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Minutes - May 9, 2016 (Draft, subject to correction)


Park Commission Chairman Cathy Goebel called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.

Present:  Parks Commissioners Cathy Goebel, Doug Jones and Paula Gardner.   Comprehensive Planning Committee member Fred Stocking, Conservation Commission Chairman Larry Libby, Conservation Commission member Doug Stewart and Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen Stu Marckoon (briefly).

Minutes:  The minutes of the February 15, 2016 meeting were approved as written.  Doug moved and Cathy seconded a motion to accept the minutes as written.  Vote in favor was 3 to 0.

Old Business

1)  Dogi-Pot Station for Marlboro Beach:  Doug noted that he was approached by Jim Norris of the Shellfish Advisory Committee concerning the problem of dog waste at Marlboro Beach.  Jim passed on the concern of the Shellfish Advisory Committee that dog waste is a significant pollution source for the shellfish resources of the town.  The need for a dog waste station at the beach was discussed.  Paula also noted the need for starting maintenance of the dog waste stations earlier in the year as the weather turns nicer and dog walkers start using the parks again after the winter.

Cathy moved and Paula seconded a motion to use park commission funds to purchase a dog waste station for Marlboro Beach   The motion was approved.  Vote in favor was 3 to 0.

Cathy will contact Stu about purchasing the station and moving up the annual start date for maintenance of the three stations.  Doug will notify Jim Norris concerning the decision of the commission. 

2)  Spring Clean-Up Day:  The need for a spring clean-up day at Lamoine Beach and Bloomfield Parks was discussed.  Cathy stated that a student volunteer, Matt Curtis, has offered to help with the clean-up.  Cathy noted that Park Commissioner Maggie Andros has also expressed interest in getting the Girl Scouts involved in the clean-up.  Cathy will check to see what needs to be done and will coordinate clean-up activities with Matt, Maggie and Facilities Maintenance Director Rick Gallegos.

3)  Special Events Permit Applications Revision:  Doug noted that the revised special use permit application had not yet been posted to the town website.  Doug will contact Stu about having it posted on the website. 

Doug also noted that he had received a permit application request for having a party tent as part of a wedding at Lamoine Beach this summer.  Stu stated that tents have been allowed in the past.  The commissioners agreed that tents should still be allowed for such purposes.  Doug will contact the requesting party and direct them to include a request for a tent as part of their permit application.

New Business

1)  Comprehensive Planning Committee:  Comprehensive Planning Committee member Fred Stocking addressed the commission with a request to know what the roles and responsibilities of the commission are.  This is part of the committee’s process in developing a new comprehensive plan for the town.  A discussion of the commission’s responsibilities for the town parks followed.

2)  Proposed Park:  Fred presented a proposal for a new town park on the Mud Creek Road.  He has been approached by property owner Erva Pinkham with a proposal to donate approximately an acre of land just south of the S-curve culvert on the Mud Creek Road for a picnic park.

A discussion of the merits of such a park followed.  It was noted that the size of the proposed donation and its location close to the road might not make it appropriate for a picnic park.  It was also noted that the Maine Dept. of Transportation may have some requirements that dictate where a driveway access may be.  Doug recommended that a design be created first to insure that the site is capable of handling the proposed use.

Cathy moved and Paula seconded a motion to encourage Fred, Larry and Doug Stewart to continue to explore the feasibility of such a park at that location.  Vote in favor was 3 to 0.

Next Meeting:  The next meeting of the Lamoine Parks Commission will be on Monday, September 12, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

There being no further business, Cathy moved and Paula seconded a motion to adjourn.  Vote in favor was 3 to 0.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Douglas C. Jones, Secretary, Lamoine Parks Commission