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Lamoine Parks Commission

Minutes of April 24, 2012 (Draft, subject to correction)

In attendance: Committee members - Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Rich Brey, Julie Herrick, Nathan Mason and Doug Jones. Conservation Committee member Larry Libby.

  1. Consideration of minutes – February 7, 2012. - Approved
  2. Discussion regarding whether to allow fireworks at Parks / amendment to ordinance. – Committee voted and all in favor of NOT allowing fireworks @ any of the Lamoine Parks. Needs to be posted on website and at parks as well as noted in the Parks ordinance. Reasons for not allowing fireworks were basically, personal safety, litter and fire issues.
  3. Discuss and schedule cleanup days for all Parks. – May 20th – Lamoine Beach clean-up; assemble picnic tables, grills, general beginning of the season maintenance. Blunt's Pond Clean-up TBD.
  4. Any other matters for discussion. – Rusty to check Lamoine Beach dog waste collection weekly in summer and monthly in winter.

Lamoine Beach Swamp…. What to do with it. Bird houses? Clean up? Leave alone?

Larry Libby from the Lamoine Conversation Committee, shared with us some of what the CC is doing, including looking towards protecting the open spaces of Lamoine. Also he spoke about the survey of hiking trails in Lamoine.

  1. Adjourn. 7:47pm

Next meeting August 21st or September 18th

Respectfully submitted,

Christa Brey, secretary pro-tem