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Lamoine Parks Commission Minutes

April 24, 2006 (Draft, Subject to change)

Call to Order: 6:10 pm

Present: Krista Brey, Robin Emery, Kerry Galeaz, Mary Henry , Bonnie Morretto, Steven Valleau

Flat Top 5K 2007- The committee plans to meet with Robin and other interested parties in January 2007 to regroup for another race. There are several things that could be different but the committee and participants are very satisfied with how well the race was attended and went smoothly (for the most part). A group called sub 5 could possibly take over the race. The advantage would be the attraction of bringing big name runners.

Krista: Maybe we should keep it the way it is. No dissent. We will call [Robin] sometime in December. We need to think about a replacement for Bill's T-shirts. We could give T- shirts to the first 100. We could have a pre-registration discount; $6 ahead of time, $9 day of the race.

Mary: What is the breakdown [financial]



INCOME TOTAL - $2,192.00


Continuation of race discussion

Robin: there are lots of things we can do for prizes.

We would like to have the race start at one of the Town's parks as opposed to the State Park but exact distances are a problem.

8K from Lamoine Beach

5K from State Park

We will discuss later, Robin heads out.

Discussion of Maintenance needs for 2006

Kerry: Right now he [Rusty] is just picking up the trash.

We propose: $14.00 Lamoine Beach

$3.00 Bloomfield Park

$12.50 Toilet at Lamoine Beach


$29.50 per week

Except July and August --- $ 12.50 extra, so $42.00 per Week.

Krista: To clean up after the Radio club we will have to pay Rusty extra.

Kerry: We certainly think we are getting a fair deal for the service Rusty Provides.


Krista: there are 953 postal addresses in Lamoine. At $.24 per postcard that's $228.72 just for postage. We could go cheaper piggy backing on the chamber of commerce.

Mary: I'll talk to the Chamber.

$55.78 for 4x 6 we can afford this.

5 ½x 4 ½ is what you can get with four on a page so it is even less expensive: $39.28 / 1000.

We'll have the letter on one side or the Town Logo. Steve will make a sketch specific to the Parks to fit on a 4 ½ x 5 ½ format.

Kerry: Wants to add something to the letter that Mary and Krista have started. Something about future projects and improvements.

Kerry: When are we going to mail this?

By June because many summer residents have returned yet it isn't so busy that people can't deal a postcard.

Possible text:

Thank for supporting the Lamoine Parks Committee at the Town Meeting. Because of you generosity you will be enjoying informational Kiosks and other improvements at our parks. The Lamoine Parks Committee was established to organize the improvement and promotion of the Town of Lamoine 's Parks . Any additional donations of time or money would be greatly appreciated.

7:38 pm Mary has to leave for another meeting.

Kerry: I'll print out the numbers for the May 4 Meeting.

Mary: I'll ask about tax deductibility of donations.

Kerry: I'll e-mail; the letter to you for input.

Discussion of fees relevant to Radio club: Groups of 26 and up for 1-4 hours $25.00 fee

4-8 hours will be charged a full day rate of $50.00 because the Club is parking over night we will charge the over 25 rate.

7:50 adjourn for Prison Break

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Valleau