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Lamoine Parks Committee Minutes

February 6, 2006

Called to order 7:09 pm

In attendance Kerry Galeaz, Christa Brey, Tom Barr, Bonnie Moretto, Mary Henry, Steven Valleau.

Ice Fishing Family Fun Day Canceled due to thin ice on Blunts Pond. Christa suggests that we could have another attempt on the other Maine Department of Inland Fisheries free fishing weekend in the Spring.

Permit Fee Schedule

Christa touches on the problem with the ordinance concerning committee alternates. Concerning the fee schedule, Christa and Kerry learned that the Selectmen expect the committee to work with them on numbers for fees and group size. We need to consider impact of groups when we price permit fees.

Christa: We need to make a simple rule.

Mary: Fees should apply to groups of 26 people or more.

Christa: 1/ 2 day = 1-4 hours fee of $25.00

Full day or 4-8 hours Fee of $50.00

We can try this for a year and see what happens.

Town Meeting on March 7th , 2006

We will start by introducing the group to the town.

Kerry volunteers to speak for the group.

Mary says that we can have Stu put pictures of our proposals up on the screen.

Kerry: The budgeted money for the sign is coming out of the Parks Fund. We have $3200 in an account that's overflowed from our maintenance budget.

We have a discussion where those who have been to town meeting testify as to the sometimes intense questioning from unexpected questioners. Kerry's resolve to speak for the group is not shaken.

Mary uses as an example: Why is the cost of the mailing so much? Kerry counters that the cost is all postage. Mary suggests that being specific from the start can help avoid questions.

Long Range Goals To be discussed at a later meeting.

Fund raising Efforts

Bonnie suggests we go to the place on the Thorson Road where they give an extra $.01 per bottle if the returnable are presorted into bags and boxes that they provide.

Christa outlines her ideas for a Fund raising letter to be sent introducing ourselves and goals. We will ask for money, volunteer time and project materials.

Other Business

We try to understand Russell Boynton's estimate. Why does his estimate mention hours of work when we are paying fees/ service.

Mary says that we need to be clear about our expectations concerning the cleaning.

Mary: no spider webs.

Christa: Swept

Steve: scrubbed with Lysol

Tom: Walls cleaned of Graffiti

Christa: If the place is horrendous we want to know.

The committee is uncertain as to whether/ when the pit toilet is pumped. This may be something else that Rusty can monitor. Mary says that we would like him to walk the grounds to monitor use/ misuse.

Next Workshop- This will be held to write the letter. We plan to have the letter to go out at the beginning of May. Saturday April 8, 9am -11am . The details will be posted on the website.

Next Meeting We will discuss long range goals at his meeting.

Monday, March 13, 2006 Post Town Meeting Meeting 7pm (Date changed to Tuesday 14th )

Agenda: long range goals, town meeting, town Bar-be-queue, sell hot dogs, hamburgers on Memorial Day Weekend.

8:44 Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Steven Valleau