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Minutes of May 9, 2006

Call to Order 7:12pm - Call to order.

Present - Tom Barr, Christa Brey, Bill Fennelly, Kerry Galeaz, Steven Valleau.

Discussion of Parks Clean-up May13th-    We think the clean up would be a good time to make notes of what needs to be done in the parks.

Finalization of the Letter -    We are still undecided about the choice of a postcard vs., a letter. A folded letter would allow us to have more room for graphics which S.V. still has not done. Christa: I will go to post office and talk to Stu about the cost of different options. Kerry: After Christa gets the information we will contact each other.

Setting Date for Sign- We think we need a workshop on the signs. We will talk about nothing but the signs. Monday June 5th, 2006 is decided upon.

Sand - We want add some sand to the beach but we wonder about ownership of the pond. We need to check with John Cullen at DEP. The cost of sand would be $10/yard from Jay Fowler. For the picnic table we need to consider guidelines for handicapped access.

General discussion -    

Kerry: We need to start the process of getting a new boat ramp at Lamoine Beach.   

Bill: There might be a state grant available for the launch.   

Kerry: We need to ask for a meeting with the Selectmen.   

Christa: We could meet with them on June 1st or May 18th. All we need to do is start the process.   

Kerry. We want the Town Selectmen to be involved with the boat launch. We can bring the letter asking for funds. We also need to correct the Rusty letter about 2x a week only for Lamoine Beach. We want service at Bloomfield only one time a week.

Adjourn: 8:00pm

Respectfully Submitted,  Steven Valleau