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Lamoine Parks Committee Minutes May 25, 2005 - Draft Copy Subject to Approval/Change

The meeting convened at 6:00 pm in the Lamoine Beach parking lot  in a rain typical of May 2005 weather.

Present were: Tom Barr, Christa Brey, Kerry Galeaz, Mary Henry, Bonnie Moretto and Steve  Valleau.

Lamoine Beach Park

Armed with maps of the property the committee considered its possible extent. There was soon uncertainty as to the extent of the towns responsibility; whether it was simply the first two lots or the entire area outlined on the maps.

Looking at the map we speculate on a neighbor looking for a place to put his drainage field.

Focusing attention closer to the parking lot, the committee considered the rest rooms and the need for a sign directing visitors there.

There was also some discussion of the need for a more wheel chair friendly path to the picnic tables. The discussion before being driven off by rain was in consideration of park hours and other restrictions including noise restrictions.

Bloomfield Park

Upon arriving at the parking lot, Tom pointed out that the picnic table was dangerously broken needing to be removed before some body is hurt. As at the Lamoine beach the committee wonders the extent of the property on the ground and whether the snow mobile club owns lot 77-1. The committee considered the condition of the road and whether the adjacent homeowner wants the road condition to be improved.

The possibility of an outhouse was considered. Only a permanent toilet or a well tied down toilet would work.

The sign needs to be fixed.

Marlboro Beach

An assessment was made of the property as it relates to the surrounding property. Kerry suggested that the committee do a rough survey with a compass to get a better idea of the property¹s extent. It is noted that a trash can is needed.

Anderson lot

This was just a short stop to consider the possibilities of the property. A swimming pool or a skating rink were two uses proposed.

Reconvening at Town Hall at approximately 7:15pm

The committee got right down to considering the Old Business as outlined in Stu¹s Agenda.

a. Special Events Permit Application

Kerry starts the discussion by asking what the procedure should be when someone applies for a permit. It is assumed that the applicant would start at the town office.

Tom suggests that there be at least 2 weeks notice before the proposed event. Bonnie suggests that this could be handled or the phone. The consensus after discussion is 30 days notice before the proposed event. This would give the committee time to meet, disapprove and there would still be time to find a new site in a worst case scenario.

Christa suggests the response time of the committee be a maximum of 10 business days. There is general consensus about this.

The committee will grant permission with a yes vote from 3 members. In the case of an absence an alternate will vote for a maximum of 5 votes.

Mary proposed that we add a clause under FIRES saying that no fire will be permitted at Blunt¹s Pond. In considering the CAMPING wording on the back of the permit we decide to leave it as is since any overnight are left to the committee's discretion.

b. Set up meeting with law enforcement

Christa says she will set up the meeting with a sherriff¹s department representative.

c. Parks operating hours discussion

Bonnie and Tom suggest dawn to dusk as the hours of the parks. Kerry is the lone dissenter saying that is too stringent for the beaches. He wonders if 10 pm would be better? Bonnie suggests the parks open one hour before sunrise. The entire committee comes around to the 10 pm closing time for Lamoine and Marlboro Beaches . There is general agreement that because of the proximity of the private residence dusk should be the closing time at Bloomfield Park .

Recommendation for application:

Lamoine Beach- one hour before sunrise - 10pm
           Bloomfield Park-  sunrise- sunset
           Marlboro Beach- one hour before sunrise- 10pm

Having decided on something the committee rewards itself in fashion by discussing possible topics of discussion with the sheriff.

Kerry notes that what is weird is that there are rules but no means of enforcement. Bonnie wonders what recourse the committee may have. Where is the accountability? It is suggested that possible consequences be put on the application.

  Several questions were asked:  
     Do we or who does have authority to fine violators?
     Do fine proceeds go to the parks?
d. Open House

Christa advises that we wait until the Fall to have an open house. This would give us time to organize the money needed and get more things done.

e. Budget

The committee wonders whether it has a budget. Mary points out that there is a line item in the town budget but we may not have any discretionary funds. It is assumed that the $5000 goes to Rusty Boynton and mowing.

f. Signs and Boundary Markers

Kerry shows the committee a photo of a sign in Acadia National Park . The committee has a positive response to the construction of the signs. Tom and Steve the woodworking would not be difficult to do. Bonnie suggests that cement footing would make the signs more secure. Kerry suggests that the sign boards should have maps of the parks. Bonnie and Kerry suggest names of sign companies: Awards and Signage in Bangor , Atlantic Signs, Mohr Signs on MDI.

No new Business

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting is contingent on when the sheriff can meet with us. Tentative date is June 15. Keep checking. There will be a discussion of four wheelers at the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Valleau, Secretary