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MInutes of May 6, 2014 (Draft, subject to correction)

  1. Call to order-Done.
  2. Consideration of minutes-5K flat top, all went well.
  3. Spring clean-up plans: will do walk around Blunt's Pond to determine if any tree limbs down on path, @ Lamoine Beach will refresh paint as needed on picnic tables, grills, barrels. Will do trash pick-up if needed. Who gets in touch with Girl Scouts to help with clean-up?
  4. Restroom cleaning- Christa will talk to Stu, perhaps our new dump man would be interested?
  5. Lamoine School Ballfield- May be outside the ordinance as it relates to “duties” of Park Commission. We also have no understanding of what the selectmen want us to do, physical maintenance? Organize a ballteam? Us as members aren't really interested in taking over management of ballfield.
  6. Other Matters- Were none.
  7. Next meeting is June 7th , 8am, Lamoine Beach to begin clean-up.