes: Kerry moved to approve the minutes from 4/15/08. Vote in favor was 4:0.

Trash/Clean Up Schedule: The group met with Rusty and explained in detail what was expected for the trash pick up and cleaning schedule. Kerry explained to him that we would like him to come every Friday from May thru October, as well as every Monday in June, July, August and September. One new addition to Rusty's duties is cleaning out any ash in the grills at Lamoine Beach . Also, for accountability purposes Rusty will need to drop off a slip at the Town Office after the completion of each cleaning cycle. This slip will be needed in order to get paid. Kerry gave Rusty some Clorox wipes for cleaning the bathrooms, The other supplies are stored at the town office.

Special Events Permit: The Lamoine Baptist Church is having an event and their Special Events Permit was approved. They are expecting ~ 25 people and they do this event annually.

Handicap Signs at Lamoine Beach : After much discussion, it was decided to put the 2 handicap signs to the left of the first path facing the water. This location offers a view of the water from the car, and is close to the bathrooms and path. Kerry also suggested that we put the signs on painted wooden posts to minimize their visual impact. Christa did some ADA research and found out that the signs are required, but the painted symbols on the pavement are optional.

Lamoine Beach Grills & Trash Can Tops: After a brief discussion, Kerry is going to order steel tops for the trash cans and then we'll paint them to match the cans. Christa and Julie volunteered to paint these tops when they come in. We also had a discussion about the grills. Instead of the theft proof snap (that does not allow for removal of the grills in the winter), we are going to drill a hole through the grill post and lock it ourselves. This way, we can store the grills inside during the winter and maximize their useful life.

Bloomfield Park : Kerry said the trail at Bloomfield is very over grown and is in desperate need of being cleaned up. He would like to dedicate 2 days over the next month or so to clean this area up. June 29 th @ 8:00 am is scheduled to be the Bloomfield Park Clean Up Day. Sara is going to ask Davin about shoreland zoning and what the requirements are within that zoning. Hopefully we can use Nate's chipper on this day as well.

Kiosks: We are going to look at the final panels next meeting. People are still searching for specific copyright approved images and getting all their data formatted correctly for Folia. We are very close to getting these panels to print.

Next Meeting The next monthly meeting is Tuesday, June 17th at 7:00pm at the Town Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Minutes prepared by,

Sara O'Connell, Secretary