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Lamoine Parks Commission

Minutes of November 21, 2013 (Draft, subject to correction)

Meeting w/ Selectman

Christa Brey

Doug Jones

Paula Gardner

Matt Montgomery

Absent: Rich Brey, Julie Herrick and Jessica Montgomery

New members and existing members sworn in and the following were named.

Christa Brey Chair

Paula Gardner Secretary

•  The state has agreed to remove the boat ramp at Lamoine beach

•  Nate Mason wants the Parks Commision to consider the recreation aspect. According to the ordinance, we are a Parks Commission, not a Parks and Recreation Commission.

•  Things to do before winter: bring grills and garbage cans to Anderson Garage

Next meeting to be held in January 2014

•  Flat Top 5K

•  Recreation as part of Parks Commission

•  Spring Clean up