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Minutes - August 26, 2008

Call to order: 7:16 PM

Present were : Parks Committee Members Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Richard Brey, Julie Herrick & Sara O'Connell.

Topics Discussed

Review of Minutes: Kerry moved to approve the minutes from 6/17/08. Vote in favor was 5:0. There was no meeting in July.

Bloomfield Park : The group wants to get together once in September & October to continue cleaning up the woods at Bloomfield Park and hopefully begin the trail system.

Kerry is going to talk to Nate to see what date(s) worked for him and if the chipper might be available. The chipper was a huge help last time.

Grills: The grills came in and are being stored in the Anderson garage. At this point in the season we are going to wait to put them out until next spring.

Bathroom Clean-Up & Trash Pick-Up: After some spot checking of the bathrooms the group has decided to give Rusty some slips that must be turned into Stu at the town office after completion of each cleaning. Rusty will be paid for each slip he turns in. Julie is going to spot check the bathrooms on Fridays. If this system does not work for the remainder of the year then we need to start brainstorming some ideas for next year. Some ideas that were tossed around was each member of the Parks committee "owning a weekend", talking to the local boy scout troop as a sort of service learning project, or just hiring a local student to do the cleaning.

Iron Ranger: After some discussion the group unanimously agreed that installing an iron ranger next to the kiosk at Lamoine Beach in 2009 made sense. The usage at Lamoine Beach is steadily increasing and a voluntary donation system would help to keep up with the increased maintenance and cleaning costs.

Budget Considerations: Kerry informed the group that the budget requests need to be done in October. We all agreed that nothing new needed to be added to the budget and that we should start some informal research on the boat ramp at Lamoine Beach . If you think of something that should be added to the budget please contact Kerry soon.

Kiosks: The kiosk panels are coming along nicely. Once Kerry sends the panels away to be created the BIG question is when to build them? If the panels come back in time we are going to try to complete them this fall. If not, then definitely early next spring.

Lamoine Beach Well: There is a covered well at Lamoine Beach that the group is interested in learning more about. Christa is going to contact Stu about the history of the well and whether we can turn it into a footbath next year.

Next Meeting The next monthly meeting is Tuesday, September 16th at 7:00pm at the Town Hall.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:09pm.

Minutes prepared by,

Sara O'Connell, Secretary